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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Foreclosures

Introduction to the idea of physical economics, what is energy density and what is energy flux density?
6th World Islamic Economic Forum (6thWIEF):

Straight Talk: Why Do Malaysians Migrate? Just Listen to This ...g
FutureGov | Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water ...
Malaysian Ministry of Energy Green Technology and Water | Global Solar Thermal Energy Council:
Integrate Your Social Networking Accounts:

Welcome to Bakun Dam

Welcome to the Bakun Hydroelectric Dam · Malaysia's future in clean energy.
Fareed Zakaria
The Fed's Dirty Little Secret is Out!!:
US foreclosure, delinquency rates rise in minority communities
Amazing Water Fountain (20 pics + 1 video): - Henry Paulson strongly defends the massive bailout of Wall Street financial firms.
YouTube - Keiser Report meets Schiff Report:
Greenspan Says Drop in Home Prices Might Bring Back Recession - Bloomberg:

Exposing WorlDeception:
Greenspan Says Double-Dip Recession in U.S. Is Possible - Bloomberg:

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