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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Global Economics Websites

Obama declares end to US combat mission in Iraq August 31, 2010
Obama:-Part 2 of 2):
The Secret of Oz:

YouTube - "The Secret of Oz" / SecretofOz dot com:

62 Million Homeowners May Be Foreclosure Proof

Should I move to Europe :

It’s the Spending, Stupid
America’s jobs woes cannot be cured just by waiting for economic recovery
Why do we have to pay to live on a planet we were born on?:

The recession just became a depression 2010:
The coming economic collapse:
Paul Krugman
What Martin Wolf Said
Obama ends 'combat mission' in Iraq
Economy In Crisis | America's Economic Report - Daily:

The Coming Depression: Big Commodity Trader: U.S. President Is Only A Pup...
911news :RawStory: ‘disrespect’ of Sept. 11
Depleted Uranium - The Ultimate Dirty Bomb
YouTube - Webster Tarpley - Obama's plans are hogwash - June 18 2010:
The Liberty and Economics Review: Ron Paul questions whether there's gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed:

Judge Napolitano's History of Liberty, Pt. 3: The Progressive Era:
Japan 1998
NWOTruth Problem bank list climbs to 829 -
Krugman: Policy elite acting like priests of ancient cult
The Economic Collapse:
The American Dream:

The Coming Economic Depression 2010
Judgenap "The Age of Reason" - Thomas Paine -
Max Keiser Report: Markets! Finance! Security Scandals!:
You Ain’t Seen This Before
Obama: end of Iraq mission, talks of economy

YouTube - White House's Channel:
BP sells Malaysia interests to Petronas:
Our Enabling Media Is Worse Than Ever:
Politics, Culture, and Sustainability:

Brooks World Poverty Institute - The University of Manchester:
Why a Civil Society Extends Unemployment Benefits - Roubini
HST...The Liberal Lie - Daily News - the right edition - ...
Proverbs for America - Starting September 1st, 2010 (9/1/10 ...
Obama Announces End Of Iraq War -- Turns It Into Speech On The Economy

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