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Monday, August 9, 2010

Chris Guest Comment on Facebook

Chris Guest 911 Inside job: The truth has a way of ALWAYS coming out. What did Bush just say?:
If you still remember the horrible events of 9/11, please take 3 minutes of your time to remember the 3.000 victims in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Oh, and while recollecting already - you might add 13 minutes more for the 130.000 ...iraqui civilians who were killed in 1991 under the command of G. Bush sen. And THEN think of it how you Americans DANCED and CELEBRATED in the streets (and maybe some of you burned arabian flags, too?)

But now its time to add 20 more minutes for the 200.000 iranian civilians who were "sacrificed" in the 80ies by the USA, as they were killed by Iraq with AMERICAN weapons and money - before America changed sides and declared the former friend Saddam as the new enemy.

You should take 15 more minutes to remember the 150.000 Afghans and some 1000 of Russians who were killed by the Taliban - who got in return their "noble" education and support from the CIA.

Then 10 more minutes for the 100.000 victims of american a-bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Add again some minutes for the over 500.000 palestinian victims who were killed - and still suffer under occupation and zionist terror daily - due to the fact that America is the ONLY nation who constantly AVOIDS any UN-resolution towards Israel since YEARS. Add some minutes again for the over 30.000 victims of Israeli massacres in refugee-camps in Gaza and Lebanon from 1980 til today, done with AMERICAN acceptance, money and weapons.

Now you find yourself silent and remembering for over one hour - 3 minutes for american victims of ONE terror attack, but over an hour alone for the victims of "american terror", always in the "name of god" like to crusader s times, all over the world.

In case you still don t get the relation, you might add another HOUR for the victims of the vietnam-war (agent orange and napalm are american inventions - long before Saddam, huh?)

Or for the massacre of Panama 1989, in which american troops attacked innocent villagers, leaving 20.000 homeless and thousands of dead people there.

Or for the about 1 MILLION children who died of starvation and diseases due to the US-Embargo against Iraq and Kuba.

Or for the 100.000s who died in civil wars, sponsored by the USA - just name some: Chile, Argentinia, Uruguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador...

And now let s talk again about TERRORISM!

FACTS: More than half of Bush s administration, including Bush, consists of chairmen of big oil-/energy-companies.

Dick Cheney, the Vizepresident, got 34 MILLIONS Dollars of indemnity as he moved into the White House. - This company sponsored also the election campagne of Mr. Bush. Any questions? What co-incidence that exactly this company (Halliburton Inc.) is now the one, supplying the whole US-army in the gulf region with fuel...

And that Iraq own the 2nd-biggest oil-resources worldwide, may even YOU Americans already know. Bad luck for "you" and your warmonger government is only that you are NOT allowed at this moment to make business with this Iraq - but this of course changes the moment you "free" the Iraq from the "evil" and replace "it" by a "good" US-loyal government. It worked in Afghanistan already, in Kuwait, in Saudi-Arabia, in a way... not to mention the Germany after WW II. So spare us your "freedom"- and "democracy"-babbling, as long as it s only a mask to hide your very egoistic economic interests.

The UN were founded - signed by USA too - to STOP offensive warfare out of greed...let s see what the free America will do with the UN, if there are NO chemical/mass destruction weapons are found in Iraq.

Are you still silent? Good. Then you may have finally UNDERSTAND that the rest of the world - not only France and Germany, but also some hundred other states around - is NOT brainwashed by a megalomaniac imperialistic Texas-Cowboy who thinks he can rule the world with his bigot "patriotism" and "god" on his lips all the time.

Fight terror - yes. But fight stupidity and ignorance and brainwashing oil-moguls in FIRST place.
Here's how it works, Chris :
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David Van Rockerchild I dedicate this song to those assholes still in denial about 9/11:
Well Brad, how many do you think are still alive and unthreatened?
How many are silent out of fear for their lives and for their families?

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Pedro Gonzales I answer to Julian Assange with this:!

The Dutch secret service reported that P had extensive dealings with the slaves there as workforce. These people are pure evil do your research please !!!!
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