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Friday, October 30, 2009

Criminalise War

Speech By Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad - Criminalise War Conference - 28th October 2009

The Most important reason amidst all the valid reasons given in the above speech by Dr.Mahathir why war must be criminalised is that in the 21st Century Warfare industrial science, nanotechnology, the internet and satellites are being used, not to mention nuclear bombs. This Does not just mean we are just ushering a barbaric "might-is-right" civilization but it is also a question of a very present danger of the annihilation of Life on Earth. Knowing the Potntial of War Today, the average human being will be afraid of Normal Human Being behaviour like - seeking knowledge, work, marriage, buying a house and having children. Put it this way: How will a Human Being behave knowing his house, belongings and family will be bombed tomorrow beyond restoration? That is how 3 Billion people (now below the age of 40 years) will behave, having been posed this dilemma upon them. Life will not make sense unless War is Criminalised now.

Perdana Global Peace:
Perdana Global Peace Organisation -
If you have a Facebook Account, please join us at:

(Every name is precious, we need huge numbers) - Centre for Research on Globalization

United Against Afghanistan Escalation:
Iraq Deaths/ Just Foreign Policy: http://www.justforeignpolic...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Elite vs The Consumer

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky spoke in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur on 28th and 29th, Oct 2009;
together with Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and other international Experts.

79 min
-Bankruptcy of the real economy;
-Impacts on employment, wages and social services;
-Towards a spiralling public debt;
-The economic crisis and its relationship to the Middle East war;
-The centralization of corporate power;
-The concentration of wealth;
- America an Totalitarian, Scientific, Oligarchy
- The Military-Industrial-Financial Complex

-The globalization of poverty.
What are the policy alternatives?
Please e-mail this to your friends because in effect:
The Elites & Developed World is Gobbling up the life savings of the Consumers
from the developing countries.
Only a Critical mass of informed citizens can change this situation.
Upto date, after the Bailout of the US Banks, NO Regulation has been instituted.
Which means - a greater recession is being engineered purposely to paralyse
the already badly hit recession economy.
There are No Green Shoots Yet.

Green Shoots are only worthwhile if there is sustainability and regulation in place.
Otherwise The Global Economic System is just a Global Ponzi Scheme.

The Derivatives Exposure of the Hedge Funds is in the 100s of Trillions. - Centre for Research on Globalization

Monday, October 26, 2009

America is Communist

What It Means To Be A Mason
A Masonic Rosicrucian Republic Plato s Republic
The Masonic Republic


Communist and Freemasonic Infiltration of Cath. Church 1of9
Current Freemasonic Enemies of America and the World 2 of 4
ANTI Ecumenism - SUPERB American Orthodox documentary PART 1 of15
Ecumenism part of NWO - orthodox-awareness-film [Part 1]
American Military-Industrial-Banking Complex:
Angels, Demons and Freemasons

Surveillance society

Britons Weary of Surveillance in Minor Cases

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 01:37 PM PDT

POOLE, England — It has become commonplace to call Britain a “surveillance society,” a place where security cameras lurk at every corner, giant databases keep track of intimate personal details and the government has extraordinary powers to intrude into citizens’ lives. A report in 2007 by the lobbying group Privacy International placed Britain in the bottom [...]

As "free market" fails to deliver enough vaccine: Obama declares US national emergency over H1N1 flu

Major pharmaceuticals that contracted with the US government to provide vaccines against the swine flu have delivered only a fraction of what was anticipated, leaving thousands to wait in lines for a chance to be vaccinated.

9/11 Redux Pt

9/11 Redux Pt2

9/11 Redux Pt3

From Nixon to 9/11

US National Security in the 21st Century
National Security in the Age of Terror
Barack Obama on National Security
Senator Hart defines US national security
Health Care Sails Into a Perfect Storm: Can Oba...
Communist and Freemasonic Infiltration of Cath....

Hijack - By David Jeremiah

Subject: Hijack - by David Jeremiah - 24/11/2009
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 18:21:10 +0800

Religion has been hijacked.
Capitalism has been hijacked.
Democracy has been hijacked.
Nationality has been hijacked.

Justice has been hijacked.
Banking system has been hijacked.
Education has been hijacked.
Health care has been hijacked.

Humanity has been hijacked.
Peace has been Hijacked.
Transportation has been hijacked.
Price control has been hijacked.

The Family has been hijacked.
Cost of Living has been hijacked.
Quality of Life has been hijacked.
Marriage has been hijacked.

Sexuality has been hijacked.
Land has been hijacked.
Water has been Hijacked.
Air has been hijacked.

Agriculture has been hijacked,
Hunting has been hijacked.
Fishing has been hijacked.
Cooking has been hijacked.

The Climate has been hijacked.
The Media has been hijacked.
The Real Economy has been hijacked.
Human rights has been hijacked.

By Who ?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anwar's View On NEP
New Malaysian Economic Agenda to replace New Ec...
Unlawful Labour - Malaysia
Malaysia's Economy in Jeopardy - Part 1
1116 How to Stop the ROT - Salleh Abbas I
Religion as a Tool (George Carlin - Zeitgeist)
Carl Sagan - God, the Universe, & Everything Else

The Venus Project

The Venus Project
Stephen Hawking: A...
Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World - The Journey Begins 1 of 3
Globalization, a "devastating success"
Globalization, a "devastating success" Pt.2
Globalization, a "devastating success" Pt.3

Part 1: An exclusive interview with Prof Jomo Kwame Sundaram - Malaysiakini
Malaysia Today 1
  • Zeitgeist - The Movie
  • Zeitgeist, The Movie - Remastered / Final Edition
  • bZeitgeist (German pronunciation: [ˈtsaɪtɡaɪst] (Speaker Icon.svg listen)) is a German language expression (Zeit means "time," and Geist translates to "spirit") referring to "the spirit of the times" and/or "the spirit of the age." The word Zeitgeist is used to describe the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambience, morals, and sociocultural direction or mood of an era
    HARDtalk Michael Bloomberg 1
    730 Jomo talk on Malaysia's economy
    Future of Malaysia Economy
    It's a once-in-a-lifetime economic challenge: K...

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    Phony Economy

    The Federal Reserve is Engineering the Economic...
    Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve
    Information Revolution
    Trailer for "The New World Order"
    The Obama Fraud: Welcome Back to Reality
    Illuminati & Masons in HipHop - 2009 Edition
    Fighting the New World Order: Information Revolution 2009 (new clips with
    Global Warming Hoax, Planned in 1961
    Al Gore sued by 30,000 scientists
    Real News
    Global Elitism and other Politics
    The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes
    The girl who silenc...
    the speech JFK wrote that got him murdered
    Globalization, a "d...
    America is not a Democracy

    US Military-Industrial Power

    The U.S has 702 military bases in 36 countries !

    More Revelations

    Sunday, October 18, 2009

    America's Destruction

    Michael Boldea Prophecy Club: Part 1 of 6
    America's Destruction Michael Boldea Prophecy C...
    AMERICA WILL BURN on October 25, 2009 So many rumours of War: I don't know what to say except:
    to say,
    1)"The world is heading in the wrong direction - with NO Leadership."
    2) "Some will feel the Pain earlier than others."
    3) In 10 years time no one in the world will be left unaffected by "SHIT".

    Freedom to Fascism

    America Freedom To Fascism, PART 1/9, full film/movie online ...
    Reflections And Warnings - An Interview With Aaron Russo {Full Film}
    Zeitgeist, the Movie (Full Length)--Zeitgeist: Addendum (Full ...
    HQ - America - Freedom to Fascism (2006) Full Single Video
    The Obama Deception HQ Full length version
    Corporate Conspiracy
    New World Order play all 20 videos
    Apocalypse? No! - Why there is no Global Warming Crisis
    The Apocalypse -2012
    December 21 2012 the END? (Part 1 of 6).
    2012 Doomsday Movie part 1/ 8

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    End of Money

    Printing Money and Loosening Regulations is equal to devaluing Money. Period. One can buy some time by Printing but it will not last. The Government knows that and therefore engineers Complex Systems, Legislations, Wars and even a Crisis to stun the common man who just wants to breed a happy family. Remember You did not choose the Government to be nice to you, You chose the Government to Manage Your Social Life while you make happy. This is what happens if the public are not informed and disciplined. The Cook runs away with everything in the Kitchen including the Kitchen Sink. There is a Price to Pay.
    New World Order Government Conspiracy
    The New World Order is Here!
    The Fed and us .

    The End of Money
    Does Capitalism work?
    School Kids Sing for ObamaCare on CNN Set
    THE CORPORATION [1/23] What is a Corporation?
    Paul Hawken the civilized movement
    Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest and WiserEarth
    Dr. Mark Kingwell, (Pt 1 of 5) Concrete Reveries: Consciousness ...


    The Obama Deception HQ Full length version - The Movie.
    Here's The Difference Between Capitalism And Corporatism
    Symbols of American Fascism
    Down the Road to Fascism in America socialism Glenn Beck April 4/1/ ...
    Naomi Klein: Disaster Capitalism
    The Crash Course(New) End of Money? Chris Martenson Part 1 of ...
    Corporatism and Survival
    US Dollar will default in 2009 1/3
    The Illuminati and the New World Order
    New World Order Government Conspiracy

    US $100 Trillion National Debt
    Bill Walker
    2008 & 2009:

    US Failed Banks 2009,
    national debt,
    the last fifty years.
    $1.7 trillion,


    100 percent GDP

    Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific, has compared our national debt to a Ponzi scheme similar to that of Bernard Madoff. Schiff is not the only one making this claim. Earlier this year, Nouriel Roubini, one of America’s leading financial experts, used the same metaphor when writing in Forbes. The title of his article wasThe United States of Ponzi. Wrote Roubini:

    “A government that will issue trillions of dollars of new debt to pay for this severe recession and socialize private losses may risk becoming a Ponzi government if – in the medium term – it does not return to fiscal discipline and debt sustainability.”

    To begin with, the $55 trillion figure we gave above is a conservative one. There are many who think that the amount of implicit obligations inherent in Medicare,Social Security and Medicaid is far higher. One of them is Richard Fisher, President of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, who estimates that the number is well over $100 trillion. This is what Fisher said last month at the 55th Annual Meeting of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce:

    “Our fiscal predicament is compounded by the embedded unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare. By our calculation at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the present value of the unfunded debt of these two entitlement programs has reached $104 trillion, with $88.9 trillion of that due to Medicare alone.”

    There exists no plausible scenario under which our federal government could meet its liabilities. Burdened with growing obligations it cannot fulfill, the government is dragging the country toward fiscal ruin. And no one in a position of power can answer the $66 trillion question: Where will America get all that money?

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    Failed US Banks

    Total US Failed Banks in last 2 Years: 130

    September, 2009: 15 Banks Failed

    October, 2009: 3 Banks Failed

    Failed Banks List 2008 & 2009:

    US Failed Banks 2009,

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    New World Order

    It took 25 years for US national debt to double from $257 billion in 1950
    to over $533 billion in 1975 (in 25 years)
    Most recently, US national debt has more than doubled
    from $5.8 trillion in 2001
    to its current level of $11.8 trillion in 2009 in just 8 years!

    1950 - US National Debt - $257 Billion,

    1975 - US National Debt - $533 Billion,

    2001 - US National Debt - $ 5.8 Trillion
    2009 - US National Debt - $11.8 Trillion

    This is a 60 years track record.
    75% of Global Trade is in US Currency.
    What will happen if US Currency loses its Value ?

    The Economic Fundamentals of USA are NOT in order.
    Rate of Inflation in reality is Growing now at 3 Times Faster than 25 years ago.
    But in practice US Banks are charging 0% interest rates.

    What does that Mean?
    We are at the point where US national debt simply cannot be paid back,
    and once inflation spirals out of control in the form of rising prices,
    interest rates will likely rise to over 20% once again.

    What does this Mean?
    A Product costing $0.50/- in 1950 will cost $7.50/- in 2009
    and will cost $112.50/- in 2030.

    Solution to this Problem:
    50% of Americans will have to drop their standard of Living
    and settle for a 3rd World Life Style.

    Of course, this will not happen over night, it will be done slowly by stealth.

    It will take massive in puts of Education and information for the General Public
    to understand they are being taxed without their knowledge,
    and that their wealth is gradually being siphoned to a Global Elite Super Rich Class.
    Inflation is a Tax.

    What will happen to the 100 over developing countries?
    They will be Forced to remain underdeveloped
    with the Rich getting Richer and The Poor getting Poorer.

    Unless there is Political Will not to compromise with FALSEHOOD.
    And there has been NO Political Will to do so in 50 years.

    So there Must be a Critical Mass of Educated and Informed General Public,
    so that Politicians do not Sweet Talk - But Walk the Talk.

    The ramifications of the above facts extend into far reaching global effects like:
    Forced Human Trafficking, Crime, Wars, Poverty, Disease, Pollution and Climate Change.
    In the last 50 years America has sent its army into 50 countries.
    By Trading in US Currency, all the world has funded American Wars!
    Do you feel good about that ?

    Kindly pass this e-mail on, so that everyone knows what is happening.
    You owe it to yourselves and your families to be educated and
    and informed in this Chapter of
    21st Century, New World Order.

    New World Order & Population Control

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Forced Vaccination

    David Rockefeller speaks about population control.
    #183 - Forced vaccinations? Just say NO!
    Vaccinated By FORCE, NOW AUTISTIC
    Contents Of The U S Vaccine Unveiled
    ENDGAME - Eugenics/ Population Control - Pt. 1/5
    History Channel Admits Rockefeller Population Control Agenda
    Population Control: The Eugenics Connection - Part 1
    Obama Presidency
    Obama's UN Address - Mideast Peace (9.23.09)
    OBAMA WILL RULE The Nations on Sept 23 09 MUST WATCH!!
    End Game
    Obama charts new world order - 23 Sep 09
    USA Wars
    Coming Iran War and US Economic Collapse Part 1
    Iran War
    Connecting the dots #2 - "Interdependence," Obama's New World Order