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Friday, February 15, 2013

Technique To Move in The Right Direction

One of The easiest techniques to Move in the Right Direction these days is:
- Eat Less,
- Less Meat,
- More Vegetables & Fruits,
- Exercise More,
- Talk Less,
- read Good Books,
- Less TV,

- Sleep sufficiently at The Regular Time,
- Less Carbohydrates,
- Less Carbonated Drinks,
- Do Not Be a Slave to People or Things,
- Know that Obsession is a Madness,
- Enjoy What You are Doing without hurting others,

- If you are not enjoying it, it is NOT meant for you,
- What You say to others matter,
- What You say To Yourself matters,
- Listening & Watching the Right things matter,
- Listening to the right people Matters,
- Do not get dependent on Handouts, it is a subtle Bondage,

- Avoid aggression and Aggressive People,
- Avoid People who belittle you,
- Know that you can connect to an unlimited Rich Resource,
- The Good you are thinking of is thinking of You,
- Know that Wealth can only Flow from Higher to Lower,
- Be a Giver, Be a Lover, Be a Peace Maker, Teach Truth,

- Don't trust The FED & the Governments,
- Know that Everything is Working in Your Favor,
- Switch On the "Lights",
- Know that a Higher Power sent you to Earth on a Mission. Reconnect with that Higher Consciousness & Fulfill your Special Destiny & Unique Life Purpose.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Capitalism & Brains

80% People do not Use Their Heads and choose to ride on the heads of others. Capitalism, Democracy and Religion is Quite Comfortable with this Arrangement.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The System is Rigged

The System is Rigged. It Goes Like This:

- A Nation is Born.
- Each Person in the Nation is Given a Worth in US Dollars.
- This is Decided before you were Born by The Money Masters.
- Then That amount of Money is Printed out of Thin air and Lent to The Top Crony Banks of The Nation.

- The People Rush for The Money knowingly or Unknowingly.
- Multi Billion Dollar 30 Year Projects are Decided upon By Committee Chosen by The Money Masters of The Nation.
- A trickle is sent your way if You follow the System .

- If Project succeeds after 30 years, Nation's Currency devalued.
- If Project Fails after 30 years, Nation's Currency devalued.

- Every 10 Years there is a Tinkering of The Value of The Currency according to Which Nation is More Profitable to The Global Money Masters (i.e. according to where the Money Masters invested their Money).
- So No Matter What, The 99% Lose after 30 years & The Global Money Masters Always Win. Always Win.
- The Casino Always Wins.
- Now Go To Work.

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Question These Myths:
Capitalism depends on Supply & Demand,
Capitalism Pays the Honest, Hard Worker,
Capitalism Rewards, Ingenuity & Innovation,
Capitalism meets People's Needs.

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