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Friday, August 6, 2010

Japan: America's Lost Decade

Unemployment benefits are opium for masses
  1. 1.5 Million Californian workers lose unemployment benefits
  2. More than 1 Million Jobless lose benefits March 1 2010
  3. 23 states report higher unemployment for September
  4. Unemployment: the unreported truth and emergency unemployment claims
  5. Glitch will cut jobless benefits for millions
  6. Is 10 percent unemployment the new normal? Fed says so
  7. Japan: America's Lost Decade:
  8. Deflation Striking Many Countries; Japan Concerned
  9. Drastic deflation in housing prices coming: analysts
  10. Hyperinflation and the golden years
  11. 14 bad signs for the North American economy
  12. Inflation is not a threat; deflation is
  13. Wage growth lowest in 27 years; minimum wages are bad?
4 sure signs that deflation is here for years
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Goldman Sachs Cuts U.S. GDP Forecast For 2011
TrimTabs Identifies 7 Factors Contributing To A Second-Half Slowdown
We're Going To Have To Wait 5 Years To Start Spending Again

Here's What It Looks Like When Your Currency Is Collapsing
Krugman: This New Republican "Roadmap For America's Future" Budget Plan Is A Fraud
CHART OF THE DAY: The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever Takes A Turn For The Worse

David Rosenberg: Finally, Everyone's Coming Around And Seeing How Bad The Economy Is
The Backstory On How Christina Romer Wanted To Fix The Economy
Drudge Hilariously Skewers Tim Geithner
Markets Dive On Terrible Jobs Data: Here Are The 10 Trades To Watch Right Now

Japan: America's Lost Decade :
NIA: Everything you need to know about the Global Financial Climate in 7 Videos:
Necessary Educational Material in Schools and Universities, Associations, Societies, Clubs, Churches and Unions: Everything you need to know about the Global Financial Climate in 7 Comprehensive Videos:

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