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Friday, February 15, 2013

Technique To Move in The Right Direction

One of The easiest techniques to Move in the Right Direction these days is:
- Eat Less,
- Less Meat,
- More Vegetables & Fruits,
- Exercise More,
- Talk Less,
- read Good Books,
- Less TV,

- Sleep sufficiently at The Regular Time,
- Less Carbohydrates,
- Less Carbonated Drinks,
- Do Not Be a Slave to People or Things,
- Know that Obsession is a Madness,
- Enjoy What You are Doing without hurting others,

- If you are not enjoying it, it is NOT meant for you,
- What You say to others matter,
- What You say To Yourself matters,
- Listening & Watching the Right things matter,
- Listening to the right people Matters,
- Do not get dependent on Handouts, it is a subtle Bondage,

- Avoid aggression and Aggressive People,
- Avoid People who belittle you,
- Know that you can connect to an unlimited Rich Resource,
- The Good you are thinking of is thinking of You,
- Know that Wealth can only Flow from Higher to Lower,
- Be a Giver, Be a Lover, Be a Peace Maker, Teach Truth,

- Don't trust The FED & the Governments,
- Know that Everything is Working in Your Favor,
- Switch On the "Lights",
- Know that a Higher Power sent you to Earth on a Mission. Reconnect with that Higher Consciousness & Fulfill your Special Destiny & Unique Life Purpose.

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