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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Destruction Economy

Most people in this generation will not understand this world system because they never lived in the 1920s before the Great Depression when the average human being was a slave.

Power and Money was in the hands of a few elite people. The 2nd World war, shifted wealth and redistributed power from the unhappy elite - whose only desire in life is wealth and power.

Over the last 45 years, they have, by their uncanny intelligence, re garnered the power and wealth that they lost 70 years ago. In the last 45 years The rich have got richer and the poor poorer in every nation in the world. There are very poor homeless people right in USA.
The US Government could not be bothered. Human Beings have become a commodity whether you like it or not. No Government on Earth can Survive, without corruption, foul play and exploitation. Globalisation and Free Trade just made the effect happen faster.

No Government is for the people totally, until the people wise up, which only happens when they can't put bread on the table.

We are experiancing a Bluff Economy, War Economy or Destruction Economy which
means the more ordinary people suffer the more the Elite of the world will make Profit. They call it good for business. They are only interested in money and power!

Today, 1/3 of the world is well fed, 1/3 under fed and 1/3 starving - a fact acknowledged by every government and documented in the UN. Basically, Governments need money to operate and money is controlled by someone else. So Governments just tell you bed time stories and they do something else. Never believe any Government.
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Malaysia will arrive at developed status by 2020. But whether more people will be happier - it is highly doubtful.
With the American Government corrupt, all governments are forced to fall in line or be banned.

Everything can be Manipulated to appear ok for the convenience of the elite.
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Erik S. Reinert is editor of Globalization, Economic Development and Inequality: An Alternative Perspective (2004) and co-editor of The Origins of Development Economics: How Schools of Economic Thought Have Addressed Development (2005).

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Even if there is a second stimulus plan it won't work. All it will do is buy more time, just as increased bank lending will.

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