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Friday, July 20, 2012

New World Order

New World Order

We are Living in The Age of Inflation vs Investments.

Are your Investments out performing Inflation?
That is the 2nd most Important Question.
The Most Important Question is:
What TYPE of Global World are we handing down TO OUR NEXT GENERATION?

In this age of Money Managers we are constantly bombarded by the View That MONEY can Do Everything.
They say, "Money is Not Everything but everything Important needs Money." IS THAT TRUE ?

I do not Believe in that as I believe we are Living in a Totally Corrupted & Manipulated World of The Status Quo who are in Control of our Lives and our Behavior By Controlling Money, Military, Banks, Media & Law. We Cannot Change that.
Only they Can.

If you do your Research, You Will Find ALL the PEOPLE in The TOP of The Hierarchy of The World have Got either, Blood Ties, Money Ties, Share Common Goals or Club with each other on a regular Basis. This is To ensure POWER Remains in The Hands of A Few while the Rest of The World WORKS FOR THEM !

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