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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honesty is the Best Principle

"The First sign of Honesty is conspicuous charity." David Jeremiah
"The First sign of dishonesty is conspicuous spending." David Jeremiah

We need to Live in a world that is safe and balanced. When Michel Jackson died today of cardiac arrest, we heard cries describing him as the King, Legend, Idol, Star and Icon. Yes it is true but it also reveals a sick society underneath the glamour which hangs their hopes on wrong and misplaced values. Ops! I apologise to all Michael Jackson fans and pause till your heart returns to you as I had my share of days admiring him too.............

Yes, it clearly reveals that the Media, Management and Technology are able to so distort the human Perception that mass hysteria happens. It is a hidden Narcisstic craving in all of us that we see our SELF in an Idol that we Hero worship him. But are we aware that we are being misled by Media, Management and Technology to hero worship a person who has a different non-stage life? Today we accept this as o.k. but isn't all this the building blocks that makes us somebody we ourselves do not understand. This is not a Preachment. The Point I am trying to raise here is a Life of Safety and Balance.

Between Blatant Honesty and Blatant Dishonesty is a a Large grey area of allowed tolerance by Man, Nature and God. However, the signs are moving from grey to Deep Red that each and every individual must start carrying the Burden of Global Environment, Health care and Economic Responsibility on his/her own shoulders as St.Paul succinctly put it, "work out your own Salvation." Safety and Balance can only return to our living only if we are correctly informed and educated on all areas of SELF, SOCIETY, Global Politics and Environment. As CNN correctly puts it, "It is not enough to know what you want and where you are going. It is also important to know what is coming round the corner."

National and Global leaders have the advantage of knowing where we are going in 20 years time BUT does the General Population know the Global Agenda, The New Socio-Economic and Political environment in the making. Is there a crical educated mass who know what is happening or SINCE the masses are so contented with freebies, fun and entertainment are the Leaders of the World trying to take matters into their own hands, like - Saddam Hussein, George Bush, Barrack Obama, Ahmadinejad, Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner.

This type of arguments cannot prevail in the 21st Century New Global Order. The World is being set up to work, save and invest. If working can turn into unemployment ,saving can turn into nothing and investments can turn into Debts - OMG - Oh My God, what the hell are we living and producing children for? To fall into the traps of Global scale Masterminds ????

Thus the Bottom line for Responsibility is Accurate information and Early Education.
If you get the next point you will save yourself a Life of Heart Ache: There is a Great Difference in Learning to "Earn a Living" and Learning to "Live a LIFE". We are in this world to live a Life with fellow people but the Crude Commercial and Education system teaches to earn a Living and feel like bored drones in slavish compartments working to pay bills we didn't count on. Wake up, Voice up and Complain. Write a blog like this announcing to the world that you are FED UP being taken for a Ride and that you Love People not Money.

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