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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reality dawns on me.

Today is a sad day for me. My concerns have reached a higher level. After 2 and a half months of research and blogging facts and my views, a revelation by the June 2009, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) shook me up. I found it on a small 1"x 3" column in the Malaysian New Straits Times dated 20-06-2009. It read,"1 BILLION HUNGRY PEOPLE GLOBALLY. A "historic high". More than 1 billion people around the world now DO NOT GET ENOUGH FOOD. " One sixth of Humanity', or 1.02 billion people, are not getting enough food. A 11% increase this year over last year. 642 million go hungry today in the Asia - Pacific Region, 265 million in the sub-S aharan region, 53 million in S.America. 52 million in the Middle East.

To Further add insult to injury I found, over the last 45 years 1965 -2009 the numbers of hungry people world wide has beeb GROWING ! e.g. a 1965 UN report showed the top 20 richest nations were 20 times richer than the bottom poorest nations. A 2005 UN report shows, Now the top 20 are 50 times richer than the bottom 20. Hello! Is there anybody out there? To further poke a dagger into my heart UN reports, "National Leaders World-Wide have acknowledged these facts." Then to twist the poke it says only 1% of the Global GDP correctly distributed will end The Hunger matter over-night !!! Oh mother! Why did I ever go to school?

As if that was not enough, more facts spilt out: 1% of the World Population own 60% of the world's wealth ! 75% of Africans live on less than USD2.50/day. Than the Ultimate - "Then fall David" - One Fith of humanity lives on LESS THAN USD 1 per DAY.

Man, if this is not A BAD REPORT CARD for capitalism, industrialisation and urbanisation, I don't know what is ! Why even talk about Red Flags and watchdog organisations for investors when there is a Mill Stone being hung round the Neck of Humanity! No wonder P.Gunasegaram, managing editor, Starbiz, Malaysia describes the world as "PERVERSE". A Malaysian UPC Pastor, Ps.Douglas Tong described the evil operating forces as "SINISTER".

Stock Market Shenanigans:

Surely it is obvious that the Greatest Resource that is being exploited Today is the THE HUMAN Resource. The Modus Operandi and the Policies that are governing are so treacherous that the Status quo and the Powers that Be want to ensure that there always MUST BE a Pool of Cheap Labour to serve the rich NOT with dignity but as Slaves. World Class Police in Malaysia?

If Malaysia does not move up the value chain, by 2020 we will find Malaysians in the lower social rung being sent by out sourcing agents to work for Rich Indonesian or Middle Eastern Masters as their House Maids and Corporate cleaners - holding a mop and a broom. A better knowledge worker class will be imported from overseas to maintain Malaysia's Position in the value chain. Malaysia's value Chain .

The Government's ultimate stand will be to maintain the GDP not the Citizens. I don't really think this matters any thing to elite Politicians who have positioned themselves higher than Economics and Human Dignity. The Politics of Economics is that Politics always supercedes economics.

This is the basic way civilization operates : Masters - Managers - Professionals - Slaves.
We see that 6,000 years ago in Olden Egypt, Olden India, Olden China, The Roman Empire, Europe through the ages, the Colonial rule of the last 400 years AND NOW in the 21st CENTURY ! Wake up. Wake up. We have just exchanged the face of Masters from Pre independent times to post independent times to now THE GLOBALIZED ERA.

Unless Malaysians
wake to the new call of globalization with all its atrocities, the praise that Obama gave Malaysia in Cairo will be short lived. About Obama's speech By Marina We cannot rest on our laurels, depending on oil and government hand outs (which are in exchange for votes). Malaysia's Oil Money: .
THe Oil fallacy

Malaysia seriously needs to overhaul its Education, Commercial and Economic Systems and train its citizens in the advanced arts of survival in an unfair world. To prepare such a citizenry will take 20 years. It took Singapore 40 years to come out of the woods. It took China 30 years to do the same. If Malaysians think there is a short cut they can just study the history of other nations to know there is NONE. Infact the Citizens know that - the only Malaysians who do not want to implement a new regime is the weak willed Government which has old-schooled politicians so comfortable in their Position Forgetting that if it can happen to Tunku Abdul Rahman, Dr.Mahathir Mohammad, Abdullah Badawi and Anwar Ibrahim - It can Happen to Anyone.

It is time to make the Citizens of Malaysia a powerful force against the atrocities, perverseness and sinisterness of Globalization. I dread to foresee the day when Malaysians may be called to sweep the homes of people in distant lands !

"The Glory of a nation is only as good as the glory of its thinkers."

After the 2nd World War, as America's Power over shadowed the World, it was only natural for a new nation to leave the British ways and copy American ways. But now, seeing the hypocracy of the developed nations it is time for Malaysia to REBRAND itself in its own light - A Government Truly of the People, by the People and For the People. This is Malaysia's ONLY STRENGTH.

Global Debt and Credit Scheme in P.Gunasegaram

See how American Leaders Speak:
"Americans are Addicted to oil" President George Bush
"Twitting is Important", Secetary of State Hilary Clinton

The World's System is Fake, Built on Manipulation, Corruption and Disinformation.
It is time Malaysia built its OWN NEW WORLD ORDER. Not Look West, Not Look East but LOOK WITHIN. We only have to have a friendly chat with Singaporeans to know how they secretly envy Malaysia for its abundant natural resources at the same time they know how wasteful we are eating, sleeping and merry making all the time !! Not to forget our previous Prime Minster Abdullah Badawi's accurate assessment of Malaysia, "First World Infrastructure and Third World Mentality." Abdullah gave us back our voice:

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