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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Should US Ditch its Debt?

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Dean Braxton Died, Went To Heaven And Saw Jesus Christ:
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America’s Coming Retirement Crisis:

This is an extremely important and debatable question. It has become increasingly clear to more and more people that the Engine of Economy, USA is an illusion, using the simple mindedness of good people to exploit the resources of the World of which human being is one of them. Since Real Government is Hidden, it is difficult for sane people to fight. However, doing things by proxy is a game played throughout history. Jesus called the pharisees – white washed tombs, meaning they were dead inside.

So it is with the evil that spreads its shadow over the world. We can know them by their FRUITS. Nothing is really improving the condition of Humanity World-wide since 1945; There has been nothing but an obsession for material wealth while more and more people fall into the Poor Category. This is a Fact admitted by the Leaders in UN. So if you know it and things are getting worse and you let it be, that is Not called leadership. That is called Devil in Disguise.

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