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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Survive - Navigate - Thrive

Nowadays, everyday passes with contradictory stories, evaluations, reports and developments regarding the State of The Global Economy. From the engine of Economy - USA, to the runner up China, to the G20, Governments of Developing Nations to Non-governmental Agencies, if 1 person were to read all the reports, nothing but suspicion arises. Who are we to listen to ? Listen to YOURSELF.

The Purpose of this Blog is to Awaken and engage the consumers of the world as a STARK Reminder that they have to be their own best Friend First and be true to one-self with a firm conviction that You are important for YOU. You have to Learn the art of " Survive - Navigate and Thrive" in this increasingly dangerous economic environment. Remember you carry with you the Psycho-genetic pedisposition that all men and women are endowed with to not just survive but flourish and prosper.

If you forget that and place your success in the hands of another it is tantamount to irresponsibility and expecting something for nothing. There is no Free Lunch in the World of Finance. A Farmer has to dig, A Hunter has to aim, a fisherman must throw his line, a lawyer must talk and everybody must bear the brunt of the Global Crisis with their brains as much as brawns. Nobody gains by the meltdown of the crisis but without immature participants this would not have occured. At home we sit in front of a televion box to entertain us. At office we are in front of a computer. We spend hours everyday on the road, in meetings and breaks. Is anybody thinking?

The Glory of a nation is only as good as the glory of its thinkers." Venga

Put on your thinking cap and do your part to building your self and your family and community. The nation will automatically follow suit and take care of itself without Politicians tinkering with business not realising the basic truth - "Good wine needs no bush."

Below are some revelations of the type of world we live in to spur your survival instincts:

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