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Thursday, April 8, 2010

America is Collapsing

Jim Rogers: America is Collapsing pt 1/5:

The British Empire ruled the World in the 19th Century. It took until 1945 to know that Britain was Bankrupt. It took another 15 to 30 years to share the global pie with whom the elitist in Britain favoured. Of course their highly favoured ones were Americans. The Rise of America began in the 20th Century by creating a New American Dream which was actually orchestrated by people behind the scene, A Shadow Government.

Today America is Bankrupt. It will take another 45 years before this fact is taught in our History Books. Over the next 15 to 30 years the Global elite or oligarchs will share the debt of the World with those who can take responsibility to repay the Oligarchs what is written in worthless treasury notes and bonds. The Kick Back for payment is Protection, Fame, Power, Authority and unmeasurable Wealth.

This Global Shadow Government knew the Mechanism and power of Money to Control People. They Created a debt Economic System of Lending Money made out of thin air to the People. They Created the Federal Reserve in 1913 - which was nothing but a lender of money of last resort. This was a Private Bank owned by the Rockefeller Family, Windsors and a few other Families of Global Elitist who financed both sides of every major war that occured in the world in the last 500 years.

This could only be possible because People accepted "Usury" (money lending) as a practice. With the advent of the Printing Press; selected people - cronies, could have access to a as much money as the wanted, provided they submitted to an ideology of an evil and ruthless group of Oligarchs whose only passion and desire was to control all the resources of the Earth. They were the Freemasons. Today, Every Major International Think Tank, including the UN, IMF, World Bank and CFR are direct brainchilds of this international secret society also known as "The Illuminati".

America was formed in 1776. It took 200 years for the US Government Debt to become USD1 Trillion in 1980. It took only another 20 years to become USD5 Trillion in 2000. By 2007, this doubled to USD10 Trillion. Now it grows at a rate of USD 1.5 Trillion a year.Which means by 2020 the US Government Debt is expected to be USD30 Trillion. This does not include corporate, private and other categories of debt.This Debt is Not sustainable. 10% of Americans are Bankrupt; 20% of Americans are under employed - Nobody talks about them!

The only way to pay back such debt is to form a Global Fascist Corporate Empire. This empire will be ruled by the Global Elitist. Modus Operandi will be to create False Flag incidences like 9-11, the Iraq War, Vietnam War, SARS, Swine Flu and Global Warming that the majority of the people will choose socialism as majority of the people only want work, family, education, healthcare and security as basic necessities.

Nobody will want War or Disease.
Today we see around us War, Poverty and Disease not because it cannot be annihilated but to be a stark and blatant reminder to people as to what will happen to them if they were to rock the boat and do not toe the line! FEAR is the KEY.

If you still think this is a Conspiracy theory, consider putting together: Human Nature, Globalisation, Internet and the Rich-Poor Gap.

1 Billion people word-wide live at the brink of starvation. Every second 4 People are born into Poverty. Every 6 seconds 1 person dies of Starvation. Only USD30 Billion a year is needed to eradicate global hunger. But USD 1 to 2 Trillions are spent on War Preparations annually.

Paradox? Oxy-moron? No, it was planned, engineered and executed to be that way by the Global Elitist who belong to age old Secret Societies which control the world for a few Oligarchic Monopolies.

Please Educate yourself on this matter:
Educate Yourself - Freedom, Knowledge; Thought:
Google or You Tube: New World Order, Freemasons, Illuminati, Debt Economy,
Military Industrial Complex, Vaccines, Bottled Water, Energy, codex alimentarius, Corruption, Global Cabal, Secret Societies.
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America is Collapsing

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