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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Dollar Bubble

The Dollar Bubble:
Jim Rogers on the China Bubble:
Please watch immediately and help spread the word!
Ron Paul at SRLC 04/10/10 (part 1):

Facebook | Links on "Ron Paul":

The Committee to Re-Elect Ron Paul - 2010:
US Killings of Iraqi Civilians:, a project of The Independent Institute:
Food Stamp Usage Across the Country -

The United States of Soviet America:

Geithner In Beijing: The Dangers of Exporting The Depression

YouTube - Monty Python
- Money Song:

I like Chinese:
Truthdig: Drilling :
YouTube - Jordan Maxwell -Jeff Rense 01-18-10:
If you thought only prophets could read your mind, try this:

Ron Paul: Barack Obama is Not a Socialist,

Jordan Maxwell's Home Page:
Rand Paul - Big Governmant Machine:
Grassroots intensity increasing - Friday, Apr. 9, 2010:
Adapting to a Changing Climate -

U.S. National Debt Clock
: Real Time:

Communist America: The United States of Soviet America:
The Dollar Bubble:
Obamacare's impact on nat'l debt and Obama presidency
War On Drugs - The Prison Industrial Complex

Corporatisation of Pregnancy and Birth
Big Profits in Cancer
Money-Driven Medicine: Patients For Sale
Money-Driven Medicine
Government Healthcare denies that vaccines cause autism

Keith Cyrnek Debt @ The Honeycomb Hideout
Ron Paul Lunch in SF - Confiscation/Taxation (2 of 6)
The medical-industrial complex - We'd rather you didn't know 3 videos
Rep. McDermott: The Medical-Industrial Complex is Bigger than the
U.S. Military spends $2.3 Trillion in 2001:
The Committee to Re-Elect Ron Paul - 2010:
VisionVictory Manifesto:
Prof. Jonathan Turley:

NeoCons are Not New nor conservative. They are Old and Wasteful:
Unemployment pain deepens :
Prof.Jonathan Turley:
David Rockefeller Fears Ron Paul:
YouTube - Liberty Explained:

The Hoi Poloi throughout the world can only gain back their life & liberty when they
start thinking. For Generations - they have been suppressed that they
accept their Lot in life as if that was what life was meant to be. Unknowing they have sold their life and Liberty to their leader who resells it to the highest bidder but sometimes not for the benefit of the Hoi Poloi but for the leader himself.

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