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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A World Loaded with Nightmares


A world LOADED with Nightmares
If You Thought the 1970s were bad; Look at the 21st Century. It is worse.

The World is Run by politicians and bankers linked to the underworld;
The world is Not run by Intellectuals and Academicians linked to the Do Gooders.
That is Why we are in this GLOBAL MESS !

Globalization, Pollution, Finance Racket, Traffic Jams, Education Racket, Unemployment, Inflation, Religious Gobbledegook, Scams, Climate Change, Global Warming; Carbon Tax; Wars, Riots, Currency wars; Terrorism; Uncertainty, Healthcare Racket, Waste Management Racket, Human Trafficking, Urban Poverty, Currency wars, Global Debt, Strife, Nuclear Proliferation, GMO, Cronyism, Junk Food, Corruption, Rise in Psychiatric Illnesses, Rich - Poor Disparity. We have it all in Abundance !

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