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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Global Economics Websites

Obama declares end to US combat mission in Iraq August 31, 2010
Obama:-Part 2 of 2):
The Secret of Oz:

YouTube - "The Secret of Oz" / SecretofOz dot com:

62 Million Homeowners May Be Foreclosure Proof

Should I move to Europe :

It’s the Spending, Stupid
America’s jobs woes cannot be cured just by waiting for economic recovery
Why do we have to pay to live on a planet we were born on?:

The recession just became a depression 2010:
The coming economic collapse:
Paul Krugman
What Martin Wolf Said
Obama ends 'combat mission' in Iraq
Economy In Crisis | America's Economic Report - Daily:

The Coming Depression: Big Commodity Trader: U.S. President Is Only A Pup...
911news :RawStory: ‘disrespect’ of Sept. 11
Depleted Uranium - The Ultimate Dirty Bomb
YouTube - Webster Tarpley - Obama's plans are hogwash - June 18 2010:
The Liberty and Economics Review: Ron Paul questions whether there's gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed:

Judge Napolitano's History of Liberty, Pt. 3: The Progressive Era:
Japan 1998
NWOTruth Problem bank list climbs to 829 -
Krugman: Policy elite acting like priests of ancient cult
The Economic Collapse:
The American Dream:

The Coming Economic Depression 2010
Judgenap "The Age of Reason" - Thomas Paine -
Max Keiser Report: Markets! Finance! Security Scandals!:
You Ain’t Seen This Before
Obama: end of Iraq mission, talks of economy

YouTube - White House's Channel:
BP sells Malaysia interests to Petronas:
Our Enabling Media Is Worse Than Ever:
Politics, Culture, and Sustainability:

Brooks World Poverty Institute - The University of Manchester:
Why a Civil Society Extends Unemployment Benefits - Roubini
HST...The Liberal Lie - Daily News - the right edition - ...
Proverbs for America - Starting September 1st, 2010 (9/1/10 ...
Obama Announces End Of Iraq War -- Turns It Into Speech On The Economy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Illuminati Bloodlines

Even Tony Robbins Is Warning That An Economic Collapse Is Coming
The New Normal:
YouTube - Tent Cities Popping Up Across US Pray people pray. 2009:
US Debt - 'Mr X in fairyland':

YouTube - Illuminati Bloodlines:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Should US Ditch its Debt?

9/11: Blueprint for Truth - 2008 Edition |:
Against the Grain Press - The Informer:
Journal of 9/11 Studies:
Vatican-Pope and The New World Order:
Beautifully it is but heavily violated by the own governments!

YouTube - US Debt - 'Mr X in fairyland':
Five years after Katrina, New Orleans still rebuilding
Obamaville Tent City: Update

Dean Braxton Died, Went To Heaven And Saw Jesus Christ:
A City of Desolate Mothers
Dean Braxton Died, Went To Heaven And Saw Jesus Christ:
Saddleback Internet Campus - Live Services:

Revelation1217 A Two-Tier Internet?…

US September 11 cameraman faces extradition, fears for life:
50 Random Questions To Ask An Obama Supporter:…
Helicopter Ben Bernanke Says Everything Is Going To Be Okay…

America’s Coming Retirement Crisis:

This is an extremely important and debatable question. It has become increasingly clear to more and more people that the Engine of Economy, USA is an illusion, using the simple mindedness of good people to exploit the resources of the World of which human being is one of them. Since Real Government is Hidden, it is difficult for sane people to fight. However, doing things by proxy is a game played throughout history. Jesus called the pharisees – white washed tombs, meaning they were dead inside.

So it is with the evil that spreads its shadow over the world. We can know them by their FRUITS. Nothing is really improving the condition of Humanity World-wide since 1945; There has been nothing but an obsession for material wealth while more and more people fall into the Poor Category. This is a Fact admitted by the Leaders in UN. So if you know it and things are getting worse and you let it be, that is Not called leadership. That is called Devil in Disguise.

Containing the Credit Crisis

Roubini: US Running Out of Options to Stimulate Economy
The Audacity: Stimulus Plan Based on Evidence, or Hope?
The Most Persistent Economic Fallacy of All Time!
Containing the Credit Crisis
David Ray Griffin - - 9/11 Truth :
John Robbins: The Dark Side of Vitaminwater

Can we really trust the Bible?:
The 9/11 Truth Movement -
RickWarren It doesnt matter what you've done, u can be forgiven because of what Jesus has done FOR you! Listen:
The Blueprint -- AE911Truth eNewsletter:

Biggest threat to global economic recovery
Hope in the Valley of Trouble:
Time to Wake Up: Economic Armageddon
YouTube - Time to Wake Up: Economic Armageddon:

The Economic Recovery is an Illusion

Friday, August 27, 2010

Failure in Economic Leadership

Bernanke promises 'unconventional' stimulus steps... / US / Economy & Fed - Fed stands by to boost US growth:
Video -: Fed Chief to Deliver Key Address -
'A failure of economic leadership' [VIDEO] #Economy #BenBernanke #Recession #FederalReserve
Michael Moore: Screw Capitalism!

Peter Schiff: Americans must prepare for deepening unemploym...
Celente on dollar: America sinks with its gold
Max Keiser: Dollar to be buried way before 2018
Robert Fisk reveals truth behind 'dollar demise' report
Marc Faber on CNBC 16/8/10 5-5

George Soros The System has Broken Down Part 1 of 2
US Debt - 'Mr X in fairyland':
YouTube - Iraqis react to US troop withdrawal:
alJazeera Magazine:
Threat of a double-dip deflation - Tan Sri Lin See Yan
What’s happening in the US, euro zone and Japan points to a hard slog ahead.
US Q2 growth revised to 1.6%

Q2 GDP Revised Downwards;

When Wall Street Rules, We Get Wall Street Rules « Real-World Economics Review Blog:
False Profits: Recovering from the Bubble Economy.
U.S. economy grew 1.6% in the 2nd quarter; the first estimate was 2.4%. Economists had expected a revision to 1...
News Hub: Fed Chief to Deliver Key Address

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Food Crisis in Asia

Rising Food Prices and #foodsecurity: impact of 2008 food crisis on Asia #nts…
China Slashes U.S. Government Bond Holdings By The Largest Amount Ever:
9-11 Research: An Independent Investigation of the 9-11-2001 Attack:
Foreign Exchange Comparison:
Use of ringgit, dependency on US$ to reduce

YouTube - Technocalypse (Transhuman) 18/18:
Anwar Ibrahim again battles dubious sex charges
YouTube - Mind Control In America 5/6:
YouTube - BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early-- TWICE:
YouTube - Jacque Fresco: US has never been a democracy:
YouTube - The Venus Project- Designing the Future Part 1:
YouTube - Jacque Fresco Lecture Part 1 -:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

David Ray Griffin - 911 Truth

Internet privacy and talks to Jeffrey Goldberg about the Middle East.
YouTube - US Debt - 'Mr X in fairyland':
AE911Truth Gears Up as September 11 Nears:
YouTube - ae911truth's Channel:
World for 9/11 Truth |

Bob Chapman | The International Forecaster:
David Ray Griffin - Let's Get Empirical - 9/11 Truth :

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Solomon's Temple

Today, The Fear of the Government is the Beginning of Wisdom; The Government can Print Money, Create Debt, Booms and Busts, Wars, False Flags, Control Weather, Clean and Destroy the Environment, Create and Destroy Jobs, Stimulate the Economy, Entertain the Public and then make them Cry. Note: Beware Big Government.

YouTube - The temple of Solomon, the secret is out. Must watch.:
How Much Gold is in Fort Knox ?:
Enter the AGI Manhattan Project.

Footlinks: g

CIA Report: : US Debt to GDP Ratio
Illuminati News: Who Sunk the Titanic?:
*8 International Insider Organisations:
Aspen Institutes for Humanistic Studies
Atlantic Institute for International Affairs
Council on Foreign Relations
Economic Summits
European Economic Community
Fabian Society
Foreign Policy Association
Institutes of International Affairs
North American Common Market

Reports on Eight Internationalist Organization:
Alex Jones says we must take corrective action now:
the next world reserve currency
YouTube - The next world reserve currency:
"Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama Exposed...

YouTube - CIA New Fiasco: US Debt as % of GDP Amazing:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Joseph Stiglitz

YouTube - 9/11:
Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!
YouTube - 9/11 TRUTH CANNOT BE STOPPED! - Sept 11, 2009 NYC:
Gary Franchi, Reality Report:
Eight Internationalist Insider Organizations, Published in 1979-80:

Big investors moving away from stocks into gold and bonds
Use of ringgit to expand; dependency on US$ to reduce
The Year America Dissolved:
Gold: $1,300 an ounce within six months: Gold rises as world spirals toward deflation - MarketWatch:

Gold Diggers Of 2010
U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar | Reuters
Ditch the dollar? | Video |
YouTube - Ditching The Dollar (1a parte):
YouTube - The other world of Mr. Joseph Stiglitz:

Joseph Stiglitz:

How big companies can stop the brain drain
Inside the secret world of Trader Joe's
Ending World Poverty:
World Economic and Social Survey 2010: Retooling Global ...

CNN Central banks start to abandon the U.S. dollar:
Baby dumping among teenagers in Malaysia:
Lingam, two former judges win appeal - Paying Attention to 9/11 Related Alternative News

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gold in Fort Knox

YouTube - How Much Gold is in Fort Knox?:
The Myth of the Engineered Recession by Gary North:
Who Rules America: Wealth, Income, and Power
YouTube - What If China Collected on U.S. Debt?:
The International Forecaster:

Republic Broadcasting Network:
YouTube - ILOTV's Channel:
AE911Truth Gears Up as September 11 Nears:
YouTube - 9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars:

Walden Three, rational, sustainable, luxurious, car-free, cities of the future, practical utopias, using:
Painful Deceptions von Eric Hufschmid (1/8) german
9-11 Painful Questions
YouTube - Intro by Jimmy Walter: Doubting the official government story:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The $13 Trillion US Debt

FRONTLINE: $13 trillion and counting the US National Debt:
Collapse of the American Empire: Swift, Silent, Certain :
U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time:
YouTube - 2012 - The Crash of the U.S. Housing Market?:
YouTube - The Housing Collapse of 2010 Will Be Worse Than 2008:

YouTube - Alan Weisman: The World Without Us:
YouTube - Who Killed Pat Tillman? Part 1:
YouTube - Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 1/2:
YouTube - Alex Jones Exclusive 1/5: David Icke On The Global Awakening:
Beyond the Within & Without - | Dhyan Vimal TV:

YouTube - airasia's Channel:
YouTube - FOR NEDA (English):
"WikiLeaks has acquired records of six years of civilian killing for both Afghanistan and Iraq" John Pilger:
FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution:
YouTube - The Corporation -1/14:

World for 9/11 Truth |
10 Reasons Why We Might Not See Anything Less Than A Trillion Dollar Deficit For Decades To Come: End of the American Dream. Com
Original Intent:
YouTube - Dubai officially Bankrupt !:
YouTube – The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See (part 1/8): Albert A. Bartlett’s

Obama, in Ohio, -
Jack Augh said: All countries on path to bankruptcy
9/11 Truth: Investigating the Conspiracy Theories on Yahoo! Video:
Exodus from China predicted as multinationals finding lower wage workers elsewhere, including in America
Western profits wilt on China's surging wages - Telegraph:
A Brief History of Silver and Silver Colloids in Medicine by John Hill:

Synagogue of SatanThis is zionism:
New World Order Report > Home:
BBC World covering 2010 Global Peace Index « Vision of Humanity:
911 Facts not Fairies:
The Informer:

| Bob Chapman | The International Forecaster:
Republic Broadcasting Network:

The Gathering of Great Minds

The Gathering of Great Minds; 20th Aug, 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
Antiwar Radio: Robert Dreyfuss
Timetables in Iraq and Afghanistan Largely a Myth:
  1. Seven potential effects of war with Iran
  2. US dollar attacked yet again; What the effects are
  3. Obama’s promise to bankrupt coal will cost 1000 Midwest jobs
  4. Former White House Speechwriter Suggests Military Coup Could Oust Obama
  5. The History of the Future: Trends 2012
  6. Spain metro strike reflects austerity, 25 pc unemployment