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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Delusional Democracy

The new govt debt supercycle

"This is the great mystery that defines the American Disappointment. A country founded on revolution so sick it cannot see the need to use it again against domestic, elected tyranny." Joel S. Hirschhorn

Delusional Democracy:

The grim state of the states Pt.1
James Heintz: 900,000 state workers across the US could lose jobs as state deficits explode
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As a result of Pentagon-sponsored research, contemporary military operations aim for "defined effects" through "kinetic" and "non-kinetic" means: leadership decapitation through preemptive strikes combined with psychological operations designed to pacify (terrorize) insurgent populations. This deadly combination of high- and low tech tactics is the dark heart of the Pentagon's
Unconventional Warfare doctrine.

Tom Burghardt Global Research,

Dissident Voice,

The Intelligence Daily,

Pacific Free Press,

Uncommon Thought Journal,

Information Clearing House Wikileaks

AK Press.

Airforce Magazine
The Wall Street Journal
How to Impeach Bush and Cheney
The corporatist beast: General Atomics Inc.,
Friends Of the Article V Convention:
Boeing subsidiary Insitu
The Journal reported that the ScanEagle
USA Today revealed last month

Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill revealed last month in The Nation that the mercenary firm Blackwater is working on the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command's "drone bombing program in Pakistan."

According to Air Force Times, although the Pentagon knew that UAV feeds were being hacked since 2008 and probably earlier, top Air Force generals, acceding to the wishes of their political masters in the Defense Department, notably former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his coterie of neocon yes-men, did nothing to upset the high-tech apple cart and sought instead to hit the corporate "sweet spot."

San Diego-based General Atomics Inc., No. 36 on Washington Technology's "2009 Top 100 List of Prime Federal Contractors" is plush with revenue totaling $593,742,395. Major customers include the Navy, Air Force, Army, the Department of Homeland Security and NASA, and the bulk of their business these days comes from manufacturing the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper drones.

Wired reported that "tapping into drones'

In a follow-up piece December 21, Shachtman reported that Air Force officers ...

The neocon Middle East Quarterly assures us that "Arab resentment of the West ...
"Revolution in Military Affairs" (RMA)
Austrian business cycle theory -:

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    Unprecedented Unconventional WARFARE doctrines RULES DAILY MATTERS AND AFFAIRS of countries and the STATE of mindsets of the multitude.

    EVIDENTLY the GLOBAL POLITICAL CHAOS will bring forth this social unrest to a new level of higher apprehension through the internet mass media towards a LOUD AND CLEAR WAY.

    CATASTHROPIES of unimaginable proportions will evidently overshadow and obviously overwhelm the CONFIDENCE of those less deep rooted human beings in faith or trust, as-well-as within the way they live their lifespan in days to come; as they will all be put to the test in readiness and preparedness.

    SACRIFICES unprecedented and SOCIAL UNREST during these coming days will basically hinge on the 'survival of the mindset and soul'.

    Speaking METAPHYSICALLY -rayloke