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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Truth will Manifest

Dear Friends,

It is really sad and a paradox that America the land of the Free, which propagated Freedom at its Best Worldwide is also the country which has exported globally all the evil ways to ensnare fellow human beings to exploit them and to give short term gains but long term pains. This can only be possible by a culture of bred simple minded people supporting a skewed minded bunch of Oligarchs whose only dream is world conquest. It is time for the 2nd American Revolution.

I have been researching and blogging on this really exciting topic about effect of the Global economy on the Average Joe for exactly 1 year and 4 months. I am my trying to conclude the never ending topic because it is time to move on to application. Now that we know we are living in a super fast paced, highly competitive, dog eat dog, technologically savvy and virtual reality world - playing Good Cop, Bad Cop may not be so easy.

I will definitely miss the 1960s and 1970s when there was a clear distinction between good and evil.
I just hope we will learn to develop care and mercy for people who are handicapped and yet have to face the world which is scarry. To survive people, companies and countries have become unfair, corrupt and skewed.

To all my friends and fans, thank you for your in-put and your participation in this matter. Without you this journey would have been meaningless. A man's life journey becomes sublime only in the crucible of interactions with other people. Thank You everybody. Thank You world.

No, I am not disconnecting from the "matrix" yet. I'll be starting a new blog: but I will update this blog which taught me a lot of things, enlarged my mind and transformed my world-view. Keep connected. Chow!

David Jeremiah
Hope you like this clip : YouTube - David Buckner faints on Glenn Beck's show:

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