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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New World Order

It took 25 years for US national debt to double from $257 billion in 1950
to over $533 billion in 1975 (in 25 years)
Most recently, US national debt has more than doubled
from $5.8 trillion in 2001
to its current level of $11.8 trillion in 2009 in just 8 years!

1950 - US National Debt - $257 Billion,

1975 - US National Debt - $533 Billion,

2001 - US National Debt - $ 5.8 Trillion
2009 - US National Debt - $11.8 Trillion

This is a 60 years track record.
75% of Global Trade is in US Currency.
What will happen if US Currency loses its Value ?

The Economic Fundamentals of USA are NOT in order.
Rate of Inflation in reality is Growing now at 3 Times Faster than 25 years ago.
But in practice US Banks are charging 0% interest rates.

What does that Mean?
We are at the point where US national debt simply cannot be paid back,
and once inflation spirals out of control in the form of rising prices,
interest rates will likely rise to over 20% once again.

What does this Mean?
A Product costing $0.50/- in 1950 will cost $7.50/- in 2009
and will cost $112.50/- in 2030.

Solution to this Problem:
50% of Americans will have to drop their standard of Living
and settle for a 3rd World Life Style.

Of course, this will not happen over night, it will be done slowly by stealth.

It will take massive in puts of Education and information for the General Public
to understand they are being taxed without their knowledge,
and that their wealth is gradually being siphoned to a Global Elite Super Rich Class.
Inflation is a Tax.

What will happen to the 100 over developing countries?
They will be Forced to remain underdeveloped
with the Rich getting Richer and The Poor getting Poorer.

Unless there is Political Will not to compromise with FALSEHOOD.
And there has been NO Political Will to do so in 50 years.

So there Must be a Critical Mass of Educated and Informed General Public,
so that Politicians do not Sweet Talk - But Walk the Talk.

The ramifications of the above facts extend into far reaching global effects like:
Forced Human Trafficking, Crime, Wars, Poverty, Disease, Pollution and Climate Change.
In the last 50 years America has sent its army into 50 countries.
By Trading in US Currency, all the world has funded American Wars!
Do you feel good about that ?

Kindly pass this e-mail on, so that everyone knows what is happening.
You owe it to yourselves and your families to be educated and
and informed in this Chapter of
21st Century, New World Order.

New World Order & Population Control

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