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Friday, October 7, 2011

Oligopoly or Corporatism ?

Which Entrepreneur Does not know this?

To Maximize Profits in A Global World:
1) Borrow the Maximum Money at the Lowest Interest,
2) Be a Licensed Concessionary to a Captive Business,
3) Out-Source the Cheapest labor,
4) Use Hi-Tech,
5) Sell to the Richest Market.

Is this Capitalism or Corporatism/Mercantilism or Oligopoly ?
It is Oligopoly operating as Disguised Corporatism
This is the way to create A Slave State & Welfare Dumped Down State.
The Best Part is it All Begins with Borrowing Money which has been Created out of THIN AIR!

"Arithmetic, Population, and Energy,"

Wall Street protesters fed up with both parties


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