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Monday, June 29, 2009

Everything is Connected

The World has come to a point where we all must know that we are all at one and the same time Responsible for Everything Happening around us. The Poor make the Rich richer and the Rich make the Poor poorer. This is a fact. Throughout civilisation exploitation and oppression was the Name of the survival game. There are few good people - only bad and worse. If we were good we will be in Heaven. But on earth certain things happen to us by age 47 years that we can't imagine we would have done that at the age of 17yrs. We are humans we live to propagate our species everything else is accidental, incidental or premeditated.

We have to rise up from the point of allowing things to happen to us to the point where we have some control over the lives we lead. It is of little use when there are ministries supporting a gender, Governments supporting a race and Global organisations championing a cause when there are tools and mechanisms in place today that regardless of who you are or what your cause is, ALL YOUR DREAMS AND PLANS CAN BE THROWN AWRY OVERNIGHT because you were not in full control and you were not informed that you are not in full control.

I am writing about the Global situation that has displaced 200 million people world-wide over the last 2 years. These are 200 million people who had a hope and a dream in 2007 but today they are asked to take a back seat as they have had their day in the sun.

First of all if we are having an
up building system The GAP between the Rich and the Poor should not be getting bigger and bigger. There is sufficient evidence that this is true Globally and Nationally and the record shows that Leaders have acknowledged this as FACT. If this is a Fact to continue in the same mode is cruelty. A wise man said, "to know you are on the wrong road and continue traveling down the same expecting to reach your destination is insanity." If this wise man's words are anything to go by then we are having a bunch of insane leaders leading us because they have publicly admitted that they are on the wrong road and are still leading their nations down the same road. If the leaders are called "insane" then the foll0wers must be called "rats" following the piper.

To put it in Simpler terms: Many of the Governments of Developing Nations are afraid to stand up to the antics of USA. They have been following the Piper for so long, 65 years, that the only tune they know is the Piper's. Since USA is the Global Economic leader they are all waiting for its move before they even dare to think. What they are afraid of is Going back to Economic basics and working out their own salvation, digging their own garden and mining their own backyard.

Many Governments of developing countries want the Get Rich Quick Ponzi schemes that America sells because it has got some notable benefits like "being able to pull a rabbit out of the Hat." Three(3) Generations of the general public has fallen for this kind of Hat Tricks that even Governments seem to be paralysed without these tricks. I believe U.S. has run out of tricks because they are telling you they have no more tricks and they are begging the Developing nations to not look to them for all the answers because they themselves are only another bad man making hay while sun shines, trying to propagate their own species and they inherited the mess of the WORLD!

Now the Governments of Developing Nations are saying, "I do not have all the answers, I was only trying to propagate my own species and I was fated to meet the best breeder and the best Stud happened to be USA! What would you have done if you were in my place?

So it is about time the people of the World realise, "If they want to live a sane,safe and balanced life deep into their old age, everybody must know himself/herself First and Learn to grow rich naturally." There is a difference between Organic and inorganic growth. Just as we cannot allow a 5 year old child to drive a car, everyone must know his own capabilities so that he improves in his/her own skills
through time NOT BY BORROWING UNLIMITED. Nothing is more God given for your happiness than upgrading your own skills and talents through time instead of envying someone else's talents. All religions preach ENVY as one of the Deadly sins.

If any Economic Growth Project is not sustainable forever it should not be launched at all or else it will create a survival of the fittest environment which reduces men to animals !

It is time Developing Nations went home to their own backyards and started cultivating it and digging their own land for GOLD without shame or Guilt because it is the only right thing to do. The alternative of chasing the illusive rainbow or "American Dream" will be The Destruction of our Planet.

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