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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Media what Media ?

Is the American Media Really Legitimate?
Obama and Najib are Wolves in Sheep skin.

Watch this Prediction: 1) Iran will be attacked.
2) The Dollar will drop.
3) There will be No Regulation of Today's corrupted Bluff Economy
( which is made up of Printing Money, empty loans and declaring War.)
( A Man who uses his Head and his Morals will become dysfunctional!)
4) Stagflation as in Japan will Happen World-wide.
5) No hand will be given to the poor.
6) Healthcare, Food, Water, Education, Energy Industries will be Government Controlled World-wide.
7) Communism with a Democratic Face will set in with China teaching the World - "The New World Order."
8) War and Peace will go on simultaneously. Many will not know which is which.
9) Without Corporate or Government support the individual is just a Cradle to Grave Pilgrim.
10) The U.S. Army is preparing to attack its own people.

The Third World War has already Begun!
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
Today is Thursday: 8th October, 2009. Petaling Jaya.

Nothing Great about my Predictions. My Predictions are 2 years Late.
They have all been Predicted by People more wiser, learned and influential then me.
It is all available in the alternative Media awaiting a critical Mass to comprehend it.

Already 1 in 5 know it - including those in Power.
If you are a Seeker and Learner please go to Web of Debt
for an enrichment of a thousand stories and Links to know what is brewing.
It is Good to be in the Know.

Always keep in mind, The 1st WW, 2nd WW, Bombing of Pearl Harbour & the Twin Towers,
The 6 day Israel War, the Fall of The Berlin Wall, Iraq War,
1997 Asian Crisis & the 2008 Wall Street Collapse all just happened without warning.
All Events are engineered painstakingly to benefit some.
Visit Trilateral Commission

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