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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Zeitgeist of Baby Boomers

The Zeitgeist of Baby Boomers

About 25% of The World Population come under this Category. That is about 1.75 Billion People. They were born From 1945 to 1965. Their Ages now would be 47 to 67 years. Many of Them will Live another 20 to 40 years, due to better Living & Health Conditions.

This was The 1st Generation that was Born after The 2nd World War and The Formation of The United Nations. The 1st Generation to be born with Water, Electricity, Television, Radio, Microwave, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Public & Private Transportation, Telephone and Instant Food and Drinks.

This was The 1st Generation to develop The Entitlement Mentality. Suddenly they had a Birth Right. And Their Birth Rights stretched as Far as The Individual Could Imagine. Not only the Constitution stipulate it, Their Religion also promoted the idea that They Were Sons of God, Kings, Princes and Priests.

Of Course, it would not be Correct to say this was a New Idea. But it remains true that this Idea in a Peaceful and Prosperous after War Environment took Precedence and Became A Force of its own That catapulted in Growth Exponentially and probably influenced ALL their Minds and Behavior.

Together With the Concepts of Justice, Truth, Human Rights, Education, Health and Retirement Benefits also Developed Materialism, Greed and The Desire to Want something For Nothing.

This was The 1st Generation where it became easy Public Knowledge TO INVEST MONEY in the Future, Stock Market and Insurance. Mass Media took Prominence and Parents took Trouble to Educate and position their Children to Play Prominent Roles to their Best Understanding. Governments Became Planners of The Nation 30 to 60 years in Advance as Industrialization and High-Tech chugged away at ever more increasing Acceleration Each Decade.

Everything One Did to improve one-self was Never Enough because The Competition was Great and it Only took a Short Time To discover Somebody else OR Something Else was Faster, Better, Higher, Richer.

The World Began To Play on The Illusion of Unlimited Growth and Potential in A Finite Physical World. The Result was Pollution, Corruption, Climate Change, Destruction of The Atmosphere, Food Poisoning, Wars, Genocide, Power Politics And Money Politics which penetrated every facet of Everybody's Life including Children From Afghanistan to USA who became The Living Scape Goats Literally.

One of The Worst Hazards of Modern Day Life Acknowledged by The UN is The Rich-Poor Gap, Widening and Widening For The Last 60 Years !

Yet All These Horrible Things are VERY much unnoticeable to The average Eye because We Live In A Large Scale Controlled FARM called a City. We are all Fed with The Same Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Food from Cradle To Grave. News, Information and Knowledge is Censored, Edited and Checked before it Reaches The Masses. Living in The Era of Events, Everything is staged for The Benefit of The Gain of The Few Event Creators.

So We Have False Flag Staged Events to Manipulate The Masses for A Few People To Profit. Who can Differentiate the Truth these Days? The One who Controls The Media has The Maximum Viewers who See Staged Images and Conclude what they SEE is True. The Person with The Loudest Voice and The skill to Vocalize becomes An idolized Guru.

But reality is More Prosaic. The Rubber Band is Elastic but it can Only be Stretched so much. So are Lies. If World Leaders don't capture the Bull by its Horns they will Not only Kill Themselves but also Their Progeny. We Live at The Edge of The cliff. The Truth cannot be Stretched Forever. Kicking The Can Down The Road, Playing Bailout and Printing Money out of Thin Air are All Crimes Against Humanity - Making a Few To Gain at The Expense of Many.

We Have To say, "The Buck Ends Here" and start Taking Responsibility. Leadership Corruption only can Fester in a Culture of Immorality, No Ethics, Entitlement Mentality and Wanting Something For Nothing Attitude. That is The World The Baby Boomers Built Together.

The Person who Accepts A Lie is as Responsible as A Person who Plants A Lie. Both have Fallen From Grace.

The 99% Control The 1% and Never Ever let it be Said it is The Other Way Round because To Do So is To say, "I have Neglected MY Responsibilities". It is to say, "While the Cat was Asleep The Rats have Been Playing". It is To Say, "We Have Allowed The Foxes To guard The Hen house". It is To Say, "Let our Grandchildren PAY for our Foolishness."

Think Again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. Peace Be With You. Lots of Love.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Global Catastrophe

Factors that will Bring The World to a Global Catastrophe:
1) Corruption in High Office
2) Globalization
3) Internet
4) Stock Market
5) Industry & High Tech
6) Urbanization
7) Corporatism
8) Printing Money out of Thin Air
9) Bail Out
10) Nationalizing Losses and Privatizing Profits

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Inside Job by Charles Ferguson

Inside Job by Charles Ferguson

Capitalism in Crisis

Capitalism in Crisis with M.Chousudovsky