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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Government of the People

So, now I have arrived at a place I did not expect. Now I know why people do not give generously. Why people end up as Priests, Monks and Pastors. Because they know this world is damned. The People push the responsibility to the Government. The Governments have to deal with bigger Governments. So the Governments push the matter back to the People. In the deal Billions of People are daily Fed with Misleading Facts known as "Disinformation". The Governments job has changed from a struggle to serve the people to a struggle to stay in Office by hook or by Crook.

Always Remember the TRIO - The Government, The Media and Technology can conquer all consumer rights and the Best way is to use consumer's own weakness and indiscipline to - "MISLEAD PUBLIC OPINION". Combine that with Banks and Easy Credit schemes and the Result is a Whole Generation of Mankind Trapped in the throes of Slavish Debt Mindset.!!!!

Give the Consumer Fun, Food, Entertainment, Sports, alcohol , sex and Lots of useless activity to keep the economy churning. Reason: If the People do not Think, the Government will last longer.

Come on world, it is about time to say "THE BUCK STOPS HERE". You are responsible too for what is happening - Global Recession, Global Pandemic, Global Pollution. If you don't buy the garbage - no one will appear there to sell it to you! Learn to "JUST SAY NO". When you buy Rubbish and Pay for it you become Party to the System.

The Present Capitalistic System makes you use, dispose, refurbish all against the Ways of Natural Economy making Life Unpractical for Most, Advantageous for Few and culminating in the Lowering of Human Dignity and Destruction of the Environment. Is this the The Situation we want to Leave For our Children ? To inherit an immoral and dirty world ?

We have Lost our senses and our True values. Especially the Generation of Baby Boomers and their antics. We have to Go back to Basics.

To Tell you how stupid Human Beings have become all you have to do is observe the amount of time Doctors are spending advising patients how to eat, sleep and exercise. Is this a doctor's job? All Human Beings are inborn with equipment to tell them how to eat, sleep and exercise. Yet modern man does not Get It. He has grown besides himself through misguidance, disinformation, hubris, selfishness and plain laziness to even think.

Answer to Global Dilemma: Learn How the Natural Economy works and Teach your Neighbour for free. If You keep doing that for 20 years probably God will smile on us and Restore this World because of Your Deeds. DON'T PASS THE BUCK.
From Rags to Riches:

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