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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Save The World

Save The World

The Mess in our house is Caused by The Mess in The Nation. The Mess in our Nation is caused by the Mess in The world.

If You Do not Believe This Check with Your Nation's Leader. He will tell You, "The Mess in our Nation is caused by the Mess in The world."

The Faster more of us Realize this, The Faster the World can start to change. Then our Country can start to Change and then Our home can start To Change.

Not Only Obama has inherited a Mess. All of us Have too.
Only 5% Dare to admit it. 10% are Comfortable and 85% do NOT know what the Hell in The world is Happening and They are just living their lives with what they think they have been FATED to be served with.

We are Living in A Fiat Failed Corrupted and Bankrupt Financial System working against the Grains of Nature, Ecology, Life and The Normal Range of Human Capability. A System built 100 years ago by the then Powerful Oligarchy, who are now 1000 times more Rich and powerful.

How Do You Like Secret Societies and Shadow Governments Controlling modern society and governments in the Name of Peace and Sustainability, while they are disclosing False records, evidence and statistics ? I won't go further into that. as that is a subject enough to fill up a Library.. Sufficient is it for You to know that The Global Debt is NOT sustainable. US Debt & Euro Debt can ONLY be settled by Enslaving Billions of People OR Sacking The Banking system. You Choose.

We are Living in A System Rigged to Favor 10% against The 90%. How do You know that? Firstly, The Non-Living Things around You are Doing Better than The Living Things around You. Secondly, The Middle Class is Disappearing. And thirdly, The Rich - Poor Gap is Widening. That is How You know That.

Do Your Own Research and Save The World.