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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Love Ponzi Schemes

I ♥ Ponzi Schemes.

Ponzi Schemes Make The Rich Richer.
Ponzi Schemes Attract Talent.
Ponzi Schemes Attract the Best Brains.
Ponzi Schemes own The Biggest Military.
Ponzi Schemes Have Power & Authority.
Ponzi Schemes Lifts you to a Privileged Class.
Ponzi Schemes own The Biggest Charities.
Ponzi Schemes Finance The Best Universities.

Ponzi Schemes Finance Energy.
Ponzi Scheme Support Green Energy.
Ponzi Schemes Protects Endangered Animals.

Hey Man ! Why Don't You Set up A Good Ponzi Scheme But Dress it All Real good, So that, YOU Get A Little bit richer ?
It has been Proven That it works & is Accepted by All.
Dress it Up With Some Big Names & You Have A Winning Formula.
The Sheep Love it & So Does The Bilderberg Group.
It is A Win - Win Situation !

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