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Friday, October 30, 2009

Criminalise War

Speech By Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad - Criminalise War Conference - 28th October 2009

The Most important reason amidst all the valid reasons given in the above speech by Dr.Mahathir why war must be criminalised is that in the 21st Century Warfare industrial science, nanotechnology, the internet and satellites are being used, not to mention nuclear bombs. This Does not just mean we are just ushering a barbaric "might-is-right" civilization but it is also a question of a very present danger of the annihilation of Life on Earth. Knowing the Potntial of War Today, the average human being will be afraid of Normal Human Being behaviour like - seeking knowledge, work, marriage, buying a house and having children. Put it this way: How will a Human Being behave knowing his house, belongings and family will be bombed tomorrow beyond restoration? That is how 3 Billion people (now below the age of 40 years) will behave, having been posed this dilemma upon them. Life will not make sense unless War is Criminalised now.

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