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Sunday, March 10, 2013

You are a Living Corporation

  • You are a Living Corporation

    You are a Registered Corporation the Day You Get Your birth Certificate. Everything You Buy is your expense. Money You get by Work You do to Earn a Living is Considered Your Taxable Income. Make Sure Your Income is More Than Your Expense From The Day You are Born. Or have a Rich Father.

    It takes 20 To 25 years to Make The Corporation You are Born with, Successful. In another 20 to 25 Years Most People/Corporations will not be Profit Making Because they are Not a Learning Organization but an Aging Organization.

    An Organization which knows how to unlearn & Relearn, Save, be Prudent, Invest Correctly & Employ the services of Young Brains, Can Keep Their Income Streams ahead of Inflation & Competition which Normally Destroy/ Collapse Aging Corporations.

    BUT, if The SYSTEM is FIAT, no matter what, all are doomed !

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