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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Bogus Empire

The Financial, Environmental and Social Messes of the 21st Century were caused by 65 years of unregulated Industrialization, Printing of Money, Easy Credit facilities, Usury and Wall Street Hype. The Bilderberg Group knew it will explode at some point of time and therefore, the last 65 years built the Greatest Military Might ever to standoff the very people they used to build the Bogus Empire built on bogus wealth.

Internationa News Bulletin
Reegineering the Malaysian Financial System:
USA: D.C. Sniper kills:
YouTube - Al Ajeera 3rd August 2010:

YouTube - Obama is Going Down - Report From Lyndon LaRouche's Webcast, 'Ides of March 2010':
We Need a World Currency: For world trade, one that can't be printed, says Jacob Steelman.

Home Prices Are Due for Another Big Drop: John Paulson will be wrong this time, says Jim Quinn.

YouTube - Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed Addendum - Chemical BPA Linked to Medical Problems:
Maxkeiser/: Are the American People Obsolete?

Will Someone Please Shut Greenspan Up'
Hellotxt - Integrate Your Social Networking Accounts

Max Keiser on Alex Jones Tv 1/7:The Fed's Dirty Little Secret is Out!!:
WIKILEAKS vs Censorship :
Ron Paul Schools Bernanke:
Wikileaks vs The Pentagon - INTERNET WARS:
The American People are not Obsolete, but America as we know it is Obsolete.

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