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Monday, January 18, 2010

American Budget Deficit, 2009

American Budget deficit, 2009 is USD 2.4 Trillion.

A similar US Budget Deficit is expected for the next 10 years.
By 2020, The U.S. debt will be 90% of GDP, meaning 20% of
all consumer's income is going to pay public debt.

The Lower Income class in U.S. will be suffocated!
The Middle Class will become insignificant!
This will trigger a chain reaction throughout the globe.
However, the richest 20% in the world will be well prepared for it
and may very well even benefit from it.

The Next Global Economic Crisis is Lined Up to Occur between 2014 and 2018.
Sing: "Don't Cry for meeee O'bamaaaaa".

The Big Bangsters and Shadow Oligopolies are now getting ready to orchestrate it,
through all kinds of Fraudulent Investment Schemes on the Global Scale:
1)Hedge Funds,
2)Healthcare Funds
3)Education Funds
4)Environment Funds
5)Energy Funds
6)Infrastructure Funds
7) Food, Water and Agriculture Funds.
8)Even Islamic Funds
9) or China Funds

In a world where money is just
printed to show progress and cronies get 85%
of the Contracts, money just redistributed by governments, hyperinflation and the fall of the value of money is INEVITABLE.
Who is there to account for REAL GROWTH? Nobody!
Freefall: America, World Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy, By Nobel Laureate - Joseph Stiglitz.

From Obama and Ben Bernanke downwards everyone in authority wants to grab
their share before the expected Grand Collapse of The Empire is played out!

As No Regulations or New Legislations have been made since October 15th, 2008;

get ready for The Ultimate Global Economic Collapse and the -
The Confirmation of:
1)The End of Democracy as we know it,
2)The End of Capitalism as we know it,
3)The Emergence of A New World Order,
4)The Engineering of a One World Government.

Obama is just A Voice of The Global Shadow Supranational Government
that grew by stealth and secrecy over the last 300 years,
became evident over the last 100 years
and surely present by the year 2000.

From Day 1 Obama has clearly announced this situation was NOT his doing,
however through his glib tongued eloquence he has hijacked the hearts
of the people the world over only to make a fool of them as the outcome is ZERO CHANGE ! (Unemployment, Budget Deficits, Foreclosures, and Military Expansion are still prevalent in the Obama Administration as in the Bush Administration.)
THIS IS a Form of Fraud and as a Lawyer, Obama and Hillary Clinton should
be both well aware of it!


Why can't the Dilemma be solved?
Because the Bankers will blame the Industrialists,
The Industrialists will blame the Contractors,
The Contractors will blame the Media,
The Media will blame the U.N.,
The UN will blame the Governments,
The Governments will blame The Lawyers,
The Lawyers will blame History,
and History is just a Phantom!

The President of USA has no say over those power centres;
His choice: either to sell his people and country or declare War
on a Phantom Enemy to silence the People.

That explains why the tremendous emphasis on controlling
the Media, printing Money and building Military and Nuclear Might.

In a World of Globalization, Internet, Stock Markets and Hedge Funds,
The President NEEDS War and Money to keep Order and Power.

When Our Global Ship has run out of Options,

and the Captain's Voice is just a palliative balm to Sooth and not to cure,
the Oligarchs will reign in the midst of anarchy,
because they control everything,
Banks, Military, Jobs, Healthcare, Education, Media, Energy,
Food, Water and the Priests through the MNCs - Multinational Corporates.

Max Keiser about the Shadow banking System:
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