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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Comment By Uncle B

Uncle B:
Fact is, America must switch from a foreign liquid based economy to a domestic electric economy as fast as possible. Remember the Oil Embargo of the 70’s? Where America’s military were given their orders. not from Washington, but from the oil barons in the Middle East! We have yet to correct that little problem haven’t we? We are witnessing the end of the American Empire. It dies as all those before it have, with funny money at the front of the parade, and slothful living, without moral fiber to protect the family unit, at the other end of the parade! No family structure = no nation! Revert to the family farm, they cry! It is far too late to turn back! America was set on a suicidal course by the Corporatists and Capitalists – no respecters of Democracy – shortly after WWII! America is doomed to stay on this path to the bitter end, much as Nazi Germany was in WWII! Blinkers on! Forward into battle! We will follow the U.S.S.R. through the gates of Hell, singing songs of our own Glories as we march past the Devil himself! We have not learned from our Canadian neighbors how to preserve Democracy with large doses of Socialism, and we have allowed the cancers of democracies, Capitalism and Corporatism to gain astronomical powers and we suffer for it! America is dead on the waters, the oil-spoiled waters of the Gulf! We cannot turn back now, and replace the bus and airplane routes with nuclear/electric powered electric bullet trains for our patriots, as China has been so wise to do! We are a gasoline guzzling machine bent on self-destruction. Even if you run for the hills, your very ammunition for survival is foreign oil based and that oil is diminishing. Diminishing oil precludes Americans forced by a very weak dollar to bid for oil on world markets against a much stronger, more stable Yuan for oil, and this larger share demanded by a Burgeoning Asia will be taken right out of the gasoline pumps in America! We will pay dearly at the pumps shortly! Enjoy the proliferation of Asian 4 cylinder cars today! Tomorrow you may not even have fuel for them, and be forced into “short-hop” rechargeable battery cars! Asians have already devised a means of exchanging batteries in Tokyo’s taxi cabs just to satisfy the realities of running Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, and Nuclear produced electricity for cars! America lags behind! 32nd in education! By shameful admission of our own President! We hardly produce a very few, relatively poor cars for domestic use! Shame! What was taught in Michigan’s Engineering schools besides passing foot balls with great skill? Not much I am afraid!Detroit, the ruins of which are a monument to Corporatism and Capitalism in control, shames Americans on TV and on the Net! Our Banksters screwed the nation! Publicly! and were not punished! No hangings? no rope stretching for treason? No “John Wayne” type Americans left? Yes! Big awards and cushioned retirement plans for crooks? Not good America! Now, our famous sea food basket, the Gulf, lays in ruins? Done by Corporative powers set free by Bush and company? In a collective, social group that allows cost over-runs for safety’s sake, like NASA, we excelled! We walked on the Moon! We brought the Astronauts back! Alive! We can’t drill for oil safely? Why not? The corporative involvement that’s why not! What the Hell is going on in America! Who really rules? To answer that question, Google, Torrent, the movie “Who Stole The Electric Car”. Watch it carefully! What does it say? What happened to the “Miracle Batteries” that made it all possible? Did the Socialists steal them? Did the government ban them? Did the inventor get greedy? Just what the frick did GM(America) do with the miracle cars and the miracle batteries? Why? Who really runs the U.S.A. inc.? and, where is the U.S.A. Democracy to the world? What happened here while we smoked all that dope? drank all that booze? popped all those pills? Ducked and ran for cover in cushy corporative jobs? Asians know! they stole our economy while we were partying!Now, they are gonna kick our asses! That’s what America!
14 Pieces Of Really Bad News For The Global Economy:

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