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Friday, April 30, 2010

Bankrupt Industrialised Nations

It is now confirmed, America, Europe, Russia and Japan are Bankrupt. The question is How do we get out of the pit ?
How do you know if a Nation is Bankrupt ? The Real sign of a bankrupt nation is the Increase in the Rate of Bankrupt People. Just look around you.
Americans have set themselves up by living 60 years in Hubris.

Sorry to make a remark that hits all Americans but the New Age Capitalism has done just that. By acts of Omission or Commission we have all bought into the system and instead of being masters of the system we have allowed the System to Master us. Obviously this could not have been possible unless Oligarchs have been masterminding this Culture in 30 year blocks, where an average mind cannot easily decipher.

Thanks to the Internet and a few Thinkers and Responsible Congressmen, America and the World may yet be saved from total annihilation.

Now that our National Leaders have got us into this financial Tsunami, the only solution they have to regulate the Financial System is to provide us with “Early Warning Systems” before the next great crush. Like: The Warning on pack of Cigarettes. Interpretation: Let those who do not know – fall and perish !

YouTube - Evidence of Quadrillion debt:
How the U.S. is currently in an inflationary depression:
Axis of Evil:
YouTube - New World Order And The RFID Chip:

Errant and Unethical Malaysian Doctors!
Darling lets get deeply into Debt::
YouTube - InflationUS's Channel:
National Inflation Association:
Max Fraad Wolff : US has more debt than the whole PIIGS nations put together:

The Coming Economic Depression 2010:

HyperInflation America

Hyperinflation Nation Part 1/3
The dollar bubble:
National Inflation Association:
Inflation Nation The Movie Part 1/3 - Dollar Collapse Ft. Peter Schiff Ron Paul Faber Rogers
Glenn Beck - The Real Story, Touching the Third Rail:
Greece is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, Nouriel Roubini warns

U.S. citizens have not yet felt the pain of the government bailouts, which have deceptively transferred the wealth of the middle class to bankers on Wall Street under the ruse of "too big to fail". Institutions on Wall Street needed to fail in order to have a truly healthy economy. By bailing them out and rapidly expanding the size of government, we have sowed the seeds of a U.S. dollar hyperinflationary death spiral and the end of entitlement programs Americans have become dependent on to live and survive.

The U.S. economy is currently experiencing a "Meltup" and NIA believes this "Meltup" is a prelude to a currency collapse and hyperinflation. Our economy needs to experience a "Meltdown" so that the free market can rebalance it, but by trying to prevent a much needed recession, the Federal Reserve has made a massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar inevitable.

2009 Recession - - The Economic Crisis Song - DJ Clayvis:
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Ricky Martin criticizes Arizona's immigration law [celebs. are typically political dingbats]
Clashes erupt as Greek bailout deal nears

Malaysia says 'no case' in French submarine probe -:
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"Nobody is going to bailout America." David Walker:

David Walker 2010:
YouTube - David Walker Economy:
Max Fraad Wolff : US has more debt than the whole PIIGS nations put together
/video/photo media file: Download Now
USA Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA 2010:

Reader Supported News:
Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!:
Frauds And Scandals Follow The Collapse Of The Financial System
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Cash Clash: Can next PM fix 'black hole' in UK economy?:
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Here's Why US GDP Growth Is Unsustainable
Here's Why US GDP Growth Is Unsustainable:
The U.S. Economy is Unsustainable:

YouTube - David Walker - America is Below average for an industrialized country (1/25/10):
Peter Schiff | What is Your Share of the National Debt?
Joseph Stiglitz - "FREEFALL" (2/22/10):
IOUSA Live - Pete Peterson on Dangers to America's Economy

YouTube - Project Camelot interviews Dr Pete Peterson - part 1 of 3:
Noam Chomsky (10/6/09):
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YouTube - The Health care RFID Chip embedded under skin:
Beware of Errant and Unethical Doctors! Please read.:
Coverage under Obamacare will require an implantable microchip? // Current:
YouTube - Michael Moore - Capitalism - A Love Story (9/17/09):

YouTube - Political Systems Explained for Dummies:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Does U.S. REALLY want Spanish speakers to learn English?:
Jeffrey Grupp - "Corporatism" - The Coming New World Order:
YouTube - Jordan Maxwell explains religion:
Peter Schiff - Newtown, CT - 29th April, 2010
King World News:

Unemployment Rate Spikes -:

YouTube - FDIC is Broke and Banks will Crash:
The Dollar Bubble:
YouTube - Money as Debt full:
Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!:

Truth will Manifest

Dear Friends,

It is really sad and a paradox that America the land of the Free, which propagated Freedom at its Best Worldwide is also the country which has exported globally all the evil ways to ensnare fellow human beings to exploit them and to give short term gains but long term pains. This can only be possible by a culture of bred simple minded people supporting a skewed minded bunch of Oligarchs whose only dream is world conquest. It is time for the 2nd American Revolution.

I have been researching and blogging on this really exciting topic about effect of the Global economy on the Average Joe for exactly 1 year and 4 months. I am my trying to conclude the never ending topic because it is time to move on to application. Now that we know we are living in a super fast paced, highly competitive, dog eat dog, technologically savvy and virtual reality world - playing Good Cop, Bad Cop may not be so easy.

I will definitely miss the 1960s and 1970s when there was a clear distinction between good and evil.
I just hope we will learn to develop care and mercy for people who are handicapped and yet have to face the world which is scarry. To survive people, companies and countries have become unfair, corrupt and skewed.

To all my friends and fans, thank you for your in-put and your participation in this matter. Without you this journey would have been meaningless. A man's life journey becomes sublime only in the crucible of interactions with other people. Thank You everybody. Thank You world.

No, I am not disconnecting from the "matrix" yet. I'll be starting a new blog: but I will update this blog which taught me a lot of things, enlarged my mind and transformed my world-view. Keep connected. Chow!

David Jeremiah
Hope you like this clip : YouTube - David Buckner faints on Glenn Beck's show:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bail Out the People not Banks

US Total Debt Per GDP 350 Per cent
YouTube - America must Lower Standard of Living:
The coming $600 trillion debt bubble |:

Financial advisors are scammers; do your own investing
  1. Greenspan: credit crunch “by far the greatest financial crisis”
  2. Germany Calls For End Of International Financial Regulations
  3. Was Bernanke complicit in the financial crisis?
Green shoots? Green weeds are taking over
  1. Canadian Interest rates set to rise in 2011: Economist
  2. US government budget deficit hits 60 year high of $1.4 trillion
  3. Mortgage, real estate taking another hit across North America
Must Watch: American Dream Is Over say Dr. Warren
92 Percent Americans Unhappy with economy
Depression stricken Westerners move to China for Jobs!
Middle class destroyed by design: John Coleman
Free: Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined - Movie
Free documentary: Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA - Movie
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  16. 14 bad signs for the North American economy

The Great American Bubble Machine

Bankster USA:

The Primary Owners of the Federal Reserve Bank Are:
1. Rothschild's of London and Berlin
2. Lazard Brothers of Paris
3. Israel Moses Seif of Italy
4. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York
5. Warburg & Company of Hamburg, Germany
6. Lehman Brothers of New York
7. Goldman, Sachs of New York
8. Rockefeller Brothers of New York

Ron Paul April 15 2010 speech Tax Day Tea Party in Washington DC:

YouTube - Banned Ron Paul Video from FAUX NEWS:
Pastor CL Bryant - Pittsburgh PA Tea Party April 15, 2010

Goldman Sachs Exposed Video:
Pastor C. L. Bryant - Pittsburgh PA Tea Party April 15, 2010:
How the gods of risk management - Goldman Sachs & Stanley Morgan work.
Goldman CEO faces withering attack over ethics
Fraud Exposed At Goldman Sachs:

Goldman Sachs - "Under Fire" / Ford - "Back From the Brink ...
Goldman's Blankfein Discusses Outlook for Wall Street: Video
Davos Annual Meeting 2010 - Rethinking Compensa...
Blankfein Says Wall Street Has `A Lot of Work to Do'
YouTube - State by State: Tea Party April 15th 2010:

1/5 Gerald Celente - the criminal banking syndicates, Hank Paulson, Gheitner and more:
Matt Taibbi on How Goldman Sachs Has Been Robbing Us Blind:
How to overhaul the corrupt Monetary System:

YouTube - More Patients Flock To Free Health Clinics:

YouTube - Health Clinics for the Urban Poor:
UCSD Impact: Student-Run Free Clinics
YouTube - New World Order Monetary System:
New World Order is starting NOW! **must see**:

Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!:
Bible prophecy taking place. UN to rebuild ancient Babylon. MUST SEE!!:
YouTube - Fraud Exposed At Goldman Sachs:
YouTube - USA - POLICE STATE 4 (Movie ):

You are worth money to the ROTHSCHILD family! (wake up!!!).flv:
Jordan Maxwell You are property of the elite globalist bankers:
Jordan Maxwell Explains United States Flag:

The Invisible Empire - Let those who have eyes see.:
Loose Change 2nd Edition ( Movie):
MOVIE - The 9/11 Chronicles: Part One, Truth Rising full length:
YouTube - 9/11 The Picture of the Falling Man:
The Obama Deception - Movie:
YouTube - Fall of the Republic - Movie:

Max Keiser/: Controlled Demolition! Now S & P Downgrades Spain!
YouTube - EndGame The Movie:
YouTube - Fabled Enemies Full Length:
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YouTube - TRUTH RISING - Movie:
Why Physicians Oppose The US Health Care Reform Bill -
John Judge - The 9/11 Omission Report: What the Commission Didn't Report:
Full Movie - THE ALTRUIST:

YouTube - ZEITGEIST - Seek the Truth:
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Bible God's Word Deedat vs Swaggart:
YouTube - 1932, A True History of the United States:

YouTube - 1932, A True History of the United States:
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YouTube - LaRouche Webcast: June 27, 2009:- 6 Months into Obama's Administration
YouTube - LaRouche Webcast: Aug 1, 2009 - Fall of the House of Windsor:
YouTube - Lyndon LaRouche explains start of WW III:

YouTube - 7/25/08: The End of the Financial System, Economic Collapse:

YouTube - The Lisbon Treaty is a Fascist Conspiracy:
Spain became the third European country to see its Debt Deepen.
YouTube-MEP Exposes The EU Lisbon Treaty!!!:
YouTube - END OF NATIONS - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty:

YouTube - American Drug War: A Massive Deception:
YouTube - Grass: The History Of Marijuana:
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Fabled Enemies Full Length:
YouTube - (RIP) Aaron Russo speaks on the elite:
America -1- Freedom to Fascism
Naomi Wolf - The End of America:

Stephen Bezruchka - Is America Driving You Crazy?:
David Korten - The Great Turning:
Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism:
Jeffrey Grupp on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:Corporatism"The Secret
World Government is CORPORATISM, part 1: New World Order

Robert Reich outs the Wall Street--Washington axis & calls 4 needed reform

YouTube - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Part I:
Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve:
YouTube - Who owns the Federal Reserve?:
Money as Debt II Promises Unleashed (1 of 8)
Money As Debt (1 of 5)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Restoring America

YouTube - Restoring American Federalism:
"Greener and Sustainable Malaysia". by Najib Razak
YouTube - Lou Dobbs On The G20 And The New World Order:
Stop National Health Care Law:
The Antimatter Radio Show | The other side of Matter- Jeffrey Grupp - The Show

About Everything:
Invisible Empire - Full Version (Order it at
Tony Blair Admits He Would Have Invaded Iraq Anyway:
Gerald Celente Trends Blog:

Bailout Watch | What don't we know about the bailout?:
The Six Crucial Battle-Lines Of Financial Reform:
Jeffrey Grupp - The Show About Everything: - About Us -:

YouTube - TheAlexJonesChannel's Channel:

YouTube - The World is Controlled Nephilim/Otherworld beings:
Debby Boone - You light up my Life:
Ron Paul April 15th 2010 speech Tax Day Tea Party in Washington DC:
There's a war on for your mind!:

Global Resorts Network | With Mark Tetzner »•*¨*•.¸»•*¨*•.¸»•*¨*•.¸»•*¨*•.¸:

Goldman Sachs insiders steal 200 million a day
The National Tea Party Federation
How Biggest Banks Benefit From Bubble Economy
Rolling Stone: The Great American Bubble Machine PT.1 of 5
Goldman Sucks

Goldman "Sucks" Sachs - Fascism at its finest!
Has Goldman Sachs taken over the economy of the U.S. and used it to screw us? (1/2):
Goldman Sachs insiders steal 200 million a day
How Goldman Sachs ... Survived
Elizabeth Warren Makes Timmy Geithner Squirm Over AIG and Goldman Sachs Bailouts (6:01)

Fraud Exposed At Goldman Sachs

Banned Ron Paul Video from FAUX NEWS
On How Goldman Sachs Has Been Robbing Us Blind:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Greece, UK & USA are Bankrupt

Jim Rogers on CNBC Squawk Box 22 April 2010:
Alan Grayson Systemic risk Tansfer of wealth from taxpayer
YouTube - Financial Systemic Risks:
Ron Paul on the Origin of "Moral Hazard"

When you Change your Thoughts, You change your Life.
This is How You can do it Effortlessly

YouTube - Moral Hazard:
Federal Reserve Causes Moral Hazard
When Crime Pays: Wall Street Collapse

YouTube - Wall Street Socialism:
American Thinker: Obama Is Enabling Nuclear Breakout
YouTube - Irreversibal Financial Meltdown - Adrian Salbuchi, The Global Ponzi Scheme pt.1/2:

YouTube - Barack Obama Democratic Nomination Victory Speech:
YouTube - Tea Party April 15th 2010:
How the Elite own the Politicians:
YouTube - Invisible Empire - Full Movie:
YouTube - The World is Controlled Nephilim/Otherworld beings: - Stop National Health Care Law

YouTube - Restoring American Federalism:
Ron Paul 2012 begins now. The Daily Paul:
Facebook | BanksterUSA:
Scenarios: Possible ways to balance the U.S. budget