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Friday, August 13, 2010

The US is as bankrupt as it can get

YouTube - Japan: America's Lost Decade:
Is the Central Bank of Canada forcing deflation?
The Pope's Hitler Youth past. - Telegraph:
  1. OECD sees explosion in youth unemployment ahead; a lost generation
  2. Manufacturing base intentionally destroyed: analysts
  3. The Damned Generation Has No Jobs
  4. Middle-Class Begins Mass Starvation
  5. China ready to crash; new middle class forming in USA
  6. The Middle Class Game Is Up: We’re Heading to a Slave Labor Planet
  1. Canadian economy hollowed out by central banking, free trade agreements
  2. US Interest Rates Will Stay At Zero: Marc Faber
  3. US dollar close to rare parity with Canadian loonie
  4. Central banks begin dumping dollars; Bank runs begin
  5. Summary of Marc Faber’s speech at Mises Circle: Buy Metals
  6. US Federal Reserve Destroying Dollar; Buy Gold For Protection: Faber
  1. How to Prepare for the Coming Crash and Preserve Your Wealth
  2. It’s the 1930s all over again but with a twist
  3. The FDIC Anesthesia Is Wearing Off
  4. The Coffin Shaped Jobless Recovery
  5. Individual Investors Have Jumped Into Another Fire
  6. Bank of America loses 2.2 billion; Depression guaranteed says analysts
  1. Greece to be bankrupt by August; what would happen?
  2. California budget already bankrupt 10 weeks after passage
  3. Eight European Countries Charging Off A Sovereign Debt Cliff In 2010
  4. Canadian PM declares ‘we don’t have an economy anymore’
  5. The US Banking System's Bankrupt: Roubini, Prechter, Soros
  6. Obama’s promise to bankrupt coal will cost 1000 Midwest jobs
  7. The US is really bankrupt and most don’t know it
  8. Do you know if your bank is safe?
  9. Three Biggest Causes of Back Pain

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