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Monday, June 22, 2009

"This is your Country. You have a right to protest against lies and fraud. Be hopeful you will gain your right." Mir Hossein Mousavi , Opposition Leader, Iran. These words might have been the same reverberating from the mouths of every true Leader of Human Rights, and Social Activists.

'The Only Good News nowadays is that we hear more and more consumers complaining." Datuk N. Marimuthu, President FOMCA, Malaysia.
Consumer Association

To not allow this Blog to go to parochial levels I have to fair to all centres of Power. What are today's centres of Power. 1) The Government 2) The Industrialists 3) The Consumer 4) Nature 5)Military 6) "Terrorists" 7) God 8) The Lobbyists 9) The Non-governmental Organisations.

Firstly, we must understand that the commercial environment we live in today is NOT really new. It was there since the beginning of Civilisation, 6,000 years ago. The Big Fish eat small fish mentally was always there. The environment changed to become exceedingly vibrant only since the last 500 years when Europe came out of the Dark Ages into the Middle ages and the Era of Knowledge, Inventions, Industrialisation and International Colonisation became a competition between Portugal, Spain, Holland, Britain and Germany.

The Mindset of Colonialists was to gain the world's natural resources , transform them and SELL it at a higher price. Transformation was through, mines, plantations, and factories which all needed Cheap Labour. As Knowlegde and information spread cheap Labour became a hard to get commodity and to this day investors keep hunting for Cheap Labour anywhere in the world. Infact Cheap Labour is so important to an Industry's success that Today it won't be entirely wrong to suggest that sinister plots are there strategical placed to ensure a steady supply of Cheap Labour.

How is this Done? By Fear ofcourse: Always Maintain a steady Pool of Hungry People, Refugees and even Urban Poor. What is the Method?: War of course ! War and Poverty paralyses our minds - man is willing to sell his dignity for survival. The Message is on the Wall for Humanity to choose: Work as told or Poverty awaits at the door. - This is the Dilemma that Every Social Reformer faces.

To cut history short we know Britain came out the winner in the 19th Century and after World War II , in the 20th Century, United States became the ONLY Super Power. The Strategy of All Political winners since the begining of time is always the same i.e. Feed their Friends and starve their enemies.

Today we do not sell our dignity direct. Today our Leader sells our dignity and we gave him the right to do so by democratically voting him to Power. The Leader has to think of National issues and no more private ones. He Bargains with Global Power Centres our worth and sells us at a reasonable price so that the maximum number of people can benefit by his decision. That is Democracy. By hook or by Crook his job is to give the public a good acceptable story so that he can buy some time to engineer the rather complex situation involving every drama that even the Best Story Tellers can't think of !

Anybody who has dealt with human beings knows Human Beings cannot be Trusted at all levels, every where, all the time. That is why Mankind resorts to GOD. In the Pursuit of a higher ideal, man sees a better himself and aspires to improve himself, immulating the ideal Good God, who lives in heaven and has His own agenda and methods.

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