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Friday, April 30, 2010

Bankrupt Industrialised Nations

It is now confirmed, America, Europe, Russia and Japan are Bankrupt. The question is How do we get out of the pit ?
How do you know if a Nation is Bankrupt ? The Real sign of a bankrupt nation is the Increase in the Rate of Bankrupt People. Just look around you.
Americans have set themselves up by living 60 years in Hubris.

Sorry to make a remark that hits all Americans but the New Age Capitalism has done just that. By acts of Omission or Commission we have all bought into the system and instead of being masters of the system we have allowed the System to Master us. Obviously this could not have been possible unless Oligarchs have been masterminding this Culture in 30 year blocks, where an average mind cannot easily decipher.

Thanks to the Internet and a few Thinkers and Responsible Congressmen, America and the World may yet be saved from total annihilation.

Now that our National Leaders have got us into this financial Tsunami, the only solution they have to regulate the Financial System is to provide us with “Early Warning Systems” before the next great crush. Like: The Warning on pack of Cigarettes. Interpretation: Let those who do not know – fall and perish !

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