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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gobalist Oligarchy

The Globalist Oligarchy Behind Obama & Brown Are Destroying US And UK
Haiti Earthquake Aftermath:
The Jobs Deficit: The Challenge of Putting America Back to Work - Intro and
World's Most Comfortable Man
Fighting Hunger Worldwide:
Resources for Labor Union Organizing:

Evil seems to lurk globally, even from the office of the highest
powers that be. Dr.Mahathir was not wrong in making his statement two days ago.
George Orwell said, "In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth is a
revolutionary act." Hence, the reason why many Malaysians "panned" Dr.M for
his statement.

I am flabbergasted to note the shocking known and acknowledged atrocities that
are happening world-wide and and so little is being done by the Powers that
be. It almost seems as if crime, fraud, deception and cheating is acceptable
to world leaders in their hidden agenda for global domination.

While patriotism, heroism, honesty and generosity is trumpeted by politicians,
no world leader actually has the nobility to bother to carry the burden of
1 Billion world-wide who go hungry on a daily basis!
The dastardly acts of vandalising houses of worship in Malaysia is only a symptom of a great world-wide malaise.

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