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Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy London - 31st Oct, 2011




Saturday, October 29, 2011

Unsolvable Financial Problems will Lead to Global Stagnation

Straws grasped from China won't solve this world crisis
"The rest of the world is watching in DISBELIEF as European leaders rearrange the deckchairs & the United States and the European Union, are in the throes of self-inflicted but apparently UNSOLVABLE problems as they lurch their way to stagnation and possibly global depression."
Jayati Ghosh, Economic Analysist, 25th Oct, 2011

What a wonderful World
4 Billion People on Planet Earth Live on Less than $3 a Day. That is Good News for the Slave Drivers. There is Lots of Opportunity for the Elite Oligarch Cabals.

Towards a multi-polar international monetary system - Andrew Sheng

Towards a multi-polar international monetary system

Andrew Sheng
Skims over the Global Financial System Since 1945, avoids controversial matters, paints an unpredictable picture and hints at the possibility of another coming Global Financial Collapse.
Shadow Banking & $600 Trillion Derivatives Market is also mentioned.

This is High Risk World:
The World is having $6 Trillion in Reserves for a Global GDP of $60 Trillion.

The Only Stumbling Block Between the Rich 1% and the Poor 99% is the Government. Sack the whole Government. They are Bought. They Bailed out the Corporations and sold off the People.
"China has 60% of the World's Reserves."
President N. Sarkozy, 28th Oct, 2011
"Pentagon Attack On Social Media": Influencing Propaganda & Predictive Behavior

Friday, October 28, 2011

1% vs 99% , OWS & Eurozone Crisis






Webster Explains: Tyranny, The Mob & The Oligarchy

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The American Economy Is In Danger of Stalling: Mohamed El-Erian

The American Economy Is In Danger of Stalling: Mohamed El-Erian




Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A World Loaded with Nightmares


A world LOADED with Nightmares
If You Thought the 1970s were bad; Look at the 21st Century. It is worse.

The World is Run by politicians and bankers linked to the underworld;
The world is Not run by Intellectuals and Academicians linked to the Do Gooders.
That is Why we are in this GLOBAL MESS !

Globalization, Pollution, Finance Racket, Traffic Jams, Education Racket, Unemployment, Inflation, Religious Gobbledegook, Scams, Climate Change, Global Warming; Carbon Tax; Wars, Riots, Currency wars; Terrorism; Uncertainty, Healthcare Racket, Waste Management Racket, Human Trafficking, Urban Poverty, Currency wars, Global Debt, Strife, Nuclear Proliferation, GMO, Cronyism, Junk Food, Corruption, Rise in Psychiatric Illnesses, Rich - Poor Disparity. We have it all in Abundance !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

21st Century Centers of Power


A Complex Mix: Why the Average Man is in A Trap.

1) Money
2) Knowledge, Schools, Universities, Education.
3) Organized People
4) Military, Weapons & Ammunition
5) Political, Social & Economic Connections
6) Religious Institutions
7) Trade & Business
8) Energy
9) Oil
10) Water
11) Raw Material & Commodities
12) Hi-Tech
13) Manufacturing
14) Ability to Give Jobs
15) Governments & Mass Media
16) Corporations & Professionals
17) Banks
18) Green Lung
19) Medicine, Health & Hospitals
20) Research & Development
21) Suppliers of Food & Farms
22) Internet & Communication
23) Air, Sea & Land Transportation
24) Out-Sourcing Labor, Talent & Leaders
25) Dissipation of Accurate Information

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

War is Inevitable

War is Inevitable:
Was there a Single Major Global Problem that the Anglo-American Empire challenged & solved by Knowledge, Understanding, Logic, Love, Peace & Negotiations over the Last 200 years? None.
That is why War is Coming.



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Economy will not Recover - Global Research

Has Your Mind not been insulted that you were lied to that there were WMD in Iraq by the President of United States and that ruse was used to invade A Nation ?
Are You Living a life of informed Consent or Disinformed Consent ? That is the Question
? d

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maintaining the Status Quo

Neo Colonialism
Factory made Industrial goods were sent to Developing Countries from Developed Countries in exchange for Resources.
Resources were obtained in Developing countries using cheap labor.

This created Leaders in developing countries who must manage the procuring of CHEAP LABOR to maintain the SYSTEM.
Thus grew the Elite in every Developing Nation who are actually supported by the Elite in Developed nation, as a reward, TO MAINTAIN the excesses of the THE STATUS QUO.

Whenever, the Balance of Power could not be Maintained, Money was Printed out of Thin Air to Keep the Laborers as Laborers FOREVER!  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Oligopoly or Corporatism ?

Which Entrepreneur Does not know this?

To Maximize Profits in A Global World:
1) Borrow the Maximum Money at the Lowest Interest,
2) Be a Licensed Concessionary to a Captive Business,
3) Out-Source the Cheapest labor,
4) Use Hi-Tech,
5) Sell to the Richest Market.

Is this Capitalism or Corporatism/Mercantilism or Oligopoly ?
It is Oligopoly operating as Disguised Corporatism
This is the way to create A Slave State & Welfare Dumped Down State.
The Best Part is it All Begins with Borrowing Money which has been Created out of THIN AIR!

"Arithmetic, Population, and Energy,"

Wall Street protesters fed up with both parties


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Black Pope


Citizens Wake Up:
We are living in a world wherein National Leaders seem very adept at Construction Projects on Borrowed Money which cannot be paid back and that CAN be swindled by the very same National Leaders.

They Have Built A Perpetual Money-Making Machine out of the Food and Disease Industries by Feeding us with Junk and then treating us for Life-Long.
And they call it HEALTHCARE !

If there exists A Nation wherein the Family's responsibilities are passed to the Government, you know, THE END OF THE NATION is nearing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oligarchs are the Real Terrorists

IMF – the enforcer of last resort - ANDREW SHENG