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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Liberty or Death

"Give Me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry, American Revolutionary Leader

2009 Recession - 10% of Americans are unemployed - 30 million people.
1929 Depression - 25% of Americans became unemployed - 30 million people.
A span of 70 years have taken place. What goes around comes around. Every 20 years the cycle repeats. every 10 years there is a stock market "correction"
. Each 10 years the collapse is greater and more people are demoralised by complete disappearance of a life time of savings. Today the Best Leaders cannot be trusted. Untrustable
The Faces behind the created Global Meltdown
Created Crisis

America is 10 Trillion Dollars in Debt yet Leads the world as the only super power, no more by Charity but by Deceit, Perception, Relativity, Military Might and sweet words of Obama. No promises have been made except that the Debts will increase before they can get better.

About 3 Billion People Live a Life By the Present System. They are between the age of 1 to 70 years. They have never known any other way except - Money to buy bread, clothes, houses and cars. Remove Money From them and Paralysis sets in. Is this then called a System ! Yes, this is the very system that caused every other previous Empire to COLLAPSE. Egypt, Babylon, Roman and British just to name a few. In all these systems which came in different names, one outstanding, prevalent feature was Human Beings were held in Bondage and Slavery was prevalent. To understand how Empires operate see the Movie " 10,000 years B.C." Notice the Herd Mentality and how just a trigger can reverse the direction of the stampede. It is worth watching twice as it strips humanity of all facades of Material and Systems and exposes what Human Beings are at the core and How systems Distorts human minds.

Yet only about 300 million of the world population have successfully adapted to this System.

What do I mean by this System: BORN - SCHOOL - WORK - FAMILY - DEATH . Then Somebody else gains by your effort. Wasn't it the same system 2,000 years ago ???

In fact the system does not work if more people are successful. For every 1 person who is thriving, 1 person has to be just navigating, 1 person wondering, 1 person in bondage, 1 person struggling and 1 person STARVING.
There are many Nations in the world that are Blessed by God but ruined by Capitalism, Cronyism, Corruption and Industrialisation. One such country is Malaysia. But there are may others, like Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines and Iran.
Iran June 2009.

CIA & Media in Iran

The world Witnessed the Greatest Bailout of All Time this Year. 1 Trillion Dollars. Bailout Promotes more Bailout. It was a Bailout culture in the making for the Last 70 years. If a Man is behind the steering wheel on the highway for a long time just accelerating and accelerating, there come a point where he himself is incapable of slowing, turning or stopping. The system has over taken his reflexes. He misses the mark or accident happens. Such is the situation of our System. The System is controlling the Leaders. The Leaders are No more in Controlling Capacity. The People must awaken to save themselves and the Planet.

Already there is News in the Headlines that by 2010 we will be out of Recession. I say well and Good. But come the Next cycle - Please return to read this Website - You have been fore warned that THE SYSTEM DOES NOT EXIST. WE ARE OPERATING IN A NO SYSTEM MODE NOW. So it does not really make much difference how much you are earning or saving or investing BECAUSE MAnkind has Lost Commonn Sense, Forgotten its Roots, Destroying Nature, Disobeying God and Merciless to Too many, Every Where, All the Time.

"You can Fool some of the People all of the time and all of the people some of the time, But you cannot fool all of the People all of the Time." Abraham Lincoln

"The only swines now are the Bankers." Datuk Seri Tony Fernendez, CEO AirAsia.

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