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Monday, August 16, 2010

The 2010 Collapse, Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers was right - The collapse of 2010 is underway
Jim Rogers : China can dominate the 21st century United Nations: We need to work with other countries to solve the world's problems.
China is expanding military to exert more territorial influence
Is Obama losing steam?: 44 per cent approval rating is the lowest since the U.S. president took office

For People to not Rise up against the Financial System
, it is obvious that More people are being Fed than People who are NOT being Fed. This is the Truth: People will not wake up until there is no Food on the Table. So the People who are not being Fed have to remain silent for being Guilty of Not being able to provide for themselves.

The truth is: From 1965 to 2010
there has been a record by the UN that (1) The Rich are getting Richer and the Poor are getting Poorer (2) The Middle Class is Disappearing (3) The Boom-Bust cycles are getting more destructive each decade (4) These are world-wide in effect not sparing any Nation. (5) 30% of the Poor today were not born poor. (6) The Repealing of the Glass-Steagall Act allows room for further corruption. (7) The Dollar having no gold backing is nothing but a counterfeit currency. (8)The Uncontrolled Monetization of US Debt will only increase the effects of 1) to 5) and the World will have its Day of Revolution like the French Revolution an the Oligopolies who are benefiting through the sufferings of others will be exposed.

The US is really bankrupt and most don’t know it :
The Foreclosure Crisis:
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