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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama Watch

Obama shamelessly shills
for the Israeli war party:
Howard Zinn Dies & 9/11 Media Cr...
Obama Watch: what's really going on:
Coming Out Of Babylon by Zac
Howard Zinn - 9/11 Media Criticism:
Conversations with History: Howard Zinn:

Howard Zinn: "On Human Nature and Aggression."
"On Human Nature and Aggression.":
History of the United States in two minutes:
How GPS works:
The Road to Space. The First Thousand Years.

RPK Speaks His Mind - My Moral Compass:
The Power of AIPAC - Who runs America? :

Friday, January 29, 2010

US Economic Recovery, Earliest 2012

Stiglitz says: U.S. Economic Recovery, earliest 2012: Video:
George W. Obama leads American Foreign Policy:
State of Obama on Wednesday night...
PJTV - Sharia & Jihad Special Coverage:
Medically Incorrect - 10-Point Plan for Health Care Reform:

Debate on Sept 11 attack trial continues:
How Politicians Lie to You:
The 12 Least Ethical Companies In The World:
Consumers believe recession is over:
State of the Union offers Obama a pivot point -

End of Money and the Future of Civilization:
Freedom to Fascism:
International Bankers to Dominate the World:
30 Little Known Facts about America:

Max Keiser on The Financial Armaggedon:
Henry Kissinger speaks to RT about US-Russia relations:
The Jobs Deficit: Putting America Back to Work - :


American Friends Service Committee:
10 Ways to Stop Corporate Dominance of Politics:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama's State of the Union Speech,2010

"He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality."– Anwar al-Sadat

YouTube - citizentube's Channel: State of the Union
Creeping EU Totalitarianism:
EXPLOSIVE PREVIEW: Obama State of the Union Address Jan 2010
Nouriel Roubini on the 2010 Economy:

GOP Solutions for America -

Pres. Obama's First State of the Union Address:
Pres. Obama's First State of the Union Address:
What is the Free Market?
Ron Paul: The Free Market as Regulator 8/17/09:

The Maturation of Social Media ROI:

How-To Calculate the Cost of Social Media for your Company.
State of the Union offers Obama a pivot point -

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One World Government

The Truth About Our World Government:
The Truth Our World Government Videos - Metacafe:
Take a Look : The Real World - Part 1 - Video:

Freedom or Fascism

FREEDOM.TV: New World Order Fan Club:
The Reality Report with Gary Franchi:
The New Anglo/American Empire PART 1 of 6:
The MedWorm:
Half With Diabetes Skip Insulin Injections
Obama gives speech on the economy, supports the bailout:

YouTube - Senator Scott Brown wins for Scott Brown, not GOP:
CIA - On United States Economy:
The Jobs Deficit: The Challenge of Putting America Back to Work - Intro and
The Jobs Deficit: Challenge in America :

ROTHSCHILD - The Most powerful family On Earth:
Building Wealth in Changing Times: The Solari Report:
If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!:
Institute of Unlearning, commentary of Patrick Mooney:

Sovereign Debt: Mark Faber in King Wold News. Videos++:
Obama gives speech on the economy, supports the bailout:
Henry Kissinger speaks to RT about US-Russia relations:

Kurt Andersen on "Casino Economy" and Reset:
Ron Paul: The Free Market as Regulator 8/17/09
Wednesday January 27, 2010
PKR lawmaker challenges party leaders over ‘Allah issue’
Ron Paul: The Free Market as Regulator 8/17/09:

Congressman Ron Paul:
Max Keiser on The Financial Armaggedon:
Ron Paul January 20, 2010 Competing Currencies:
US public detached from the true cost of war

US Congressman Ron Paul:
Working For Freedom - The John Birch Society:
Alex Jones Tv 1/3: Alex's Research on Obama's Info Czar Cass Sunstein ...
President Obama and Tim Geithner Saves Middle Class Families FULL 43
Previewing the State of the Union

A True Tale of Canadian Health Care: Why some patients need to go to the U.S. for surgery

Monday, January 25, 2010

America Wakes Up

Ron Paul : Don't tread on me
RTR ActNet: - What is Government supposed to be.
Camp FEMA: Evidence of Internment Camps in America:
2nd American Revolution:
Obama's Wake up Call

Democracy and Capitalism.

Earthquakes Aren’t Manmade, Poverty is:
Flacks Create Their Own Job Numbers: Has White House learnt Anything? Is it Socialism or Communism?
Causes Of The Great Depression:

Obama vs The Law . Conservative Crusader:

Heritage New Media Partners, Inc. - NMA TV:
Sundance Founder Robert Redford on His Life, His Activism n the Importance of Independent Films:
Delusional Democracy: Fixing Government

Chuck Baldwin Live:

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time:
What's Really Going On In Haiti?: -- Where Reality Shatters Illusion:

US Federal Reserve - Federal Government:
Treason, in Pastels: An FOIA Request:
Economy flounders, despite the stimulus - CNN.
This Website could Save the World
CNN A few hours to change the course of history:
17 important things to do to BLOG
Obama wants to freeze discretionary spending for 3 years -


Amazing Speech by Iraq War Veteran
There's a war on for your mind!:
JFK Speech (night before assassination)
JFK Speech to the Press on Secret Societies

Daily Kos TV (beta) (1 Million Viewers /day):
President Obama is a Bastard Rachel Maddow:
Rachel Maddow Show: Banking Industry Bailout Rip-Off
Dennis Kucinich slams bailout plan on The Rache...
Ron Paul on Rachel Maddow
Now The People Have Awoken Screening 29th Jan

America: Freedom to Fascism -:
USA: Freedom to Fascism:
Dailymotion.A.Russo Says 9/11 Was A Fraud - video:
Dennis Kucinich slams bailout plan on The Rachel Maddow Show:
War and Lies featuring Ro...
A Tribute To The Truth
Obama speech on the economy, supports the bailout:
Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!

Barack Obama: Confronting an Economic Crisis
Dennis Kucinich Explains Why He Voted Against The Health Care Bill
Is health care reform dead?

I Was Right About Iraq! Dennis Kucinich
Over A Million Innocent People Perished In A War Based On A Lie!
War and Lies featuring Ro...
What You Didn't Know About The War
Ron Paul Slams Federal Reserves New Dictatorial...
Earth 2 Obama:
CBS News:

Amazing Speech by Iraq War Veteran
American Friends Service Committee:
"President Barack Obama" - CBS News:
250,000 hardcore poor to benefit from housing push
Obama Turns Focus Toward Middle Class View Photo

President to Announce Economic Initiatives Aimed at Helping Struggling Families

"President Barack Obama for Middle Class" - CBS News:

President Barack Obama, Part One - 60 Minutes - CBS News:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Stimulus Deception

YouTube 2014 Scenario #3 - Anger in America:
The US Collapse Of 2009 - This Will Blow Your Mind.... ...
Deceptive "Stimulus" Plan
1/21/10: White House Press Briefing
Conspiracy: Gold, Hyperinflation & the Dollar Collapse - pt 1 (For Bassmarko

Soylent Green The Movie

Steve Keen's Debtwatch:
Debunking Economics Overview:
The End of Money and the Future of Civilization:
Crude oil futures price prediction of approx $80 a barrel in 2010:

International Bankers to Dominate the World:

Evil international bankers are running the Worl...
Who Owns America's Wealth?
YouTube - Tik Tok Keisha (OFFICIAL HD VIDEO) :
The Most Trusted Scam In America:

US, $100 Trillion National Debt by Bill Walker:

More Financial Storms on the Horizon - Richard Fisher Speeches
The Role: Globalization in the Financial Crisis and Recovery - Richard Fisher Speeches, 10-16-09
CIA - The World Factbook -- United States:

Worried White House
O'Reilly: Obama Is "Worried" About Fox News
20 More US Banks Fail in the Last 30 days: FDIC: Failed Bank List:

The men behind Barack Obama part 1:
FDIC: Failed Bank List:
Billionaires for Wealthcare:
The Jobs Deficit: The Challenge of Putting America Back to Work - Intro and
Conference of Health Insurance Billionares for Wealthcare Rachel Maddow:
Face The Nation - CBS News:

End of Money

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization
Review of Thomas Greco's book

By Richard C. Cook
Global Research, October 14, 2009
It's too late for anyone to pretend that the U.S. government, whether under President Barack Obama or anyone else, can divert our nation from long-term economic decline. The U.S. is increasingly in a state of political, economic, and moral paralysis, caught as it were between the “rock” of protracted recession and the “hard place” of terminal government debt.
The United States of Corporate America: From Democracy to Plutocracy

By Prof. Rodrigue Tremblay

Global Research, January 22, 2010

"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."Plato, ancient Greek philosopher

...“The 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.”Alex Carey, Australian social scientist

The most effective way to restrict democracy is to transfer decision-making from the public arena to unaccountable institutions: kings and princes, priestly castes, military juntas, party dictatorships, or modern corporations.Noam Chomsky, M.I.T. Emeritus Professor of Linguistics

On Tuesday, January 19 (2010), the Obama administration got a kick in the pants from the Massachusetts voters when they filled former Senator Ted Kennedy's seat by electing a conservative Republican candidate. The essence of their message was: stop dithering and start governing; stop trying to satisfy the bankers and please the editors of Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal, and start caring for the ordinary people.

Keiser report: Dubai Financial Crisis Appearing Report 3: Markets! Finance! Scandal!:

Matt Taibbi on How Goldman Sachs Has Been Robbing Us Blind

How Politicians Lie to You

Part 1 of 4 On the Edge with Max Keiser - The ...

Inside The Great American Bubble Machine : Rolling Stone

Haiti buries 150,000 quake victims:

NBC Nightly News (03-09-09) Tent Cities of Homeless Springing ...


New Tent Cities A refuge of last resort are popping up all over the US Americas New Homeless

The Year is 2014 Scenario #3 - Anger in America

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gobalist Oligarchy

The Globalist Oligarchy Behind Obama & Brown Are Destroying US And UK
Haiti Earthquake Aftermath:
The Jobs Deficit: The Challenge of Putting America Back to Work - Intro and
World's Most Comfortable Man
Fighting Hunger Worldwide:
Resources for Labor Union Organizing:

Evil seems to lurk globally, even from the office of the highest
powers that be. Dr.Mahathir was not wrong in making his statement two days ago.
George Orwell said, "In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth is a
revolutionary act." Hence, the reason why many Malaysians "panned" Dr.M for
his statement.

I am flabbergasted to note the shocking known and acknowledged atrocities that
are happening world-wide and and so little is being done by the Powers that
be. It almost seems as if crime, fraud, deception and cheating is acceptable
to world leaders in their hidden agenda for global domination.

While patriotism, heroism, honesty and generosity is trumpeted by politicians,
no world leader actually has the nobility to bother to carry the burden of
1 Billion world-wide who go hungry on a daily basis!
The dastardly acts of vandalising houses of worship in Malaysia is only a symptom of a great world-wide malaise.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CRISIS Websites

"25,000 children die a day of preventable causes." UN World Food Programme

Save the Children Official Site:
Relief Services:
Mercy Corps:

Relief Teams:

The Salvation Army:
Relief International:
Fighting Hunger Worldwide:

Fighting Poverty:
World Vision International - Home:
World Vision:
Oxfam International:

MERCY Malaysia:
Malaysian Care Celebrating 30 Years:

Freemasons II

Secret History of the Freemasons (Part 1 of 9)
The PROOF: Barack Obama is a FREEMASON
Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See
Rothschild's Choice: Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to

Murder America:

Journalism: The Most Trusted Scam In America:
The Manmade Disaster in Haiti:
What every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine:

CIA World Factbook on Israel,
the CIA World Factbook on the West Bank,
and the CIA World Factbook on Gaza.
Defense of Democracies:

Austin Bay | home:

Oxfam Haiti emergency appeal:
Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America:
The Jobs Deficit: The Challenge of Putting America Back to Work - Intro and

Monday, January 18, 2010

American Budget Deficit, 2009

American Budget deficit, 2009 is USD 2.4 Trillion.

A similar US Budget Deficit is expected for the next 10 years.
By 2020, The U.S. debt will be 90% of GDP, meaning 20% of
all consumer's income is going to pay public debt.

The Lower Income class in U.S. will be suffocated!
The Middle Class will become insignificant!
This will trigger a chain reaction throughout the globe.
However, the richest 20% in the world will be well prepared for it
and may very well even benefit from it.

The Next Global Economic Crisis is Lined Up to Occur between 2014 and 2018.
Sing: "Don't Cry for meeee O'bamaaaaa".

The Big Bangsters and Shadow Oligopolies are now getting ready to orchestrate it,
through all kinds of Fraudulent Investment Schemes on the Global Scale:
1)Hedge Funds,
2)Healthcare Funds
3)Education Funds
4)Environment Funds
5)Energy Funds
6)Infrastructure Funds
7) Food, Water and Agriculture Funds.
8)Even Islamic Funds
9) or China Funds

In a world where money is just
printed to show progress and cronies get 85%
of the Contracts, money just redistributed by governments, hyperinflation and the fall of the value of money is INEVITABLE.
Who is there to account for REAL GROWTH? Nobody!
Freefall: America, World Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy, By Nobel Laureate - Joseph Stiglitz.

From Obama and Ben Bernanke downwards everyone in authority wants to grab
their share before the expected Grand Collapse of The Empire is played out!

As No Regulations or New Legislations have been made since October 15th, 2008;

get ready for The Ultimate Global Economic Collapse and the -
The Confirmation of:
1)The End of Democracy as we know it,
2)The End of Capitalism as we know it,
3)The Emergence of A New World Order,
4)The Engineering of a One World Government.

Obama is just A Voice of The Global Shadow Supranational Government
that grew by stealth and secrecy over the last 300 years,
became evident over the last 100 years
and surely present by the year 2000.

From Day 1 Obama has clearly announced this situation was NOT his doing,
however through his glib tongued eloquence he has hijacked the hearts
of the people the world over only to make a fool of them as the outcome is ZERO CHANGE ! (Unemployment, Budget Deficits, Foreclosures, and Military Expansion are still prevalent in the Obama Administration as in the Bush Administration.)
THIS IS a Form of Fraud and as a Lawyer, Obama and Hillary Clinton should
be both well aware of it!


Why can't the Dilemma be solved?
Because the Bankers will blame the Industrialists,
The Industrialists will blame the Contractors,
The Contractors will blame the Media,
The Media will blame the U.N.,
The UN will blame the Governments,
The Governments will blame The Lawyers,
The Lawyers will blame History,
and History is just a Phantom!

The President of USA has no say over those power centres;
His choice: either to sell his people and country or declare War
on a Phantom Enemy to silence the People.

That explains why the tremendous emphasis on controlling
the Media, printing Money and building Military and Nuclear Might.

In a World of Globalization, Internet, Stock Markets and Hedge Funds,
The President NEEDS War and Money to keep Order and Power.

When Our Global Ship has run out of Options,

and the Captain's Voice is just a palliative balm to Sooth and not to cure,
the Oligarchs will reign in the midst of anarchy,
because they control everything,
Banks, Military, Jobs, Healthcare, Education, Media, Energy,
Food, Water and the Priests through the MNCs - Multinational Corporates.

Max Keiser about the Shadow banking System:
Max Keiser on The Financial Armaggedon
NWO From The Mouths of The Elite
Catherine Austin Fitts:
The Global Ponzi Scheme pt.2/2

Marc Faber 2010 Outlook- CNBC- January 2010
Marc Faber 2010 Outlook-Bloomberg- January 2010
Sovereign Debt: The Next Crisis - Marc Faber
Marc Faber- US Government Will Go Bankrupt! 10/13/08
Marc Faber, 2010 - Economic 0utlook:
Dr. Marc Faber: PIIGS are going to be Slaughtered; January 13, 2010:
Sovereign Debt Default ::

King's World DailyWeb: 1/14/10 - The Global Economy

Housing Bubble Comparison: US, UK, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan
CIA - The World Factbook -- Malaysian Economy:
Shadow Banking Systems