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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Survive - Navigate - Thrive

Nowadays, everyday passes with contradictory stories, evaluations, reports and developments regarding the State of The Global Economy. From the engine of Economy - USA, to the runner up China, to the G20, Governments of Developing Nations to Non-governmental Agencies, if 1 person were to read all the reports, nothing but suspicion arises. Who are we to listen to ? Listen to YOURSELF.

The Purpose of this Blog is to Awaken and engage the consumers of the world as a STARK Reminder that they have to be their own best Friend First and be true to one-self with a firm conviction that You are important for YOU. You have to Learn the art of " Survive - Navigate and Thrive" in this increasingly dangerous economic environment. Remember you carry with you the Psycho-genetic pedisposition that all men and women are endowed with to not just survive but flourish and prosper.

If you forget that and place your success in the hands of another it is tantamount to irresponsibility and expecting something for nothing. There is no Free Lunch in the World of Finance. A Farmer has to dig, A Hunter has to aim, a fisherman must throw his line, a lawyer must talk and everybody must bear the brunt of the Global Crisis with their brains as much as brawns. Nobody gains by the meltdown of the crisis but without immature participants this would not have occured. At home we sit in front of a televion box to entertain us. At office we are in front of a computer. We spend hours everyday on the road, in meetings and breaks. Is anybody thinking?

The Glory of a nation is only as good as the glory of its thinkers." Venga

Put on your thinking cap and do your part to building your self and your family and community. The nation will automatically follow suit and take care of itself without Politicians tinkering with business not realising the basic truth - "Good wine needs no bush."

Below are some revelations of the type of world we live in to spur your survival instincts:

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Vision 2020

This article is from

We can still achieve Vision 2020, says Tun Dr Mahathir

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KUALA LUMPUR: Despite the dip in the world economy, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said yesterday the country could be on par with developed nations by 2020.

But to meet the vision, he said several measures need to be put in place.

Dr Mahathir said Malaysia was selling goods overseas at low prices to compete with other developing countries.

"We should not compete with our neighbours to sell goods at lower prices. We should not go for small profit margins or become a low-cost country."

Developed countries like Denmark sold cheese worldwide but "that does not mean they are poor".
He said these countries, including other European nations and Japan, were high-cost countries. They make world-class products and sell them locally at high prices.

"It has helped boost local business. Their per capita income is high because the people are trained and receive high wages."

Dr Mahathir, who spoke during a talk on "Vision 2020 -- Is it a mission possible? 1Malaysia -- Is it the driving force?" -- said Malaysia needed to boost its per capita income to became a developed nation.

At the talk, Dr Mahathir was named "Father of Vision 2020" by the organisers, Asia Pacific Brands Foundation.

He also said that to realise Vision 2020, Malaysians must improve their English proficiency and curb corruption among politicians.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Everything is Connected

The World has come to a point where we all must know that we are all at one and the same time Responsible for Everything Happening around us. The Poor make the Rich richer and the Rich make the Poor poorer. This is a fact. Throughout civilisation exploitation and oppression was the Name of the survival game. There are few good people - only bad and worse. If we were good we will be in Heaven. But on earth certain things happen to us by age 47 years that we can't imagine we would have done that at the age of 17yrs. We are humans we live to propagate our species everything else is accidental, incidental or premeditated.

We have to rise up from the point of allowing things to happen to us to the point where we have some control over the lives we lead. It is of little use when there are ministries supporting a gender, Governments supporting a race and Global organisations championing a cause when there are tools and mechanisms in place today that regardless of who you are or what your cause is, ALL YOUR DREAMS AND PLANS CAN BE THROWN AWRY OVERNIGHT because you were not in full control and you were not informed that you are not in full control.

I am writing about the Global situation that has displaced 200 million people world-wide over the last 2 years. These are 200 million people who had a hope and a dream in 2007 but today they are asked to take a back seat as they have had their day in the sun.

First of all if we are having an
up building system The GAP between the Rich and the Poor should not be getting bigger and bigger. There is sufficient evidence that this is true Globally and Nationally and the record shows that Leaders have acknowledged this as FACT. If this is a Fact to continue in the same mode is cruelty. A wise man said, "to know you are on the wrong road and continue traveling down the same expecting to reach your destination is insanity." If this wise man's words are anything to go by then we are having a bunch of insane leaders leading us because they have publicly admitted that they are on the wrong road and are still leading their nations down the same road. If the leaders are called "insane" then the foll0wers must be called "rats" following the piper.

To put it in Simpler terms: Many of the Governments of Developing Nations are afraid to stand up to the antics of USA. They have been following the Piper for so long, 65 years, that the only tune they know is the Piper's. Since USA is the Global Economic leader they are all waiting for its move before they even dare to think. What they are afraid of is Going back to Economic basics and working out their own salvation, digging their own garden and mining their own backyard.

Many Governments of developing countries want the Get Rich Quick Ponzi schemes that America sells because it has got some notable benefits like "being able to pull a rabbit out of the Hat." Three(3) Generations of the general public has fallen for this kind of Hat Tricks that even Governments seem to be paralysed without these tricks. I believe U.S. has run out of tricks because they are telling you they have no more tricks and they are begging the Developing nations to not look to them for all the answers because they themselves are only another bad man making hay while sun shines, trying to propagate their own species and they inherited the mess of the WORLD!

Now the Governments of Developing Nations are saying, "I do not have all the answers, I was only trying to propagate my own species and I was fated to meet the best breeder and the best Stud happened to be USA! What would you have done if you were in my place?

So it is about time the people of the World realise, "If they want to live a sane,safe and balanced life deep into their old age, everybody must know himself/herself First and Learn to grow rich naturally." There is a difference between Organic and inorganic growth. Just as we cannot allow a 5 year old child to drive a car, everyone must know his own capabilities so that he improves in his/her own skills
through time NOT BY BORROWING UNLIMITED. Nothing is more God given for your happiness than upgrading your own skills and talents through time instead of envying someone else's talents. All religions preach ENVY as one of the Deadly sins.

If any Economic Growth Project is not sustainable forever it should not be launched at all or else it will create a survival of the fittest environment which reduces men to animals !

It is time Developing Nations went home to their own backyards and started cultivating it and digging their own land for GOLD without shame or Guilt because it is the only right thing to do. The alternative of chasing the illusive rainbow or "American Dream" will be The Destruction of our Planet.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weathering the Global Financial Crisis

At Your Service by TAN SRI DR WAN ABDUL AZIZ WAN ABDULLAH, Malaysian Finance Ministry

THE subprime mortgage crisis in the US housing market became apparent in mid-2007 and rapidly escalated into a global financial crisis.

While the causality of the crisis is well documented, the depth, breadth and duration of its impact is mired in uncertainty.

Despite strong economic fundamentals, Malaysia, being a small, open and globally integrated economy, is not spared from the effects of the global financial crisis.

The domestic economy was affected through trade and investment channels, and contracted significantly in the first quarter of 2009. The impact of the crisis is expected to ease in the fourth quarter with mild recovery next year.

With world trade moderating significantly to about 3% by September 2008, Malaysia’s exports recorded double-digit declines in the final quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009. Export-oriented industries, particularly the electrical and electronics, were badly hit.

Consequently, manufacturing output contracted sharply in the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009. For the first time since 1998, the services sector registered a mild decline in the first quarter of 2009, in line with the lacklustre performance of trade-related activities.

The economic downturn affected labour demand, as reflected in higher retrenchments and lower vacancies. During the first quarter of 2009, total retrenchments rose 74%, largely in the manufacturing sector.

The crisis also affected investor sentiment. Equity markets worldwide plunged and in tandem, the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) fell to 872.55 points as at end-March 2009, from a high of 1,516.22 points on Jan 11, 2008.

Private consumption fell in line with lower disposable income and cautious spending of households. Weak external and domestic demand also impacted domestic investment sentiment, which saw total investments declining significantly in the first quarter of 2009.

We have experience in managing crises. During the 1997/1998 Asian financial crisis, Malaysia’s expansionary fiscal and accommodative monetary policies in resolving the economic crisis was viewed with scepticism.

Interestingly today, similar counter cyclical measures are viewed by many as the appropriate approach to reinvigorate their ailing economies.

Being a proactive and responsible Government, we introduced a RM7bil stimulus package in November 2008 to mitigate the impact of the global financial crisis.

Monetary policy complemented the fiscal stance. Among other measures, the Overnight Policy Rate and the Statutory Reserve Requirement were reduced to lower the cost of financing and financial intermediation.

With most advanced economies in recession and the outlook for emerging and developing economies deteriorating rapidly, the Government introduced a more comprehensive stimulus package amounting to RM60bil in March.

The second package primarily focused on training and job creation, easing the burden of the rakyat, sustaining credit flows to support private sector activities and building capacity for the future. The impact of the stimulus packages is expected to be fully felt in the second half of 2009.

Green shoots have emerged to indicate the possibility of recovery in global demand and with these encouraging signs, there is emerging consensus that the global downturn will stabilise in 2009 and recover next year.

However, given the extent and severity of the decline in global demand since the second quarter of 2008 as well as its lagged impact on the Malaysian economy, growth is expected to contract 4% to 5% in 2009 before registering mild growth in 2010.

The Government is mindful of the difficulties faced by the rakyat in these challenging times.

We have provided training opportunities and allowances for retrenched workers. We continue to extend assistance to students, the disabled, the elderly and the poor as well as provide subsidies on basic food items like sugar, flour and bread.

It is often said that we should not waste a crisis as it also opens up opportunities to restructure and move towards a more liberalised and high income economy. Moving forward, creativity, innovation and high value-added activities will be the key drivers of the new economic model.

We will intensify development of niche growth areas such as Islamic finance, halal industry and tourism, while leveraging on green technology. Low-skilled and low-cost labour will be replaced with automation and highly-skilled jobs.

With these measures, the new restructured economy will also see increased contribution of the services sector, from the current 58% to 70% of the gross domestic product.

We are committed to fiscal consolidation when the economy recovers. We will continue to ensure value-for-money in government spending, including competitive bidding.

More importantly, the Government will gradually roll back and facilitate the private sector to play a more active role to drive the economy. This requires the private sector to rise to the challenge and seize opportunities available.

At the same time, the Government will not neglect its responsibility to providing a more comprehensive social safety net for the poor and vulnerable groups.

Malaysia’s economic fundamentals remain strong. We have a sound banking and financial sector, strong international reserves, high savings and diversified sources of growth.

Building on these inherent strengths and with the implementation of policies consistent with the new economic model, Malaysia will be on a stronger footing to weather the crisis and resume its growth trajectory.

Having said this, there is only so much that the Government can do. The private sector and the rakyat too must respond positively. Together, we can make this a reality.

> Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah is the Finance Ministry’s secretary-general. He welcomes comments or feedback which can be sent to

The Above Report is from the The Star Newspaper 27-06-2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The American Empire

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a General Knowledge among the People." US 2nd President, John Adams.

It is quite easy to understand we are living a different era from say 40 years ago. 40 years ago we were living like about 20 per cent artificial life. Now we are living about 80 percent conditioned life if I may call it. Conditioning is good that it separates us from uncivilised people and barbarians but if we have no choice and have lost the control as to how much we want to be conditioned or we we are just aping others - we have lost the controls of our self. Some other more intelligent being is controlling us and we have given him/her the power to do so.

To simplify what I mean, if some body gave you a car and fixes the speed of the car at a certain speed and jams the accelerator - do you like it ? If somebody sets the air-conditioner in your room at a temperature you can't bear and locks you in, do you like it ? That is what is being done in modern society - somebody is deciding what level is good for everybody and forcing us to accept it without giving us the controls or the choice to alter it. By this method the controller is impersonal, he really is not bothered who is affected, their Agenda is an Americanized Hegemony is created protecting the rich, feeding the talented and brainy and ensuring a steady supply of increasing numbers of poor are maintained as a reminder to the world what will be the punishment. We have already witnessed the ostrasisation of Nations
who do not bow to the American Hegemony.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Here is a Crush Course on Basic Global issues every Responsible Adult above 20 years should know so that 1 day you will not say, "I was misled by the System".:
The Global Financial System
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honesty is the Best Principle

"The First sign of Honesty is conspicuous charity." David Jeremiah
"The First sign of dishonesty is conspicuous spending." David Jeremiah

We need to Live in a world that is safe and balanced. When Michel Jackson died today of cardiac arrest, we heard cries describing him as the King, Legend, Idol, Star and Icon. Yes it is true but it also reveals a sick society underneath the glamour which hangs their hopes on wrong and misplaced values. Ops! I apologise to all Michael Jackson fans and pause till your heart returns to you as I had my share of days admiring him too.............

Yes, it clearly reveals that the Media, Management and Technology are able to so distort the human Perception that mass hysteria happens. It is a hidden Narcisstic craving in all of us that we see our SELF in an Idol that we Hero worship him. But are we aware that we are being misled by Media, Management and Technology to hero worship a person who has a different non-stage life? Today we accept this as o.k. but isn't all this the building blocks that makes us somebody we ourselves do not understand. This is not a Preachment. The Point I am trying to raise here is a Life of Safety and Balance.

Between Blatant Honesty and Blatant Dishonesty is a a Large grey area of allowed tolerance by Man, Nature and God. However, the signs are moving from grey to Deep Red that each and every individual must start carrying the Burden of Global Environment, Health care and Economic Responsibility on his/her own shoulders as St.Paul succinctly put it, "work out your own Salvation." Safety and Balance can only return to our living only if we are correctly informed and educated on all areas of SELF, SOCIETY, Global Politics and Environment. As CNN correctly puts it, "It is not enough to know what you want and where you are going. It is also important to know what is coming round the corner."

National and Global leaders have the advantage of knowing where we are going in 20 years time BUT does the General Population know the Global Agenda, The New Socio-Economic and Political environment in the making. Is there a crical educated mass who know what is happening or SINCE the masses are so contented with freebies, fun and entertainment are the Leaders of the World trying to take matters into their own hands, like - Saddam Hussein, George Bush, Barrack Obama, Ahmadinejad, Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner.

This type of arguments cannot prevail in the 21st Century New Global Order. The World is being set up to work, save and invest. If working can turn into unemployment ,saving can turn into nothing and investments can turn into Debts - OMG - Oh My God, what the hell are we living and producing children for? To fall into the traps of Global scale Masterminds ????

Thus the Bottom line for Responsibility is Accurate information and Early Education.
If you get the next point you will save yourself a Life of Heart Ache: There is a Great Difference in Learning to "Earn a Living" and Learning to "Live a LIFE". We are in this world to live a Life with fellow people but the Crude Commercial and Education system teaches to earn a Living and feel like bored drones in slavish compartments working to pay bills we didn't count on. Wake up, Voice up and Complain. Write a blog like this announcing to the world that you are FED UP being taken for a Ride and that you Love People not Money.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Forgotten Values, Misplaced Truth

"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you will help them become what they are capable of becoming." -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Can America and the Top 30 Industrialised nations of the World in OECD be proud to say we have treated the 30 poorest nations as above in the last 70 years. If so, then why is it for every rich in China there is 1 starving ? i.e. 200 million people in China do not have enough food !!!

America is not only the Greatest and Only Super Power but it is also the World Greatest Agent in Marketing, Good and Services. The Greatest Managers, Marketers and Motivators come from America. We have been led astray by our motivators and managers. Money is not every thing. To them Money is the ONLY thing. Setting Goals and racing for Money is the Primary Modus Operandi of America in the Last 30 years as if the End justifies the means.

Quotable Quotes: That set the World on Fire for Money:

"The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. What ever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work." -- Oprah Winfrey

"A person without a goal is like a ship without a rudder." -- Denis Waitley

"Goals. There's no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There's no telling what you can do when you believe in them. And there's no telling what will happen when you act upon them." -- Jim Rohn

"If you want to reach a goal, you must 'see the reaching' in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal." -- Zig Ziglar

But I like This: "Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world." -- George Bernard

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Liberty or Death

"Give Me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry, American Revolutionary Leader

2009 Recession - 10% of Americans are unemployed - 30 million people.
1929 Depression - 25% of Americans became unemployed - 30 million people.
A span of 70 years have taken place. What goes around comes around. Every 20 years the cycle repeats. every 10 years there is a stock market "correction"
. Each 10 years the collapse is greater and more people are demoralised by complete disappearance of a life time of savings. Today the Best Leaders cannot be trusted. Untrustable
The Faces behind the created Global Meltdown
Created Crisis

America is 10 Trillion Dollars in Debt yet Leads the world as the only super power, no more by Charity but by Deceit, Perception, Relativity, Military Might and sweet words of Obama. No promises have been made except that the Debts will increase before they can get better.

About 3 Billion People Live a Life By the Present System. They are between the age of 1 to 70 years. They have never known any other way except - Money to buy bread, clothes, houses and cars. Remove Money From them and Paralysis sets in. Is this then called a System ! Yes, this is the very system that caused every other previous Empire to COLLAPSE. Egypt, Babylon, Roman and British just to name a few. In all these systems which came in different names, one outstanding, prevalent feature was Human Beings were held in Bondage and Slavery was prevalent. To understand how Empires operate see the Movie " 10,000 years B.C." Notice the Herd Mentality and how just a trigger can reverse the direction of the stampede. It is worth watching twice as it strips humanity of all facades of Material and Systems and exposes what Human Beings are at the core and How systems Distorts human minds.

Yet only about 300 million of the world population have successfully adapted to this System.

What do I mean by this System: BORN - SCHOOL - WORK - FAMILY - DEATH . Then Somebody else gains by your effort. Wasn't it the same system 2,000 years ago ???

In fact the system does not work if more people are successful. For every 1 person who is thriving, 1 person has to be just navigating, 1 person wondering, 1 person in bondage, 1 person struggling and 1 person STARVING.
There are many Nations in the world that are Blessed by God but ruined by Capitalism, Cronyism, Corruption and Industrialisation. One such country is Malaysia. But there are may others, like Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines and Iran.
Iran June 2009.

CIA & Media in Iran

The world Witnessed the Greatest Bailout of All Time this Year. 1 Trillion Dollars. Bailout Promotes more Bailout. It was a Bailout culture in the making for the Last 70 years. If a Man is behind the steering wheel on the highway for a long time just accelerating and accelerating, there come a point where he himself is incapable of slowing, turning or stopping. The system has over taken his reflexes. He misses the mark or accident happens. Such is the situation of our System. The System is controlling the Leaders. The Leaders are No more in Controlling Capacity. The People must awaken to save themselves and the Planet.

Already there is News in the Headlines that by 2010 we will be out of Recession. I say well and Good. But come the Next cycle - Please return to read this Website - You have been fore warned that THE SYSTEM DOES NOT EXIST. WE ARE OPERATING IN A NO SYSTEM MODE NOW. So it does not really make much difference how much you are earning or saving or investing BECAUSE MAnkind has Lost Commonn Sense, Forgotten its Roots, Destroying Nature, Disobeying God and Merciless to Too many, Every Where, All the Time.

"You can Fool some of the People all of the time and all of the people some of the time, But you cannot fool all of the People all of the Time." Abraham Lincoln

"The only swines now are the Bankers." Datuk Seri Tony Fernendez, CEO AirAsia.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where are we Going ?

After 10 months into Global Recession, where are we Going? Leaders are admitting their irresponsibility indirectly by saying deregulation was not good.Period. Looks like the Capitalistic System mixed with Technology, Globalization and Human Nature has Run out of Credibility. The World Bank Reports, 2.9% drop in the Global Growth for 2009. Poorer nations are worse hit.

President Obama says, "Those who fight for justice are on the right side of history." Any student of History knows how gory and horrible history is for the ordinary person - Wars, Hunger, Poverty, Slavery, Injustice. Have these things improved in the American 20th Century. Highly Questionable? To put it Bluntly and Blatantly - if we were to count the numbers suffering today, the Number is Greater. But the other party will say if we count the numbers doing well, the Number is Greater too as compared to 40 years ago. So what is the Criteria to clinch the matter?

This is the point, over the last 40 years the GAP between the Rich and the Poor has Widened. Full Stop. Over the last 40 years the Number of People on the Poorer end has increased at a faster rate than the Richer End. Full Stop. Conclusion This is Proof that the Made in America Capitalistic System favours the Wealthy much more than the Poor and has degenerated itself to one Big Giant Global Ponzi Scheme favouring the Global Aristocratic-like Super Rich.
The System can be described as Demonic, Sinister and Perverted because 50% of Americans are NOT HAPPY not to mention the rest of the World !! Therefore the Measurement of Global Growth by Numbers and Digits (like GDP and Stock Market indices) is NOT appropriate and Blatantly misleads humanity by disinformation taking us up the wrong Garden Path like Satan did in the Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve. Further confirming Satan is still very much alive!

Monday, June 22, 2009

"This is your Country. You have a right to protest against lies and fraud. Be hopeful you will gain your right." Mir Hossein Mousavi , Opposition Leader, Iran. These words might have been the same reverberating from the mouths of every true Leader of Human Rights, and Social Activists.

'The Only Good News nowadays is that we hear more and more consumers complaining." Datuk N. Marimuthu, President FOMCA, Malaysia.
Consumer Association

To not allow this Blog to go to parochial levels I have to fair to all centres of Power. What are today's centres of Power. 1) The Government 2) The Industrialists 3) The Consumer 4) Nature 5)Military 6) "Terrorists" 7) God 8) The Lobbyists 9) The Non-governmental Organisations.

Firstly, we must understand that the commercial environment we live in today is NOT really new. It was there since the beginning of Civilisation, 6,000 years ago. The Big Fish eat small fish mentally was always there. The environment changed to become exceedingly vibrant only since the last 500 years when Europe came out of the Dark Ages into the Middle ages and the Era of Knowledge, Inventions, Industrialisation and International Colonisation became a competition between Portugal, Spain, Holland, Britain and Germany.

The Mindset of Colonialists was to gain the world's natural resources , transform them and SELL it at a higher price. Transformation was through, mines, plantations, and factories which all needed Cheap Labour. As Knowlegde and information spread cheap Labour became a hard to get commodity and to this day investors keep hunting for Cheap Labour anywhere in the world. Infact Cheap Labour is so important to an Industry's success that Today it won't be entirely wrong to suggest that sinister plots are there strategical placed to ensure a steady supply of Cheap Labour.

How is this Done? By Fear ofcourse: Always Maintain a steady Pool of Hungry People, Refugees and even Urban Poor. What is the Method?: War of course ! War and Poverty paralyses our minds - man is willing to sell his dignity for survival. The Message is on the Wall for Humanity to choose: Work as told or Poverty awaits at the door. - This is the Dilemma that Every Social Reformer faces.

To cut history short we know Britain came out the winner in the 19th Century and after World War II , in the 20th Century, United States became the ONLY Super Power. The Strategy of All Political winners since the begining of time is always the same i.e. Feed their Friends and starve their enemies.

Today we do not sell our dignity direct. Today our Leader sells our dignity and we gave him the right to do so by democratically voting him to Power. The Leader has to think of National issues and no more private ones. He Bargains with Global Power Centres our worth and sells us at a reasonable price so that the maximum number of people can benefit by his decision. That is Democracy. By hook or by Crook his job is to give the public a good acceptable story so that he can buy some time to engineer the rather complex situation involving every drama that even the Best Story Tellers can't think of !

Anybody who has dealt with human beings knows Human Beings cannot be Trusted at all levels, every where, all the time. That is why Mankind resorts to GOD. In the Pursuit of a higher ideal, man sees a better himself and aspires to improve himself, immulating the ideal Good God, who lives in heaven and has His own agenda and methods.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Government of the People

So, now I have arrived at a place I did not expect. Now I know why people do not give generously. Why people end up as Priests, Monks and Pastors. Because they know this world is damned. The People push the responsibility to the Government. The Governments have to deal with bigger Governments. So the Governments push the matter back to the People. In the deal Billions of People are daily Fed with Misleading Facts known as "Disinformation". The Governments job has changed from a struggle to serve the people to a struggle to stay in Office by hook or by Crook.

Always Remember the TRIO - The Government, The Media and Technology can conquer all consumer rights and the Best way is to use consumer's own weakness and indiscipline to - "MISLEAD PUBLIC OPINION". Combine that with Banks and Easy Credit schemes and the Result is a Whole Generation of Mankind Trapped in the throes of Slavish Debt Mindset.!!!!

Give the Consumer Fun, Food, Entertainment, Sports, alcohol , sex and Lots of useless activity to keep the economy churning. Reason: If the People do not Think, the Government will last longer.

Come on world, it is about time to say "THE BUCK STOPS HERE". You are responsible too for what is happening - Global Recession, Global Pandemic, Global Pollution. If you don't buy the garbage - no one will appear there to sell it to you! Learn to "JUST SAY NO". When you buy Rubbish and Pay for it you become Party to the System.

The Present Capitalistic System makes you use, dispose, refurbish all against the Ways of Natural Economy making Life Unpractical for Most, Advantageous for Few and culminating in the Lowering of Human Dignity and Destruction of the Environment. Is this the The Situation we want to Leave For our Children ? To inherit an immoral and dirty world ?

We have Lost our senses and our True values. Especially the Generation of Baby Boomers and their antics. We have to Go back to Basics.

To Tell you how stupid Human Beings have become all you have to do is observe the amount of time Doctors are spending advising patients how to eat, sleep and exercise. Is this a doctor's job? All Human Beings are inborn with equipment to tell them how to eat, sleep and exercise. Yet modern man does not Get It. He has grown besides himself through misguidance, disinformation, hubris, selfishness and plain laziness to even think.

Answer to Global Dilemma: Learn How the Natural Economy works and Teach your Neighbour for free. If You keep doing that for 20 years probably God will smile on us and Restore this World because of Your Deeds. DON'T PASS THE BUCK.
From Rags to Riches:

World Refugees Day

World Refugees Day
Real People. False Tribute:
Number of Global Refugees: 50 Million
Number of Internally displaced Refugees Globally due to Social, Political or Economic Upheavals: 25 Million
Number of Refugees in Malaysia; 200,000

Urban poor in Malaysia: Income less than Rm700 per month: 2 million

Unemployed Globally: 100 Million
Underemployed Globally: 900 Million
Earning Less than USD 1 per Day Globally: 1 Billion 1 in 5 people
Numbers Underpaid Globally in that they are unable to achieve reasonable Quality of Life and meet the Cost of Living:- 3 Billion people. 1 in 2 people.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reality dawns on me.

Today is a sad day for me. My concerns have reached a higher level. After 2 and a half months of research and blogging facts and my views, a revelation by the June 2009, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) shook me up. I found it on a small 1"x 3" column in the Malaysian New Straits Times dated 20-06-2009. It read,"1 BILLION HUNGRY PEOPLE GLOBALLY. A "historic high". More than 1 billion people around the world now DO NOT GET ENOUGH FOOD. " One sixth of Humanity', or 1.02 billion people, are not getting enough food. A 11% increase this year over last year. 642 million go hungry today in the Asia - Pacific Region, 265 million in the sub-S aharan region, 53 million in S.America. 52 million in the Middle East.

To Further add insult to injury I found, over the last 45 years 1965 -2009 the numbers of hungry people world wide has beeb GROWING ! e.g. a 1965 UN report showed the top 20 richest nations were 20 times richer than the bottom poorest nations. A 2005 UN report shows, Now the top 20 are 50 times richer than the bottom 20. Hello! Is there anybody out there? To further poke a dagger into my heart UN reports, "National Leaders World-Wide have acknowledged these facts." Then to twist the poke it says only 1% of the Global GDP correctly distributed will end The Hunger matter over-night !!! Oh mother! Why did I ever go to school?

As if that was not enough, more facts spilt out: 1% of the World Population own 60% of the world's wealth ! 75% of Africans live on less than USD2.50/day. Than the Ultimate - "Then fall David" - One Fith of humanity lives on LESS THAN USD 1 per DAY.

Man, if this is not A BAD REPORT CARD for capitalism, industrialisation and urbanisation, I don't know what is ! Why even talk about Red Flags and watchdog organisations for investors when there is a Mill Stone being hung round the Neck of Humanity! No wonder P.Gunasegaram, managing editor, Starbiz, Malaysia describes the world as "PERVERSE". A Malaysian UPC Pastor, Ps.Douglas Tong described the evil operating forces as "SINISTER".

Stock Market Shenanigans:

Surely it is obvious that the Greatest Resource that is being exploited Today is the THE HUMAN Resource. The Modus Operandi and the Policies that are governing are so treacherous that the Status quo and the Powers that Be want to ensure that there always MUST BE a Pool of Cheap Labour to serve the rich NOT with dignity but as Slaves. World Class Police in Malaysia?

If Malaysia does not move up the value chain, by 2020 we will find Malaysians in the lower social rung being sent by out sourcing agents to work for Rich Indonesian or Middle Eastern Masters as their House Maids and Corporate cleaners - holding a mop and a broom. A better knowledge worker class will be imported from overseas to maintain Malaysia's Position in the value chain. Malaysia's value Chain .

The Government's ultimate stand will be to maintain the GDP not the Citizens. I don't really think this matters any thing to elite Politicians who have positioned themselves higher than Economics and Human Dignity. The Politics of Economics is that Politics always supercedes economics.

This is the basic way civilization operates : Masters - Managers - Professionals - Slaves.
We see that 6,000 years ago in Olden Egypt, Olden India, Olden China, The Roman Empire, Europe through the ages, the Colonial rule of the last 400 years AND NOW in the 21st CENTURY ! Wake up. Wake up. We have just exchanged the face of Masters from Pre independent times to post independent times to now THE GLOBALIZED ERA.

Unless Malaysians
wake to the new call of globalization with all its atrocities, the praise that Obama gave Malaysia in Cairo will be short lived. About Obama's speech By Marina We cannot rest on our laurels, depending on oil and government hand outs (which are in exchange for votes). Malaysia's Oil Money: .
THe Oil fallacy

Malaysia seriously needs to overhaul its Education, Commercial and Economic Systems and train its citizens in the advanced arts of survival in an unfair world. To prepare such a citizenry will take 20 years. It took Singapore 40 years to come out of the woods. It took China 30 years to do the same. If Malaysians think there is a short cut they can just study the history of other nations to know there is NONE. Infact the Citizens know that - the only Malaysians who do not want to implement a new regime is the weak willed Government which has old-schooled politicians so comfortable in their Position Forgetting that if it can happen to Tunku Abdul Rahman, Dr.Mahathir Mohammad, Abdullah Badawi and Anwar Ibrahim - It can Happen to Anyone.

It is time to make the Citizens of Malaysia a powerful force against the atrocities, perverseness and sinisterness of Globalization. I dread to foresee the day when Malaysians may be called to sweep the homes of people in distant lands !

"The Glory of a nation is only as good as the glory of its thinkers."

After the 2nd World War, as America's Power over shadowed the World, it was only natural for a new nation to leave the British ways and copy American ways. But now, seeing the hypocracy of the developed nations it is time for Malaysia to REBRAND itself in its own light - A Government Truly of the People, by the People and For the People. This is Malaysia's ONLY STRENGTH.

Global Debt and Credit Scheme in P.Gunasegaram

See how American Leaders Speak:
"Americans are Addicted to oil" President George Bush
"Twitting is Important", Secetary of State Hilary Clinton

The World's System is Fake, Built on Manipulation, Corruption and Disinformation.
It is time Malaysia built its OWN NEW WORLD ORDER. Not Look West, Not Look East but LOOK WITHIN. We only have to have a friendly chat with Singaporeans to know how they secretly envy Malaysia for its abundant natural resources at the same time they know how wasteful we are eating, sleeping and merry making all the time !! Not to forget our previous Prime Minster Abdullah Badawi's accurate assessment of Malaysia, "First World Infrastructure and Third World Mentality." Abdullah gave us back our voice:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Financial Regulatory Reform, June 2009.

Over the past two years we have faced the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression. Americans across the nation are struggling with unemployment, failing businesses, falling home prices, and declining savings.
Five key objectives:
I. Promote Robust Supervision and Regulation of Financial Firms
II. Establish Comprehensive Regulation of Financial Markets
IV. Provide
the Government with the Tools it Needs to Manage Financial Crises
V. Raise
International Regulatory Standards and Improve International
III. Protect Consumers and Investors from Financial Abuse

Prior to the current financial crisis, a number of federal and state regulations were in
place to protect consumers against fraud and to promote understanding of financial
products like credit cards and mortgages. But as abusive practices spread, particularly in the market for subprime and nontraditional mortgages, our regulatory framework proved inadequate in important ways. Multiple agencies have authority over consumer protection in financial products, but for historical reasons, the supervisory framework for enforcing those regulations had significant gaps and weaknesses. Banking regulators at the state and federal level had a potentially conflicting mission to promote safe and sound banking practices, while other agencies had a clear mission but limited tools and jurisdiction.

Most critically in the run-up to the financial crisis, mortgage companies and
other firms outside of the purview of bank regulation exploited that lack of clear
accountability by selling mortgages and other products that were overly complicated and unsuited to borrowers’ financial situation. Banks and thrifts followed suit, with
disastrous results for consumers and the financial system. This year, Congress, the Administration, and financial regulators have taken significant measures to address some of the most obvious inadequacies in our consumer protection framework. But these steps have focused on just two, albeit very important, product markets – credit cards and mortgages. We need comprehensive reform.

For that reason, we propose the creation of a single regulatory agency, a Consumer
Financial Protection Agency (CFPA), with the authority and accountability to make sure that consumer protection regulations are written fairly and enforced vigorously. The CFPA should reduce gaps in federal supervision and enforcement; improve coordination with the states; set higher standards for financial intermediaries; and promote consistent regulation of similar products. Consumer protection is a critical foundation for our financial system. It gives the public confidence that financial markets are fair and enables policy makers and regulators to maintain stability in regulation. Stable regulation, in turn, promotes growth, efficiency, and innovation over the long term.
Full Report: Financial Regulatory Reform. A New Foundation.