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Sunday, April 4, 2010

New World Order

The NWO global conspirators manifest their agenda through the skillful manipulation of human emotions, especially fear.
· Be Afraid: The New World 0rder's Fascist Pedigree
David Icke has characterized in his latest book, The Biggest Secret, as Problem, Reaction, and Solution.
China playing both sides:
Outside Annapolis Peace Confab, Rips Zionism:

The case against the FED Part 1/41
Ron Paul State of the Union 1 of 3 - 22% Real Unemployment; ...
The FED lender of last resort:
Fractional Reserve Banking explained:
Fractional Banking and the Federal Reserve System Explained!:
Tom Woods On Ending the Fed:

Universal healthcare is terrorist recruitment tool:

Liberty 4 Life:
Who Will Replace the U.S. Consumer -
IMF -- International Monetary Fund:
Medical News Today: Health News:

Stroke / Neuroprotection Videos:
US Holding 27,000 in Secret Overseas Prisons
Israel bombards Gaza
Israel, Afghanistan and Pakistan:

FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:
ISAF: NATO forces in Afghanistan:
Moscow bombing was A Mossad Operation:
Poverty in USA
"The Poor Just Aren't News":
What every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine:

Representative Press:

Mainstream Media Fraud:
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.:
Obama uses US Taxes to Create Jobs in Communist China

Tea Party Patriots vs. Patriot Majority
Gerald Celente: The Crash of 2010 is Looming
Who Really Owns the Mainstream Media?? **:
The Best of Gerald Celente:
Who Owns The Fed Bank, Who controls Who

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve:
motorhomediaries July 15, 2009

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