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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Banker admits 2008 Financial Collapse Engineered

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Priceless Lessons

Priceless Lessons

*Time & Tide waits for no man.
*God Helps those who help themselves.
*Neither a Lender nor a Borrower be.
*Nothing is FREE.

*For every Right there is a Responsibility.
*Respect is Earned; Love is Given.
*The Hand that Gives is Higher than the Hand that Takes.
*What Goes around, Comes around.

*Don't Let The Foxes Guard The hen House.
*People Living in Glass Houses should not throw Stones.
*A stitch in Time, saves Nine.
*Beware of What You Think, You will get it.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

You are a Living Corporation

  • You are a Living Corporation

    You are a Registered Corporation the Day You Get Your birth Certificate. Everything You Buy is your expense. Money You get by Work You do to Earn a Living is Considered Your Taxable Income. Make Sure Your Income is More Than Your Expense From The Day You are Born. Or have a Rich Father.

    It takes 20 To 25 years to Make The Corporation You are Born with, Successful. In another 20 to 25 Years Most People/Corporations will not be Profit Making Because they are Not a Learning Organization but an Aging Organization.

    An Organization which knows how to unlearn & Relearn, Save, be Prudent, Invest Correctly & Employ the services of Young Brains, Can Keep Their Income Streams ahead of Inflation & Competition which Normally Destroy/ Collapse Aging Corporations.

    BUT, if The SYSTEM is FIAT, no matter what, all are doomed !

Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting Back Control of USA

Getting Back Control of USA


Why are we in So Much Debt

"Materialism has made Americans lose a Life-time of Observation & awareness. The media makes the so busy chasing things that by the time they wake up, life has passed." Edward Griffin

The Secret of Oz

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

50 Million Americans on Food Stamps

50 Million American ON Food Stamps
The World is Unaware that Most Americans Do NOT Live The American Dream.

The AMERICAN DREAM Attitude Led to a World competing For American TYPE LIFE-STYLE, which Led to The RICH getting Richer. There is NO Critical Mass of awareness to curtail Unnecessary Greed & Competition. The Only Solution is Grass Root Americans, Telling The World by Word of Mouth OR through Social Media, Facebook etc, that The American Dream is on a Train Wreck Path. Just Keep Doing it until the truth gets out of the Box.


Happiness is a Grace from God that does not depend on external circumstances. So is Peace. But we were deceived into thinking we should pursue Peace & Happiness. The Pursuit gave rise to Competition, The Competition Gave rise to Strife, The Strife Gave rise to a Rat race; The Rat Race Gave rise to the The Rich-Poor Divide; The Rich-Poor Divide Gave Rise To Corporatism, Corporatism Gave rise to unlimited money Printed out of thin air which NOBODY is responsible for.

All the While:
1 Billion are Starving
2 Billion have no ready access to Clean water & Sanitation
3 Billion have no Access to Electricity &TV,
4 Billion never get more than 6 years of Primary Education,
5 Billion have No Idea what they Consume makes them Sick.

And All We see on TV is A Wonderful World.
And in our Albums we see Wonderful Photos of our self,
And We think everything is alright while 75% are disillusioned.

Smell Anything Fishy in This ?

The USA meddles in the Political Affairs of over 100 countries, especially on countries that have Potentially great natural & human resources
while becoming the Greatest Debtor Nation in The World with the Largest & Strongest Military Power & is the only country that has the right to print unlimited amounts of money out of thin Air