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Monday, January 25, 2010


Amazing Speech by Iraq War Veteran
There's a war on for your mind!:
JFK Speech (night before assassination)
JFK Speech to the Press on Secret Societies

Daily Kos TV (beta) (1 Million Viewers /day):
President Obama is a Bastard Rachel Maddow:
Rachel Maddow Show: Banking Industry Bailout Rip-Off
Dennis Kucinich slams bailout plan on The Rache...
Ron Paul on Rachel Maddow
Now The People Have Awoken Screening 29th Jan

America: Freedom to Fascism -:
USA: Freedom to Fascism:
Dailymotion.A.Russo Says 9/11 Was A Fraud - video:
Dennis Kucinich slams bailout plan on The Rachel Maddow Show:
War and Lies featuring Ro...
A Tribute To The Truth
Obama speech on the economy, supports the bailout:
Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!

Barack Obama: Confronting an Economic Crisis
Dennis Kucinich Explains Why He Voted Against The Health Care Bill
Is health care reform dead?

I Was Right About Iraq! Dennis Kucinich
Over A Million Innocent People Perished In A War Based On A Lie!
War and Lies featuring Ro...
What You Didn't Know About The War
Ron Paul Slams Federal Reserves New Dictatorial...
Earth 2 Obama:
CBS News:

Amazing Speech by Iraq War Veteran
American Friends Service Committee:
"President Barack Obama" - CBS News:
250,000 hardcore poor to benefit from housing push
Obama Turns Focus Toward Middle Class View Photo

President to Announce Economic Initiatives Aimed at Helping Struggling Families

"President Barack Obama for Middle Class" - CBS News:

President Barack Obama, Part One - 60 Minutes - CBS News:

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