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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where are we Going ?

After 10 months into Global Recession, where are we Going? Leaders are admitting their irresponsibility indirectly by saying deregulation was not good.Period. Looks like the Capitalistic System mixed with Technology, Globalization and Human Nature has Run out of Credibility. The World Bank Reports, 2.9% drop in the Global Growth for 2009. Poorer nations are worse hit.

President Obama says, "Those who fight for justice are on the right side of history." Any student of History knows how gory and horrible history is for the ordinary person - Wars, Hunger, Poverty, Slavery, Injustice. Have these things improved in the American 20th Century. Highly Questionable? To put it Bluntly and Blatantly - if we were to count the numbers suffering today, the Number is Greater. But the other party will say if we count the numbers doing well, the Number is Greater too as compared to 40 years ago. So what is the Criteria to clinch the matter?

This is the point, over the last 40 years the GAP between the Rich and the Poor has Widened. Full Stop. Over the last 40 years the Number of People on the Poorer end has increased at a faster rate than the Richer End. Full Stop. Conclusion This is Proof that the Made in America Capitalistic System favours the Wealthy much more than the Poor and has degenerated itself to one Big Giant Global Ponzi Scheme favouring the Global Aristocratic-like Super Rich.
The System can be described as Demonic, Sinister and Perverted because 50% of Americans are NOT HAPPY not to mention the rest of the World !! Therefore the Measurement of Global Growth by Numbers and Digits (like GDP and Stock Market indices) is NOT appropriate and Blatantly misleads humanity by disinformation taking us up the wrong Garden Path like Satan did in the Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve. Further confirming Satan is still very much alive!

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