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Monday, May 4, 2009


This is a Global Consumer Alert and a Global Real Situation Website for People who want to change their situation through e-petitioning and forming a global community that desires change before we are Forced to change due to the Rising endemic of disease, poverty, family upheavals, climate change and environmental pollution. Green Environment:
Healthcare without Harm

This Blog is written because I believe anyone who thinks He can save himself or herself without saving the environment and his neighbour is fooling himself/ herself.

The 21st Century will not only be a Century of Change and opportunity but also of shocks, surprises and merciless trauma unless the collective will of the educated and responsible people world-wide answers the call of environmental pollution, toxic overload, poverty, deprivation and dilapidation.

Since 1945, the last 65yrs of Economy produced only 6% of global population successfully adapted to the Western Capitalistic System, i.e. about 500 Million people wold-wide have got food, clothes, houses, education and Life Style. However, at the other end of the spectrum, 500 Million people world-wide live a Life Style of Hunger, Homelessness and illiteracy to say the least ! In between the 2 extremes, the struggle for survival, love, care, dignity and fulfillment is a man-made horror of all time. If we were to combine the 3 factors: Globalization, the internet and the Lower Greed Nature of Man only the most unsightly finale can be imagined.

"Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Subject: Global Health care and Economic Reform

"Consumers must work together if they want to change Society." Prof. Dr. Jariah Masud, President, Consumers and Family Economics Association, Malaysia.

WHY THIS BLOG ?: "100 million people World-Wide live in Food Starvation." World Bank. "150,000 children die per month only of Malaria." WHO. "1 Billion People live on less than USD 1 per day." World Bank. In a Globalized World, will this not affect you ? It is like putting salt and water in the same vessel and expecting them NOT to mix. If the Flu in Mexico can affect everyone world-wide so will extreme Pockets of Poverty.
Extreme hunger and poverty world wide:

"Until engaged and educated citizenry rise up, politicians will have a field day manipulating everything from economics to climate change, food, water and health care." Joseph E. Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel Prize winner for Economics.

"Sharing this World in the 21st Century." President Obama speaks to our Collective Conscience in Cairo.

PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG: To Promote True Sustainable HEALTH and WEALTH through TRUE EDUCATION, accurate information and social net-working.

"No Child should go to school hungry." Cameron Diaz.
World Food Programme.

Introduction: Human Rights, Justice and Transparency will only become a Reality when People understand SELF, ECONOMICS and POLITICS.
Empowering the Poor:
Taliban flogging 17yr old girl.

My Goal: This Declaration will be Read and Understood by the 1 Billion Middle Class Consumers World Wide by 2020 so that they control the Destiny of Humanity and Civilization which has gone out of control in recent History and may even face annihilation if urgent measures are not taken.

My Wish: By 2020, 1 Billion consumers from all over the world will set up their own Blogs, unashamedly and openly declare in 500 no-uncertain words that they are fully aware of the "REAL ECONOMY" and that they will not allow their Ruling National Leader/Party to sit on throne of Power and USE the People as Trading commodities and to drain them of Quality of Life, Peace and True Prosperity !

Why 1 Billion?: I have chosen 1 Billion as the Critical Mass necessary to awaken stubborn politicians world-wide that it is time to change and face reality.

What is the Force that can counter balance Corruption, Greed, Manipulation and Disinformation ? Answer: The Force of Numbers.

1 Billion Consumers are on the internet World-Wide. Just Imagine the power that can be Wielded to bring Justice to the down trodden, Transparency to Governance and Power to the People if 1 Billion Blogs Pop up On-line Stating:

"We, Consumers are
aware our callous Governments working hand in glove with over zealous entrepreneurs and corrupt International Financial Firms are taking us for Fools, Manipulating Facts and Deceiving us. But, we are at Fault too for allowing the establishment to short change us by our own short sightedness and our craving for unearned merit, convenient services and worst of all easy credit and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes !
We, Consumers of the World hereby pledge that we will SEEK, Practice and Teach, Sustainable Productivity and Just Values of Living, knowing full well - a disease in One Part of the World can become a Global Pandemic; A poor Community in One Part of The world is Just a Cog in the Wheel for Manipulation, Corruption and Deception World-Wide, A dishonest man in authority or seat of Power can trigger A World-Wide Catastrophe and Climate Change, global warming and environmental pollution subtly puts a toxic load on our health that no Health care Policy can help !"

WHO Declares Pandemic
, Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Flu in 74 Countries
"Stay vigilant" Dr.Margaret Chan, WHO, Director-General:
Climate Change:
Global Warming

Since 1945,
Untold amounts of councils, committees and Groups have met, talked and brought Civilization to a disgraceful climax that the donkey on the street, the unlearned man in the jungle and birds of the air can only stand and stare at the abysmal and blatant disregard for truth, transparency, Justice, Peace and Honesty to Feed the egos of 20% of the World while another 80% Pays for it !!!

"The most powerful tool in all of mankind is information, it's more powerful than any gun, its more powerful than any cannon its more powerful than any bomb, it's the free flow of information," Al Tompkins, online and broadcast leader at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg. Iran Social Media

Global Economy: Poverty and Inequality.
World Bank PovertyNet
Poverty Action Lab
Make Poverty History
Global Monitoring Report
U.N. Millennium Development Goals
U.N. Millennium Project
The World Bank
Global Poverty statistics
1 Billion Hungry People.
Go To: Search: Poverty Worldwide

Consumer Rights:

Health care was chosen by me because we all desire HEALTH. Good health is Life.
Health care is used here only as a topic to awaken our minds to arrive at A New and Enlightened Global Order of True Knowledge and Wisdom NOT Greed, Strife and Deception. Also Health care is the Latest Industry, Globally under study by Big International Councils and Lobbyists, to USE IT as a Means for the furtherance of their own Fortune Enlargement Program at the expense of the Masses. When the Health care Industry Rots and Stinks the Rest of Humanity will Rot and Stink. Health care is the Last Bastion of Civilization.

Healthcare Business on the Rise:


The future poses challenges which include a changing disease pattern, a well-informed and demanding public, rising costs, new medical technologies, globalisation and liberalisation. THE “business of health” is peculiar and it is probably going to be the largest industry in the world today. Full Report:
The Above Call to Align Healthcare with business and technology fairly is well written but the implementation will be left to the maturity of the People and the Honesty of the Government.
Healthcare Reform Insight

My 21st Century Personal & Holistic Health care Declaration:

"Someday the whole world will Practice a Healthy Life Style which begins with upfront personal and individual Health. My Body, my health, my responsibility. It will begin with Knowledge of Self, Family, Society and the World. It will begin with the desire for Harmony, Balance and Truth. It will mean the exposure of falsehood.

It will mean that everything we do matters. And it will mean everything Bigger Corporates do will matter even more. What we think, do, buy, play with, all affect our health. What we see, hear and speak does affect our health. We are not just what we eat. Our receptacles of health are opened by all our 5 senses. Our 5 senses are doors and windows to welcome good habits or bad habits. Do not listen to lies naively. The 7 words Positive affirmation, "Everyday I am getting Better and Better" has healed many people.

Rediscover Life:

Know the source of your wisdom. Most health information sources today are from Global Food and Medicine suppliers and manufacturers. Wellness has become an illusive dream for many while others capitalise on this Trillion Dollar industry. Common sense will tell us since they have invested Billions they have to Promote their own business at every opportunity. Become information source savvy and avoid hype, glitz, fanfare and a hearsay mentality.

Improve people's lives through scientific information. Innovative Energy

Modern vs Alternative Medicine.
The Alkaline Diet; Dr.Jeffrey Warber,D.C.,M.D, Trained in both Modern and alternative Medicine

The Present Mantra of Neo-Liberalism is to forsake Individual Responsibility for Public Good. Does that make sense ? In a world that compartmentalises functions, who or what can be held accountable when things go wrong in another compartment ? How can the whole be good if the part is Not ? Are we being enticed into a Fairy Tale World only to be robbed of our own SOUL ? Jesus once said, "What good is it to you if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul ?"

Doctors, while being the noblest professionals, are in many instances just healthcare knowledge practitioners linked to a chain of higher management, authorities, politics and commerce all with their own limitations. Be a discerning Patient, Buyer and consumer. Get a 2nd opinion on your health issue if in doubt. Alternative Medicine is also a Modern Reality. But Common Sense is Better. Drink Plenty of pure water, eat a little less, include fruits, nuts and vegetables in your diet, exercise more and time for rest is time for rest.
Healthy Snooze:

Wrong Diagnosis.
10 Medical Mistakes.
Preventing Medical Errors.
Health Challenge

Integrative Medicine and Wellness:

Be aware of the Environment. Even the sun and the weather are not the same as they were 20 years ago. Your Body has to adapt to that. Air and water pollution plays havoc on our body. 75% of our Body is WATER. A sedentary lifestyle is NOT suitable for optimum health. Blood must circulate in our body to do its constantly rejuvenating job. This can only be achieved by sufficient physical exercise.

Also, understand the commercial reality that everything we eat daily has added chemicals, preservatives and artificial colourings. How good can that be ?
Junk Food Generation:
Hong Kong Acts:
Nudging instead of Nagging for health :
Healthy Food = Healthy Children.
Cancer update From John Hopkins Hospital

Like a People starved for things, things and more things, we are addicted to Consumerism, Industrialisation and Urbanisation - A far subtle addiction than drugs. Please remember we are Human Beings Not Human Havings or Human Doings ! Although it is true that we are bombarded with advertorials forcing our hands to buy, buy, and buy more, Remember the words of a sage, "No one can make you do anything without your own consent." The Power of Self Determination, Health and Happiness is in your own hands. Ultimately we owe it to ourselves to acquire the knowledge of the mechanisms of modern interactions which have become quite conniving and complex or we perish at our own peril.

The 8 Consumer Rights:

Think about your own Goals, Plans, Attitudes, Finances and Life Purpose. These matter to your Health. Plans that don't work burden your health. Worthy Goals achieved, normally promote personal health. To this date nothing has done more for health and longivity than a Happy Family. Do not blindly think that A Healthcare Policy by itself can make you healthy. Very often there is a Hidden Agenda to wring the last cent from your pocket by Government Protected Global Financial Firms who claim they put the money in your pocket in the First Place via job creation and easy loans ! Just say, "NO" to the Predatorial Easy Credit Schemes. They are like subtle drugs of addiction. Many Leaders have voiced that there must be a Cap on how big a Bank can be and How Rich a Man can be Lest Democracy creates Dictators and forget the Hoi Poloi !


You do not have to be a Harvard University Scholar to know This.A Propaganda is underway that the Present Global Meltdown is under control. Do not be too quick to believe it. Can A Financial Meltdown that took 20 over years in the making be solved in 6 months ?

The Great Miscalculation is that :It took the Global GDP to grow to 30 Trillion USD from 1945 to 1995, 50 years. Then From 1995 to 2008, 13 years - Global GDP Doubled to 60 Trillion USD. The Global Financial Shock The World saw in October 2008 was nothing but a shock caused by too speedy a growth. THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL ECOSYSTEM JUST WAS NOT EQUIPPED TAKE IT. It was like an Adrenaline Shock or in simpler terms we were trying to PLANT FULL GROWN TREES in DRY LANDS.What Happens to Full Grown Trees when they are uprooted and replanted in a new site? Initial Response is Shock, then Drying. That is what happened to the Global Economic System . IT WAS GROWING TOO FAST !!

Global Financial Crisis and Malaysia
"The Global Financial System is addicted to Money. Every now and then it needs steady effusions of cash." Larry Bates
USD 40 Trillion
of U.S. National Debt:

Pay back time.

I must add at this juncture that Rapid Urbanisation and Industrialisation as seen in the Transformation of China from 1979 to 2009 seems to desire the perpetuation of a Poor Class of Pathetic People as a Necessary Resource for its Furtherance. To put it bluntly: It is is a Form of Development that must maintain a class of down trodden as cheap labour. So to expect the Present Economic System to eleviate poverty is NOT REALISTIC. The success of the Present Economic System Needs Pockets of Poverty world-wide as a Resource to do the manual labour. Infact I will not be wrong to postulate that THE SYSTEM NEEDS the Poor more than it NEEDS a clean Environment ! A Pool of Poverty Laden must be there to make another 1 Billion People Feel that they are Getting a GOOD DEAL and BLESSED DREAM ! This is the Part that Most Politicians Fail and Fear to Explain to the Public. This is The Missing Unspoken TRUTH and Link about THE so-called, now famous, "Neo-Colonialism"! After all the End of every System is implementation, management, maintainence and Control. What Better and easier way to control and Maintain than by FEAR ? The Ego of Man is not accustomed to leave to chance, nature, Love and God, the Fair Distribution of Wealth !

"Behind Every Action is a Mind. Behind every Mind is an Ideology."

Since 1995 - China, India, Russia and Brazil opened Commerce and Industries to an unprepared and not ready BUT hungry 1 Billion Middle Class consumers and Stock market Players. Just imagine USD10,000 invested in the stock market by 1,000,000,000 people. That is 10 Trillion USD for the Global Stock markets, 3/4 of which is in Wall Street. Those Bums in Wall Street and Financial Firms must have been Blinded by such a speedy profit taking that they cooked up Fancy Stories to support their Theory and then did the ultimate Blunder of Giving Loans to Banks 30, 60 and 90 Times more than the real assets. The Non performing Loans suddenly balooned, somebody realised the error, sold their shares and the Crash was triggered.

Malaysia's Richest:

May Day arrived and Thanks to Obama's administration who realised the Life Blood of Modern man is cash as the Life Blood of developing nations is Foreign Direct Investments, That the Global Economic Recovery Package Bill was artificially INVENTED to sustain an artificially propped up Global Economy.

However, The Global Economic Crisis reveals a Greater Human Rights issue under cover:

If something is telling you that the Global Economy is Recovering, Think Again. Know the Truth from the Secretary General of Human Rights Group, Amnesty International, Irene Khan.Visit:

IF Corporates large and small don't awaken to the Reality and start NURTURING REAL GROWTH COMMUNITIES - The Rich will get richer the Poor will get Poorer adding to So many other precipitating causes and World War III will be the only Solution in 10 years Time !

If you think a kind of a World War III is not Possible, maybe this article will refresh your mind:
D-Day, 65th Anniversary Blogs:
D-Day, a day no modern man must Forget:

At that Point there will be No More Talks on Human Rights, Consumer Rights , Justice, Changing Governments, Education, Social resposibility and Family Time !!!!

"No child should suffer from lack of Food, clean water, Shelter or Protection." Dean Hirsch, WVI President.
Has anyone
made you aware of News like this ?
See it all on You Tube:

Think long term benefits. Quick fixes have a hidden price tag which have to be paid with interest. Watch your Habits and Practices. Global Multinational Corporates are studying your habits more than you are aware of it. That is why we can be deceived to Live a Life Time on Junk Food, Addictive Medicine, Pay Health care Insurance Schemes and then live long enough to allow these same companies or their associates to take back all our hard earned money for their own wealth perpetuation in the name of Global Betterment.

Why are Multinational corporates studying your habits? The same reason why a fisherman studies the habits of fishes before throwing the net into the sea. When the Fisherman knows the currents and the movements he will throw his net in position, the fishes even knowing full well the net is in place will STILL drive themselves into the net and get caught simply because they are unable to change their mind out of habit and peer pressure.This is the same logic used in trapping consumers to buy and use the things we have been programmed to buy from birth by a host of advertisements, billboards, jingles and feel good pictures. Jesus understood this phenomenon of men being like fishes when he told his fishermen disciples, "Follow me, I will make you a fishers of men."

If we are being programmed to do things in a certain way from birth to the age of 22yrs, eating, drinking, learning, growing, do you thing at the age of 23yrs it is not predictable, what the movement, current and trend is ?? On the 23yr YOU ARE in the NET, The MNCs know exactly how to feed you, use you, wring your money and send you to the mortuary and burial all for a PRICE in dollars and cents, exactly how a farmer would breed and feed cattle before sending them to the slaughter house taking home his money ! Every Social and Behavioral scientist knows how true this is.
Social and Behavioral Science:

Theoretically, Modern Capitalism is based on Fair Trade on a Flat Playing Ground based on the Market Forces of Supply and Demand.

BUT in The Real World : Power Rules, Might is Right, Protectionism is Legal and Consumerism is NOT driven by Demand BUT by Supply, Easy Credit Schemes and an onslaught of Advertisements and Sales Campaigns that Deceive, Manipulate and Tempt innocent, hungry and uninformed people loathing to improve their life style !!!

Economically, Globalization expands the wealth of ONLY the Rich, worsens the overall condition of the Poor, destroys the environment, and increases the Cost of Healthcare: What can we do about it ? Read the Full Report: (especially pp. 12 to 20)

Get Ready for the 21st Century Health care Bill coming your way: from Horse's Mouth, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, The White House, USA. You are just One illness away from Financial Ruin.

Do not think you are getting anything Free. You are already paying for them through taxes, a decreased income or a decreased quality of life. Nature like the Government also accounts for everything . Nothing is Free. You pay one way or another. So educate your neighbour !
Bernake warns of Reserve Deficit:
Federal Reserve Chairman warns of Massive Deficit:
California is Running out of Money:
The GM Dilemma:
GM CEO on Bankruptcy:
GM Worker Reacts:
"The Financial Issue is above ALL," Tim Geithner.
Russian President to meet Counter parts from China, India and Brazil on Our Financial System.
An Artificial Economy:
Russian answer to Prevent Repeat of the Present Economic Crisis.
Global Airlines will Lose USD 9 Billion in 2009.
Trying times for Asian shipping Sector:
What the USD 787 Billion Economic Recovery Package Achieved in 4 months:
The New World Agenda:

Big Businesses have worked out the costs of Everything including the Cost of Your health and LIFE ! The assumption implied is that "You will get Sick, Brother". Today you can talk to your accountant to find out your value in dollars and cents. If you are doing that remember the words in the Bible, " You fool, this day your life shall be taken !" This is the Most absurd matter of modern civilization.
Healthcare Insurance Premiums Calculations:
. I put it to you that if they were so accurate in their calculations, How is that they miscalculated the Possibility of a Global Financial Meltdown ? If their calculations are SO GOOD, Why do they not calculate what a man will lose for every dollar he invests and so reimburse him in another way ? The truth is every investment is a risk and gamble. Time changes all facts. NO ! The Bellicose Capitalist Mindset is: "What YOU LOSE is Mine. What I Lose is Nationalised."

Society has a large population continously sick with a host of Life Style Diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Weight Gain, High Cholesterol, Cancer, Heart, Lung, Kidney, Liver, Immune System Disorders and Stress just to mention a few as if these illnesses were our aboundant and worthy sacrifice for modernisation,urbanisation and industrialisation ! Be aware of this :- Life Style Diseases mean - "YOUR Behavior brought upon the diseases to YOUR Life."

This is not to mean that modern health care is not good. Just remember the time 60 years ago when the world did not know 'Toothpaste' and 30 years ago, when water and sanitation was still not easily available. Just 80 years ago we did not even know the causes of most diseases. Just 40 years ago heart transplant was not possible. Just in the last 20 years we saw Great Breakthroughs in Brain study and surgery. Let us give credit where credit is due lest we undo the true virtues of this present Era. Millions of Miracles of Science has happened due to the possibilties of Modern Medicine.
Death of Smallpox.

Coronary Angioplasty.

However, we must be aware and wise enough not to exchange one set of diseases of the 20th Century for a new set of diseases of the 21st Century.

Modernisation is more subtle in that, the Cause is as much our SELF as is the provider of comforts, services, luxuries, conveniences and as the disease itself for the simple reason that we have choices. Disease is nothing but an expression of a Disturbed Balance of Life Force.

In the same way, we must realise the Bums in Global Financial Institutions would not have leveraged ridiculous loans unless they got they impression that there was a true Demand situation which can only be manufactured when 1 Billion Consumers CRY, "MONEY is what I need to make my world Go Round !" So they will put the onus back to the common man who must - MUST - Realise, Nothing is FREE !

"The Return of Depression Economics" by Paul Krugman, 2008 Nobel Prize winner in Economics.
The Global Economy by Paul Krugman
Joseph E. Stiglitz
Economics of Healthcare
"Only 15% of Healthcare helps a man's health because a man's health depends on other factors too like heredity, environment, attitudes, behavior and culture." Sen. Bill Fisrt, M.D. (Heart and Lung Surgeon)

The Stock Market
which was supposed to be a type of a Financial Storehouse in the 1970s, has metamorphosed to become Modern Man's Legalised Global Gambling Den and Complex Ponzi Scheme to rip off unsuspecting innocent new players from developing countries of their hard earned life savings to Pay earlier Investors ! Buyer Be Aware !
Why our Stock Market is a Bluff ! Read: The Modern Day Stock Market which was supposed to be some kind of a Dependable Financial Storehouse in the 1970s, has metamorphosed into a diabolical Machinery of Public Listed Companies and Multinational Giants to rip off and wring the last cent from uninformed investors, the unprepared public and innocent consumers by a constant exposure for a steady supply of Ready Made irresistible Goods and Conveniences, Easy Loans and a non-stop flow of Reminders through advertisements ! Infact, the very so called information that we receive nowadays, in 1969 was a type known to the CIA as disinformation technique used by Russian Communism during the cold war era to control the USSR Empire ! Now Disinformation is used by Multinational Corporates and politicians to Rob fellow citizens by a series of lies from Cradle to Grave via the Media and advertising to retain control of the Mind of man !!!!

The Real News, CEO Paul Jay
Prof. Dr.Leo Panitch, Political Science, York University.

See the open display of a National Bank which lost nearly 30% of its Assets in 1 year, Yet it is Legal, accepted and practiced.
Nobody is to be Blamed. The Rich have enough money to wait for another hunting season, The Poor bare the Brunt of the Economic Meltdown with Unemployment, Bankruptcy, Heart attack, and Breakdown of families
National Bank of Malaysia May, 15th 2009 Statement
National Bank of Malaysia May, 15th 2008 Statement.

You would think the Government that you voted in is working in your interest. No, my Friend, Not only they do not bother about you after they are voted in, YOU the VOTER-CONSUMER is nothing but a commodity to them to be used as a bargaining tool against many other options and matters when they are negotiating with Higher Powers or International Financial Firms from whom they are obliged and indebted to by Getting easy Loans TO REMAIN IN POWER and play you-scratch-my-back, I-scratch-your-back politics ! How many citizens above the age of 50 years have not felt the Pangs of discontentment of the Very Government they voted in with their own hands ? Answer: 1 Billion !

Governments of Developing Countries are in a Yo Yo Dilemma. They are damned if they do, They are damned if they Don't ! Most of them are speaking the soliloquy of William Shakespeare in Hamlet, "To be or not to be ? That is the Question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and the arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of Troubles, Aye, there's the Rub !"

Former President of S.Korea Commits Suicide

Modern day, 21st Century Capitalism and Corporatism is nothing but a subtle form of Global Robber Baronism, Slavish Feudalism and Cruel Communism. To the countries that have been liberated from Colonialism and Imperialism since 1945, Modernisation and the New Phantom Prosperity is Nothing but a Pseudo Democracy, False sense of Freedom and in short Man-Made Trap to garner and enslave the Greatest Power on Earth - PEOPLE, - YES - CONSUMERS !

Consumers oh consumers, if only you knew you are the real source of Today's Wealth and Power. If only you knew yourself better. If only you control yourself, no Power on Earth can manipulate, deceive or thrive on your simpleness.

Read this well described "Fable of the Monkeys" by Datuk Seri Panglima Andrew Sheng, Adjunct Professor of University Malaya implying the Great Global Monkey Business involved in Stock Markets, Globalization and Multinational Corporates.

Read this eye opening article, "Learning, Unlearning and Relearning" written by the Vice Chancellor of Science University, Malaysia.

Read this Prime Minister of Malaysia,Datuk Seri Najib Tun Rajak
proposes "New Economic Model":
Thailand and Human Rights:
Malaysia and Human rights:
Human trafficking
Human trafficking the FACTS:
The UN Global Compact
US 2009 Report on Human Trafficking
Malaysian Human Rights Watch

Read this: "Alleviating poverty in Malaysia"

If the U.S. is living on Borrowed money, You are: Read this: . The Question you should ask is, "From whom is the U.S. Borrowing ?"

"Stop Printing Money, U.S., You are a Money Addict and a Money Pusher !" Read This:
"America is addicted to Oil." President George Bush

Read this: "How they make consumers buy in recession": .

The forces of Capitalism - Supply and Demand - ARE NOW - Law of the Jungle - Survival of the Fittest Forces !
So is the Sky Falling?

The Modern Economic System Favours the Wealthy, The Business Owners and Property owners and those who have access to Bank Loans due to Status. As such by simply Mixing - The 3 Ms: Machines, Money and Media - The Masses can be Manipulated to Release their Hard Earned Wealth for what they Perceive as Good until it is too late to retreat, too late for Refunds. It is water under the Bridge. We are barking up the wrong tree. We are being Led up the Wrong Garden Path from Birth !

What is a Ponzi Scheme ?
USD 50 Billion Fraud:
Madoff, The SEC & The Government - All Fraudsters

The Modern Education System only Supports the Status Quo in that it teaches a man a skill to Earn a Living NOT Live a Life. Yes, it is Good BUT not Good Enough - Because it creates a situation whereby a Person is streamlined into a certain skill set which can become redundant before his Retirement creating a Mid Life Crisis of sorts as if it is a normal phenomenon of Life ! He can also become redundant because of over supply of the "Skill Set" and his "Skill Set" becomes nothing but a commodity bound to lose value because it can be "Manufactured". This is THE MAIN REASON WHY 50% of THE URBANITES will Suddenly Find Their "LIVES INTERRUPTED".

The 2nd Reason Why 50% of the Urbanites will suddenly Find their lives interupted is due to the Dysfunctional Families. The 3rd Reason: The Breakdown of the Institution of Marriage. The 4th: LifeStyle Diseases propagated by Industrialism.
The 5th: Accidents at work and Holiday. 6th: Financial Mismanagement due to misdirection. 7th: WAR, drugs, crime and free sex.

Drugs, crime and free sex.

World leaders -- have acknowledged the global threat posed by deep poverty. A 2004 U.N. report lists poverty, communicable diseases, and degradation of the environment among the top six threats to international peace and security facing the world in the 21st century.

unless you ask:
Are we Living in an Era which promotes or dismantles - Career, Family, Marriage, Health, Wealth, Security, Safety and Happiness ??? The record Speaks for itself: ONLY 6% the World population has successfully adapted to Capitalism, 24% of the Human Race World-wide are striving in the Rat race of the Corporate treadmill; 20% of them are neither in the Race nor out of it; 30% of the human race are living in Poverty; 20% don't get food, clothes, lodging or health care !!! See the Real News
Don't buy a Home:

Now, Do you think you have 50% chances of Fulfilling your Dreams, with the help of your Government and International Planning bodies ? Infact, you are being set up to take the bait to self destruct. What do they care ? They always have a new generation to suck wealth from. Are we not familiar with the words so common to Salesmen (conmen), " A sucker is born every second" ?

Three Blind Mice, See how they Play:
"Modern man comes into this world with no hair, no teeth and no money. He leaves with no hair, no teeth no money." Bob Proctor.
This is how capitalism plays itself out for the average Joe:

The Cradle to Grave, No Hair to No Money Global Hegemonic Capitalistic Economic System . This is How it Operates for the common man:
Born - Nursery - Kindergarten - Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Education, - Become a "Skill Set Commodity" - Marriage - Children - Chase after money - Invest - Lose all that you made - after 40 years wonder what went wrong - get sick - get old - die.

Isn't that a familiar story ? Now be still and think: If an Oligarchical hegemonic capitalistic system has put you through 22yrs of indoctrination and behavioral conditioning from birth to University, and then tells you SORRY we can't guarantee you jobs, sufficient income, pension or health care, then sends you through another 22 years of your life mucking around in the concrete jungle in disillusionment, Who is to BLAME ? Your Parents of course !

"Parents today are much too willing to blame themselves for everything their children or adolescents do."Dr.James Dobson

they bought the system from their Governments and sold it to you before you arrived at the age of reason. Your Government bought the system from the Capitalistic developed nations because it hastened national "wealth increment" temporarily which was their most pressing need, thinking everything could be bought for money and sold it to your parents. So shunning all Morals and ethics, they did know they took the bait.

The Governments
of the Developed Nations got the system from "some sinister wealth crazy monster", which has no respect for Life,Man, Nature or God but only its own wealth and power gains! With this kind of an attitude it almost looks like the average human being is producing children to be slaves of the Wealth Monster, so that he can consume products only produced by the Wealth Monster, be taxed whatever you do and the balance of what you try to save and invest for your retirement are lost through the stock market or Health care system which are both in their control. Hey! This should be Renamed: The Cradle to Grave, No Hair to No Money Global Hegemonic Capitalistic Economic System ! Such a description will make it easy for the average consumer to understand what he is getting into, what he is buying and who he is voting !!!

So if everybody is losing money, isn't somebody making ? Yes, a few (about 10,000) ultra rich men are making so much money that the Government of United States would do anything for it. Even Deceive, Manipulate and Corrupt the whole world!!!

Do you want to know How to know whether you are caring and Whether you are being Cared for ? When you can Smile Honestly; When your Children can Play Peacefully; When you can go to Work and return without undue Stress; When your Children are Happy and Ambitiously studying to excel with True Values; When Husband and Wife know there is no hangky panky between them; When the Elderly can age Gracefully and still contribute to society without competing for the same pie as the Young and When you do not have to save for a Holiday just because You have to Get-away-from-it-All ! This is How you will know your superior, boss or Government is not Lording you with a Lot of Cock and Bull and that you are Practicing Quality Life Style! How many of the above do you sense in your life ? And How many of your friends and family are sensing the same ?

"The index of Growth should not just be GDP (Gross Domestic Product) but also GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness)." Dr.Philip Kotler, 78, Father of Modern Marketing.

Lost in Love: =article-outset-box

Womenomics: The Changing Role of Women in the 21st Century.

This is Why Human Rights, Justice and Transparency
will only become a Reality when People understand SELF, TRUE KNOWLEDGE, ECONOMICS, POLITICS, FAMILY, SOCIETY and the WORLD.

TRUE KNOWLEDGE IS MIND-BODY-SPIRIT-COMMUNITY RELATED. TRUE KNOWLEDGE SENSITISES A MAN TO TRUE WEALTH AND TRUE HEALTH, Not just a Bubble Make-Believe World. Make-Believe is Good for Childhood But in Adulthood excessive "make-believe" borders on INSANITY, disrupts families, communities and even nations. TRUE KNOWLEDGE knows LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES and that GROWTH RATES have a CERTAIN LIMIT.

TRUE KNOWLEDGE knows that the RESOURCES of NATURE are NOT UNLIMITED. TRUE KNOWLEDGE knows - Human Beings ARE NOT BRICKS OF A PYRAMID TO BE manipulated by THE STATUS QUO and fixed into corporate structures FOR THEIR SELF AGGRANDIZEMENT. TRUE KNOWLEDGE knows there are seasons in everyone's life but a mid-life crisis is artificial. How come, the Words "menopause" and "retirement" did not exist before 1960 ? TRUE KNOWLEDGE recognises if only FALSE KNOWLEDGE is the input, HOW can ACCURATE DECISIONS and CHOICES be made by ANYONE - whether it be to elect a LEADER, BUY something, or INVEST MONEY ?

TRUE KNOWLEDGE is aware Reality Shows ON TV are not Real because YOU are only "watching
" them and NOT involved !

People who have TRUE KNOWLEDGE behave like this:
"My Life is my message." Mahatma Ghandhi
"Be Good. Do Good. This is True Religion." Swami Vivekanananda
"Faith without Works is Dead." St.James
"Love those who hate you." Jesus

shifted the way a man thinks. It was a paradigm shift. And we have landed ourselves in a Bubble that can neither house man, animals, or plants on land,sea or air ! It is time for Rethink.
No Information. No Reformation.

Psychology and Mass Psychology are no small issues complicating health treatment. Psychologists say modern man is on the verge of a 'Psychic Crisis' because of his dependence on the Media for information. In another words, his behaviour is not experiential or reality based but Media influenced. Children do not grow up as their parents but as a Fictional, Media Doctored Idol. The television and the internet are today's strongest and fastest influences. Don't be fooled by them. The increase in the rate of urban suicides is definitely a sign of the stress on the human psyche to cope with modern living. Discern accurate input to your mind.

PTS: Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome: PTS no more occurs in battle zones only but in day to day life.

We live in a rambunctious information era. The price of our thoughtlessness in today's global arena is the Global Economic Recession which began in October 2008 but was initiated 20 years ago in 1989 by many social and political factors in the name of advancement. What WE initiate Today will impact our Children in 20 years Time.

"As we go forward the voices of the poor must be our guide.Time is short. We must be the first generation to think both as nationals of our countries and as global citizens in an ever shrinking and more connected planet. Unless we hit hard at poverty, we will not have a stable and peaceful world. Our children will inherit the world we create. The issues are urgent. The future for our children will be shaped by the decisions we make, and the courage and leadership we show today. "James D. Wolfensohn, President World bank Group 1995-2005, Berlin , April 2001

1930 to 1940 Global Depression
1940 to 1945 2nd World War
On August 1945, Atom Bombs on Japan end 2nd World War
1945 to 1965 Parents Born in Depression and War do their thing.
1965 to 2000 Baby Boomers Reinvent Life Style
1965 to 1975 Vietnam War
On July 1975, Stock Markets Crash.
On July, 1979 China enters the Global Capitalistic Hegemony.
On July 1985, Stock Markets Crash.
On October, 1989, The U.S.S.R. Communist Regime Collapses.
On September 1997, Asia Experienced a painful Economic Crisis
On September 2001 The World experienced 9-11.
On July 2001 The World Experienced the Enron scandal.
On October, 2001 The U.S.A. and others invaded Afghanistan.
On December 2003 The World Experienced the Tsunami.
On October 2005 The World Experienced Hurricane Katrina.
On December 2007, The World Experienced a credit crunch.
On October 2008, Global Stock Markets Crush.
On February 2009, The World Proclaims a Need to Rethink the System.
On May, 2009 The World experienced Millions of Sri Lankan Refugees
On June 11th, 2009, WHO announces Global Pandemic of influenza.
On June 13, 2009 South East Asia experienced Hazardous Atmospheric Pollution
On June 2009, The World experianced Millions of Pakistani and Afghanistan Refugees.


Our World has become smaller since 10 years ago. Many Rules of play 10 years ago do not apply today. Regulations of Food, Money, Sexuality, Education, Health, Urbanisation, Environment and Economics must see the dawn of a New Global Manifestion. Otherwise, families - the Social Safety Net of last resort will break. Nobody gains by that.

In a Global Arena physical health is Not enough. It is important to be Mentally Fit, Socially Friendly, Economically sufficient, Spiritually connected to a Higher Intelligence, Environmentally Savvy and not to mention, Politically correct for Total Personal Health. Wow !
Human Health

Two hundred years ago, Man lived by hunting, fishing and farming taught by his parents. Today, early in life we are stream lined into job markets by invisible international bodies. The creation of jobs to earn a living is by a complex network of chains that many things have become impersonal at the individual level. If we slow down there is a 'risk' of feeling left out. Peer Pressure is a reality to cope with. Good issues and bad situations unthinkable 20 years ago, are at our door step. In a dog eat dog world, a good, optimistic and compassionate attitude is a priceless disposition. Always know what you want and do not forget you have rights.

There is a great need to develop a flexible and magnanimous mind-set because the Life Cycle of Trends and market forces are getting shorter and shorter, Meaning - What was accurate interpretation 2 years ago is obsolete now . Which
means we may be passing a transitional gray Period of being unable to explain 'The Cause and Effect of a Situation' that the only solution might be Unity, Love, Brotherhood, Caring, Sharing and Forgiveness. There is a vast and urgent need for Social and Preventive Effort world-wide. To implement this just give a caring hand and a listening ear to a fallen, sick or poor person in your vicinity without being judgmental or calculative. What goes around comes around.

If we are careless today with our Health care issues - the burden of Rebalancing Personal and Global Health will fall on the next Generation - a precept that is tantamount to irresponsibility, greed and dishonesty - not to mention foolishness, which could lower the standards of healthcare to neither health nor care like the Global Financial recession. Disease can take on Global Pandemic Proportions without thinking people and we can be a victim of circumstances as much as an outcome of our own choices.

People do not like to think of the negatives. But didn't the 1st and 2nd World Wars Happen, ignited when no one expected it ? Isn't the WHO on a 24-7 alert for a break-out of pandemic disease? Did we not witness 9-11 in 2001 ? What about the Tsunami of 2004? Have we not noticed that the traumatic cyclical Economic Crashes of the 1970s, 1980s , 1990s and 2008 are growing in ever growing vehemence ? How much of air-conditioners do we need to keep the El Nino heat-wave at bay? The very Design of Life and Nature has been tampered by the Powers that be for their own convenience at the expense of the masses. Amnesty International is fully aware of an ever growing sinister, planned, unstoppable man-made dilema going on to enrich a few at the expense of many, now that they have money, technology, the internet and even arms.
Human Rights.

"I Believe we pay far too much for far too little," Sanjay Gupta - CNN Medical Correspondent. . Obama's Voodoo Health Economics:
The Great Health care Debate:
Health and Economic cost of smoking in Malaysia.
Modern Health care a Privilege or a Right?:
Grassroot Americans rallying for affordable Healthcare:
USD 1.2 Trillion Health Overhaul Plan
Growing Fear of Health Costs.
Americans demand health care Reform.
No Information. No Reformation.
Obama's health care challenge
Health Insurance
Health care Damage
Healthcare Blogs
Healthcare Danger
Healthcare Reform
Reduce calories to live longer
WHO: Health impact of Climate Change
Human Health
The United States spends $2.3 trillion each year on health care, 16 percent of its Gross Domestic Product

More for Vanity care than health care many body treatments have become commercial. Take Care. Health Tourism is a major modern concept claiming to recruit the Best of Both Worlds. Health Farms are also available world-wide where people plan a break for self rejuvenation to mark the advent of new values and a new way of life that mankind wants to hold on to at all costs. Internet Technology and Robotics have made it possible for Surgeons to perform surgeries while being in another distant location by teleconferencing and internet commuting.
Increased Birth Rate and Life expectancy has put an unplanned economic burden on the younger generation.

Medical Tourism.

Know that the Global Population will double in 70 years time meaning human value will decrease if present trends and attitudes remain. More the Population, Greater the Competition. Man will compete with Machines, the opposite sex, the younger generation, foreign nationals and not to mention perineal corruption, cronyism deception, manipulation by the elite ultra rich class who control politicians, policies and the media by a meaningless printed paper currency. How will that affect your income, Cost of Living and Quality of Life ? Is that sustainable from the age of 17yrs to 77yrs ?

Malaysia and many other developing nations are going to enter Developed Nation Status by 2030 is it going to be ONLY for a favored Elite Class or for every citizen?; will it benefit everyone EQUALLY or is it going to be some kind of a law of the jungle, Let-the-better-man-WIN phenomenon ? The Record clearly shows that unless the consumers are responsible, educated and engaged we are moving top speed towards a head on collision with global disaster which has only been temporarily postponed by the Greatest Global Economic Bailout of all time!

Now is the Time to think. In 20 years time we will be lying on the bed we created Today. Today we are living in a world that was drawn out in corporate boardrooms and War Boardrooms 50 years ago and you know that the speed of Progress was Tasty but the End thereof was Not - Meaning - It is Time for "Back to Basics" and Living By Sustainable True Values OR See your own dreams and plans Blown up in your own backyard - no matter who you are - Rich or Poor, Black or White, Christian or Muslim, Man or Woman !

This is The List of 21st Century Household and Human Necessities Not Luxuries: Food; clothes; lodging; Water; Electricity; Furniture; Fan; Radio, Television, Telephone, Refrigerator, Vitamins; Anti-oxidants; Washing Machine; Microwave; Air-Conditioner; Car; Hand Phone and Computer.

With Unemployment or low incomes and a high need for "basic" necessities people are trapped in a Slave Debt Type of Mindset.
Conspiracy truths ?

100 years ago we only needed the food,clothes and lodging for Quality Life. To imagine producing all these stuff for everyone is the nightmare of any rational Politician, Economist, Environmentalist and Doctor BUT of course a great Opportunity to an entrepreneur, industrialist, Oligarch and Multinational Corporate. All these things are coming out of Mother Nature as Natural Resources not to mention the labour force coming out of our mothers. No sane man will think of mistreating his mother, YET Industrialists hand-in-glove with Politicians Daily Abuse This Mother of Mankind, in the name of progress at the expense of Justice, Transparency, Human Rights, natural resources and the Environment!!! The 1st Chapter in Business should be Zero Tolerance to Environmental Abuse. Greed and Vanity will be kept in check and Everything else will fall in place automatically.

World Environment Day:

Orangutan's habitat Threatened:
Consumers are unwittingly destroying the Amazon Forest:
How Palm Oil destroys, Health, Wildlife and Rainforests:
Mitigating Excesses of Energy Use:

Cost of Living is the Basic Financial costs to a Man to implement his regular daily operations which he is accustomed to, in the pursuit of earning a living by a way he has been trained, instituted or cultured. Not a single Nation on Earth can be proud to say unreservedly, "we have satisfied our People's Cost of Living and Quality of Life issues 65 years after World War II." This is Proof of The Great Global Financial Failure of Capitalism, Democracy, Industrialization and Corporatisation.

Low Consumer Sentiment: Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER)

You only have your regular income to carry you through the fast changing Global trends but Callous Governments, Corporate Chiefs and their cronies can have all kinds of perks, privileges and protections that you and I can never have in reality. The man on the street drives the Mills of the Global Economy yet can't drive his own life BUT a Corporate Leader, Member of Parliament or congressman has at his disposal a wide array of Financial Booty and Perks at the expense of Taxpayers ! Profits are privatized and losses are socialized .Does this make sense ??? How many Saint-Politicians and Saint-Bankers do we have?

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad warns of politicians fighting for good policies or votes:
Economic Reform in Malaysia:
10 to do List for Malaysian Economic Reform:

If we do not awaken and rise up to the Present Global Challenge, within the next 50 years Wars will not be fought over Power or Oil but over WATER ! We are drinking Bottled water sold to us at a Retail Price 2000 times more than tap water. Water ! We used to drink it for FREE before the advent of rapid urbanisation !

The Record clearly shows the Last 65 years of Globalization, Democracy and Capitalism has wound up in Nett Degeneration of Humanity and Civilization. Will the Culprit please Stand up ? No one will admit. We are all to Blame, But Bigger Global Institutes should be Blamed even More for Lacking Responsibility, integrity and Foresight in a Position of Authority and Leadership.

We are all partakers of the 21st Century Global Health care Plan and must realise with every benefit comes a responsibility. A self-respecting, knowledgeable and responsible Person is A Healthy Person.

Finally, as much as we think we know a lot, in a global village we really have got little control on many issues. So let us not forget the free of charge health benefits of Joy and Laughter. Also to love and be loved by fellow real-life, touchable and heartfelt neighbours is a wonderful and healthy precept to live by while remembering the Goodness of God who loved us before we loved Him."
That's My 21st Century Personal Holistic Health care Declaration.

Postscript: Make this Declaration Yours too.
Like steering a Big Ship Gone in the wrong Direction for far too long due to Misadventure, Hopefully, with All of us, rowing together we will gradually, in 10 or 20 years time, evade Global Disaster and Lead our Global Ship to the Happy, Healthy, Prosperous Shores of a Far Far Better World for posterity, That All may say one Day, with One Voice, "This was our Finest Hour".

Please e-mail this blog to all your loved ones so that by 2020, more than 1 Billion People world-wide would have Read, Understood and practice it, so that when you do Vote and BUY, you Vote and BUY accurately and Not be taken for a Ride by Glib Tongued Politicians and Ruthless Sinister White Collar Big Shots with no scruples except their own selfish Wealth and Power Gains !

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David Jeremiah,

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More than 1 Billion Middle Class Consumers especially in developing countries who in their desire for Self improvement and up grading themselves may be deceived, cajoled and manipulated by An Ultra Rich Global Capitalist Class ( an elite Global class that defies ordinary imagination ) and innocently fall into a merciless entrapment which has no way out !

Inspired By: Numerous Good People Still in this World and a strange twist of fate.

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