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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

US Debt

Doctors perform C-section, find no baby

The Young Turks: Rebel Headquarters : News
12/21/08: NEWSWEEK ranks the 50 most powerful people in the world
A message to Jamie Dimon
Wall Street Fraud Jamie Dimon on Financial Crisis Charade Panel

How James Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan made US$16 Million, Bonus in 2009:
YouTube - Jamie Dimon: buying Bear Stearns at $2/share

1)Orchestrate Crash of the Economy
2)Shares drop
3)Use Public Money to Buy Ridiculously Low
4)Shares go up
5) Collect $16 Million Bonus
for self.

| Bank CEOs: The Men Behind the Billions:

Bank CEOs Grilled on Meltdowns
33 Minutes Missile Defense Videos:
33minutesfilm's Channel:
Lawsuit against the health care overhaul

The American Empire is Bankrupt:
Ron Paul: The United States is Bankrupt:
Ringgit rises further
Marc Faber- US Government Will Go Bankrupt!:
US Economy and Financial System Bankrupt --What's Next -

Pt 2:-
U.S. Economy and Financial System Bankrupt
The inevitable collapse of the dollar:
U.S. Collapse Big Picture Part 1:
The US Dollar collapse starts now! Peter Schiff
Peter Schiff's Predictions (2002-2009)

Peter Schiff on Dollar, GDP, Gold etc on 24 Nov 2009
Tea Party protest at the Capitol - booing at a democrat
THE TEA PARTY & THE CIRCUS - Final Healthca...
The US Collapse Of 2009 - This Will Blow Your Mind......:
The Next Housing Crisis/Collapse - You Have To See This....:

Hu, Obama Press Conference 1/4 - CCTV 091117
Jim Rogers on a Malaysian Radio 10.03.09

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