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Friday, April 27, 2012

5 Lies of the FED

Why is The Rising Cost of Living Unreachable To Many ?

ONE FACT is IRREFUTABLE - Since 2001 There has been a growing Number of People in USA & World-wide who Feel They are Unable To Cope With The Rising Cost of Living. Their Expectation of What they Hope to Achieve seems dauntingly unreachable. And they are forced to opt for a Lower Standard of Living & Quality of Life even in the Prime of Their

People are Asking - Why?

What is The Cause ?
And How did we Get Here ?

It hurts when You Throw your Fishing Line into the Ocean & again and again a Fish is NOT Caught to Take Home. And Then suddenly, it dawns upon You , You are not alone.

Something is wrong with the System OR

The Level of Corruption is out of Control !

Of Drugs & Loans
Nothing is Wrong with Drugs just as Nothing is Wrong with Taking Loans. However, Both are Vulnerable to Abuse, Mishaps, Unaccountability & Unnecessary suffering.
=-=-=-=-=-=------=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=---------=-=-=-=-Fiat World Money System

Money Was The Only Thing That Mattered & Ruled The World since The 2nd World War, Not Capitalism, Not Democracy, Not Human Rights, Not Constitution, Not Justice - Nothing Else. IF you had money you had everything; And If you did Not Obey That Rule; You got Sanctions or Bombs on Your Heads. The Rest is Facade.


Because Only One Super Power Could Print
it & All Others had To Borrow it (Bretton Woods Agreement, 1945), And That Super power Commissioned The Money Printing Press to a Cabal of Globalist Bankers whose only Interest was World Domination & THE PROTECTION OF THE THEN GLOBAL RULING ELITE, Not Capitalism, Not Democracy, Not Human Rights, Not Constitution, Not Justice - Nothing Else.

Is it A Wonder that 190 Powerless Small nations Bow to The Dictates of USA & The Fiat World Money System, no matter how Foolish they know the Policies Are ?
5 New Lies That The Federal Reserve Is Telling The American People

The US Presidential Elections are A Facade

The Last Four Presidents in a Row Have Been Ruining The Credibility of USA in The World's Eye to a Greater & Greater Degree. Whoever, becomes the Next President will have The Honour to Take America Down The Avenue of No Return To Previous Conditions. America as we Know it is Over. The People do not Choose the American President. IT IS A FACADE. The US President is Chosen By The Cabal of Globalist Bankers. The Cabal have in their Stable a number of choices, Preparing & training them for that position from Early Youth.


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