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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The American Empire

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a General Knowledge among the People." US 2nd President, John Adams.

It is quite easy to understand we are living a different era from say 40 years ago. 40 years ago we were living like about 20 per cent artificial life. Now we are living about 80 percent conditioned life if I may call it. Conditioning is good that it separates us from uncivilised people and barbarians but if we have no choice and have lost the control as to how much we want to be conditioned or we we are just aping others - we have lost the controls of our self. Some other more intelligent being is controlling us and we have given him/her the power to do so.

To simplify what I mean, if some body gave you a car and fixes the speed of the car at a certain speed and jams the accelerator - do you like it ? If somebody sets the air-conditioner in your room at a temperature you can't bear and locks you in, do you like it ? That is what is being done in modern society - somebody is deciding what level is good for everybody and forcing us to accept it without giving us the controls or the choice to alter it. By this method the controller is impersonal, he really is not bothered who is affected, their Agenda is an Americanized Hegemony is created protecting the rich, feeding the talented and brainy and ensuring a steady supply of increasing numbers of poor are maintained as a reminder to the world what will be the punishment. We have already witnessed the ostrasisation of Nations
who do not bow to the American Hegemony.

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